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Daily Mariluz

Silence is the law.
And i should say this is how the Police work must be done.
Anyway,a poor gipsy girl kidnaped doesn't sell newspapers....unless she is find death and with scary and nasty surroundings.

Daily Maddie

As far as is known,the inquiries to Mccann's friends,to be made by English Police are still in Portugal.
Strange isn't it?

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Rui Pedro


Forename: Rui Pedro
Birth date: 28/01/1987
Sex: male
Nationality: Portugal
At the vanishing
Height: 1,50 m / 4'11''
Hair: dark brown
Yeux: brown


Distinguishing marks:
Big incisors. Unstuck ears. He closes up the forefinger and the middle finger of the right hand as an habit.

Language spoken: Portuguese
Loss date: 4 March 1998 at 14:00 local time
Loss place:
Lousada-Centro (Portugal)
Rui let it's bicycle downtown Lousada, to go to a farm in Custilha. He was with Alfonso Dias (22 years old), a young man of the village, in a black Fiat Uno.

He was seen about one month later in the Disneyland of Paris together with a middle aged man. A picture was taken.
Loss type: criminal act




Family name: PERJESY
Forename: Peter
Birth date: 28/01/1967
Sex: male
Nationality: Switzerland
At the vanishing:
Eyes: brown


Spoken language: swiss german
Loss date: 22/09/1981
Loss place:
Peter has disapperead after his tennis training, in schoolhouse of Wattwil. Only his closed bicycle and his jacket has been found at Wattwil.
Disappearance type: unknown

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Mariluz daily

The raise found to help find Mariluz has now 100.000 euros.
The family says that maybe they will contract a private investigators agency.
Family and friends still search in the surroundings for the little girl.

Daily Maddie

Another shot in the foot.
The scary man "Metodo 3" say is involved in Maddie's kidnaping is inocent.
This same man was in the beginning questioned by Judiciary Police who sent him free.

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A pearl in youtube


Four years after and no end.


As i read in newspapers,there are 26.000 children who dies every day in the world with less than 5 years old.
80% happens in Africa and South Asia.
And if they can survive....what future they expect?


In both cases nothing new.
The difference is that Mariluz is from a poor gitan couple and Maddie from a rich english couple.
Metodo 3 insists in Maddie's abduction and send to press a freight pic of an ugly man.
Spanish police do their work,in silence,as all inquiries must be done.
Mariluz parents and friends seeks all possible places where she can be.
Unfortunatly,i guess both children are not alive.

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What is a BoyLover?

What is a BoyLover?

Some pedophiles feel that the use of the word "paedophile" has come into disrepute. They believe it is a negative term almost automatically associated with rape and other forms of violence. Hence, in the last few years, the term "boy lovers" has come into use and mainly through its frequency on Internet. It has precisely the same root meaning as "paedophile", that is persons who love young boys, preferably prepubescent, or less than 14 years old.

Boylovers have associated themselves into various groups and organizations and believe in the right to express sexuality at any age, as this is the basis for child-adult sexual relationship. For these people, use of violence, coercion or aggression would depict a child molester *, not a boylover.

Boylovers are the most prevalent of paedophiles. Some experience boys in a nudist environment while others want the boys to be clothed to some degree. All boylovers profess a strong desire to be around boys but few admit to wanting sexual contact.

Despite their benign view of themselves, whether "paedophile" or "boylover", there are many exceptions to their belief which results in the real sexual abuse of children.

* Child molester: or a "pedosexual", a non-existent term made up by pedophiles activists as part of their ongoing effort to legitimize and legalize the sexual exploitation of children.

What is a Girl Lover?

Girl lovers are paedophiles who have a sexual attraction for pubescent or prepubescent girls.

They are rarer than boylovers and, so far, less organized.

Why do paedophiles like to work on the internet?

Up to a few years ago, most paedophiles were isolated, they kept to themselves because they were not accepted by communities or otherwise marginalized. The Internet now makes it possible for paedophiles to contact each other and to create transnational networks of adults with a sexual interest in children and structured, socially well organized group dynamics on-line. This gives birth to virtual spaces where paedophiles try to legitimize and normalize their way of life.
In this way, paedophiles are no longer isolated, they can feel that they are part of the larger community. Ironically, they can 'hide in the open'. They can avoid exposing their identity in transactions with other paedophiles and can easily communicate with each other. Anonymity, convenience and this ease of dissemination and collection explain the expanding use of the Internet by paedophiles.

If these sites are so protected and so few, why should we be afraid for our children?

