quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007

USA-take care Steven Greer is on streets again

Where or Where is Steven Bruce Greer?

He's a child molester and pedophile. He raped 9 and 12 year old children. He's now out of jail and on the prowl. He doesn't have to stay away from children like most Registered Sex Offenders do. He's free to walk the streets and go to parks and schools and anywhere else there are children.

Steven knows we are watching him. He's running scared. He's moved 5 times in 11 weeks.

Take a good look at his picture. Help us keep an eye out for him. Scroll down and see a picture of how he might look if he gained some weight..

Where or where is Steven Greer? Well, right now he's living at:

70 Iron Horse, Lot 10
Hutto Texas, 78634

Steven's victims continue to suffer because of his abuse. Don't let another child fall into his hands.

Keep an eye out for Steven Greer. Keep children safe.

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