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A surprise at every click i make - Maddie's affair is a State case



Some time ago BBC News 24 announced that the 'Head of Media Monitoring and Analysis' was to review that day's papers. Her name was Julia Hobsbawm.WE know that the 'Head of Media Monitoring and Analysis' is actually Clarence Mitchell - but the BBC misled the British Public by suggesting a government official was to review that day's papers.Naturally Julia Hobsbawm went off on a rant saying that the idea that the McCanns were involved in Madeleine’s disappearance was ridiculous, and "it is time this country asked questions of the Portuguese police and Portugal itself, else we won’t go on there on holiday any more."But Julia Hobsbawm is NOT a government official. Julia Hobsbawm is an independent PR consultant with deep New Labour Links.Julia Hobsbawm was a partner in Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications with Sarah Macaulay, now known as Sarah Brown, the wife of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.Julia Hobsbawm is now the founder and chief executive of media analysis and networking company Editorial Intelligence this is where it gets very interesting.Julia Hobsbawm's new company 'Editorial Intelligence' specialises in analysing and exploiting comment and opinion in both print and online media. In simple terms, 'Editorial Intelligence' helps realise the potential of controlling the shape and fabric of public opinion and (d)ebate by controlling what is published in comment areas, forum areas, letters pages and message boards.

They have even coined a new word for the online/published British public; they call it the 'Commentariat' (a play upon the word 'Proletariat' - originally coined to describe the lower or working classes).We, my friends are the 'Commentariat'.Here's how Julia Hobsbawm's 'Editorial Intelligence' describes itself on its website:"Editorial Intelligence opens a door to a vital and growing world of print and online comment and opinion. What the 'Commentariat' says affects and influences the direction of public opinion and policy alike and with it, corporate reputation ...... e.i was established to create a definitive portal to the Commentariat – the word coined by us to describe the world of comment and opinion which has increasing influence, not only on “the debate” but the shape and direction of policy, legislation and public opinion. "Editorial Intelligence is a new-media PR company. Amoungst other things these kind of PR companies employ people to write press releases, sit in forums, write letters, post comments - all with the expressed purpose of directing public opinion and safe-guarding the interests and reputations of companies or people in the public eye.Ever wondered why there are so many pro-mccann forum members even now? PR companies like Editorial Intelligence.Ever wondered who the phrase 'trolls' and 'keyboard monkeys' really refer to? PR companies like Editorial Intelligence.Ever wondered why all the comments, letters and opinion pieces in newspapers like the Daiy Mail are unaccountably Pro-McCann? PR companies like Editorial Intelligence.Companies like Editorial Intelligence literally employ people to sit in forums, write letters and posts comments. Naturally, this is somewhat of an over-simplification - but these ARE nethertheless - some of their more proactive tasks.The brief has been to give the impression that the weight of public opinion favours sympathy toward the McCanns: to shape the heart and minds of the 'Commentariat' and apply peer pressure on public opinion.And what's more, Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah Brown and Julia Hobsbawm are the people most likely to be responsible.Rather tellingly, clients of 'Editorial Intelligence' include SKY News and the General Medical Council.(Julia Hobsbawm is also a trustee of the Jewish Community Centre for London - supported by none other than Sir Philip Green - loaner of jet and reward provider to the McCanns)Links:Sarah Browne - The New First Lady Corner - Godparent to the twins, family spokesman and owner of Online Media, PR and Marketing Company - River Media in Liverpool. thread:


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