There are good reasons to be afraid because there are many other sites which are not illegal but are nonetheless corrosive of cultural values and ethical norms. Some 23,000 paedophile sites or links to related sites provide essays, literary stories, news, personal viewpoints about issues of concern to paedophiles and boy lovers, photo galleries of young persons or children, usually attractive boys. Sometimes the young persons so depicted are not the victims of paedophiles, but simply normal young children or boys who are nonetheless 'attractive' to paedophiles. Some of these may display children who are naked (not illegal per se) but in an alluring form. Often their position or their gestures will make them 'sexually attractive' to potential sex molestors.
The issue is that most of these sites are not illegal, but as a result, young children who fall on these sites are exposed to philosophical beliefs of paedophiles who seek to justify child-adult sexual relations, various forms of deviant sexual behaviour, and maintain that anyone should have the right to sexual relations with anyone, regardless of age. This is potentially more destructive than happening upon a few nude photos.

Social harm of organized paedophile sites
Boylovers - as well as girllovers - have been strongly seeking confirmation from each other, and getting it. They have set up several web sites with online chat forums. Through the medium of Internet networks they create a global community in which they receive support and confirmation of the "legitimacy" of their feelings. The general feeling among them has become that they have some special understanding of children that straight, non-pedophiles do not have. They feel it only right that they offer those needy, neglected boys the benefit of their love and affection.
A great deal of this is self-deception. Much of their desire to "help children" is fraudulent. They often mistake sexual attraction for love, and they frequently deceive themselves about the harm they are doing.

Individually harmful actions of boylovers
Pedophilia is a psychological condition that does not necessitate action. Some boylovers are people society would consider decent human beings, people who truly do not wish to harm children and try to avoid situations that may lead to sexual contact. These individuals do not represent much threat to children. (There is, of course, the danger that they may have a "moment of weakness," or under this newly cultivated group-think, they may act in ways that harm children, yet believe they are doing the child benefit.)
Many other boylovers, however, make little attempt to rationalize their motivation for becoming involved with children. They are not inhibited by the possibility that they may harm children psychologically or even physically.
Some groups actually post on their web pages instructions on how to join for-children organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc., and encourage boylovers to do so. Even more shocking, some also provide encouragement and instructions on how to adopt underprivileged boys, often from third world nations.
With the increasing amount of detrimental information being made available on boylove and other "child love" sites, we now think it prudent that the public, most especially the child organizations, be more aware that some of these boylove groups are now operating in an organized manner to help pedophiles join and infiltrate child organizations.
Of course, not all of the pedophiles who join for-children organizations will have sexual contact with the children, but the danger is very real, and it does occur. That some are prepared to adopt to satisfy their sexual desires is alarming. It seems unlikely that pedophiles would follow adoption directions on a boylove site and then not interact sexually with the child.
We have found links from some boylove sites to child organization databases, databases displaying the children's full names and personal information, including their schools. This could easily give child predators "a way in," especially when the data details each child's interests and aspirations, as it did in one case. Whether this was the intention of the boylove site designers is unclear, but the effect is the same. Some of the people who visit boylove sites and view boylove information are very dangerous to children. Boylove literature has been found on the persons of arrested sex offenders.

Media coverage
It is better for the welfare of children that these groups do not operate out of the public eye. Yet we hope media coverage will not be of a purely sensationalistic nature that merely serves to advertise for the boylove groups. Journalists may wish to consider combining coverage of the boylove sites with information from child organization officials who successfully screen out many of these perpetrators and can give you an idea of how prolific infiltration might be. Also, journalists might talk to psychologists about the condition of pedophilia, and in their coverage, focus on the self-deception aspect, exposing it for what it is. The group-think psychological condition and its negative effects is very well documented. Any academic psychologist should be able to speak to it and direct members of the media to research more specific to pedophilia.

Rafael Maureira Trujillo

The most wanted pdophile in Chile was caught in Brasil.
He has 20 years in jail to think in all harm he made.

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Daily Maddie

The Mccann press element(Clarence Mitchell)in a direct to Sky News presented a robot picture of a man the private investigators think can be connected to Maddie's abduction

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Mari Luz daily

Nothing new in this possible abduction.
Parents and neighbours made a "milicia" and gonna search all the places,including houses near the loss place.
Some say a portuguese car was in the place that day(maybe a coincidence).
Police does what they can.

Just something different

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Mari Luz Cortes,5 years old,went on Sunday,in Huelva,Spain,to buy some chips 200 meters ahead her house.
Never came back.

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Daily Maddie



Less than two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared, the family and friends of the McCann family set up a company called Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Without properly setting clear objectives and policies from the start, the company was set to become the vehicle for the "official" find Madeleine campaign—whatever that actually meant. It has become a typically British thing to have financial campaigns to assist people in well publicised times of need. Usually there is no specific company set up to do this. The British banks are past masters of setting up and administering bank accounts for needy causes and tend to do so without intervention by outsiders. What made the Madeleine Fund and subsequent campaign so distasteful to many is that little of the money has been used for its intended purpose which was to find Madeleine. The company has several family members on its board of directors and this and many other factors have helped to fuel rumours as to the integrity of the management and disbursement of the donated money. Also, it is unknown who the shareholders are as they have never been divulged. The bottom line is a lot of benefactors would like to have actually seen some real stones turned over by the McCanns in the search for Madeleine.
Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited registered number 06248215 is registered in England at 2/6 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6YH. Their VAT number is GB 243 8054 69. That address is where the company's solicitors Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP (BWB) are based. In addition to providing legal services for the company, BWB also provides the function of company secretary. The company is classified as a "PRI/LTD by GUAR/NSC" Company (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital) and its nature of business is defined as (SIC(03)). The company accounting reference date is 31/March and the first accounts are due on 31 January 2009. The next Company Return is due on 12 June 2008.

The company auditors are Haysmacintyre, Fairfax House, 15 Fulwood Place, London,WC1V 6AY. Instead of using local firms to perform the legal and auditor duties, the directors have chosen to use expensive, high-end, London based firms. In a situation where members of the public have donated small amounts of money, it is not unreasonable to question whether or not it is prudent to be having such a lavish infrastructure in the running of what is essentially a very small company. In line with most things set up by the McCanns since May 3, their penchant for spending vast sums of money seems normal to them.

Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited is NOT a charity. It is a private company and as such, the directors can pay who they like without having to follow any rules or guidelines. What donors may not fully understand is that their money has effectively little or no regulation on what or how it is spent. Yes, the company has published policies dictating how the money can be used, but the directors are not regulated by any outside body so they can create and modify any policy to suit themselves. Apart from satisfying legal requirements in terms of running a limited company, the directors and company are answerable to nobody - especially the people who donated good money to find Madeleine.


1. Peter Hubner; a retired consultant;
2. Brian Kennedy, a retired head teacher;
3. John McCann, a medical representative;
4. Esther McVey, managing director of a public relations & communications company;
5. Doug Skehan, clinical director in cardiology at Glenfield Hospital;
6. Philip Tomlinson, a retired solicitor and former coroner in Leicestershire;
7. Michael Linnett, a retired accountant

The company secretary is also a company - BWB Secretarial Services

At the end of October, Clarence Mitchell confirmed that the Fund paid for two of the McCann's mortgage payments saying on the Sky News site, "The fund has always had the ability to assist the family financially if necessary, and they've only used it to pay for two mortgage payments earlier this year. The story continued; the use of donations had previously been called into question after it was revealed about a third of the money had been used to meet the McCanns' living costs, publicity fees and to pay staff.

Considering the McCanns are believed to earn in excess of £120,000 a year it seems inconceivable that two high-earning doctors should be so strapped for cash that they Why were two supposedly wealthy doctors so hard up that they needed donations from the public to pay for their mortgage and living expenses?
This thing stinks


Do i see a gay lion here?

I just love this

A bit tired of Casa Pia I and II(with no end or begining),Maddie affair(with no end),abuses every day(with no solution).

Teach ur children well

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Because you sold my country to foreign interests

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Family name: FORTIN
Forename: Okwari
Birth date: 12/01/1992
Sex : male
Nationality: France

Distinguishing marks:
Brother of Shahi Yena equally kidnaped
Language spoken: French
Loss date: 00/12/1997
Loss place:
Xavier FORTIN,Shahi Yena and Okwari's father, didn't bring them back after the Christmas holidays 1997. The children are living with their father among the travelling entertainers.

Disappearance type: Parental kidnapping



Because u deeply damaged the health care in Portugal,with ur stupid ecomomicist politic.

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Know the Rules...General Tips for Parents and Guardians to Help Keep Their Children Safer

While many parents and guardians feel they are faced with new and unprecedented challenges when trying to keep their children safer in today’s fast-paced and increasingly global society, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ® offers these commonsense, general safety tips to help families put these challenges into perspective.

1-Make sure you know where each of your children is at all times. Know your children’s friends and be clear with your children about the places and homes they may visit. Make it a rule for your children to check in with you when they arrive at or depart from a particular location and when there is a change in plans. You should also let them know when you’re running late or if your plans have changed to show the rule is for safety purposes and not being used to “check up” on them.

2-Never leave children unattended in a vehicle, whether it is running or not. Children should never be left unsupervised or allowed to spend time alone or with others in vehicles as the potential dangers to their safety outweigh any perceived convenience or “fun.” Remind children to never hitchhike, approach a vehicle or engage in a conversation with anyone within a vehicle they do not know and trust, or go anywhere with anyone without first getting your permission.

3-Be involved in your children’s activities. As an active participant you’ll have a better opportunity to observe how the adults in charge interact with your children. If you are concerned about anyone’s behavior, take it up with the sponsoring organization.

4-Listen to your children. Pay attention if they tell you they don’t want to be with someone or go somewhere. This may be an indication of more than a personality conflict or lack of interest in the activity or event.

5-Notice when anyone shows one or all of your children a great deal of attention or begins giving them gifts. Take the time to talk to your children about the person and find out why the person is acting in this way.

6-Teach your children they have the right to say NO to any unwelcome, uncomfortable, or confusing touch or actions by others and get out of those situations as quickly as possible. If avoidance is not an option, children should be taught to kick, scream, and resist. When in such a situation, teach them to loudly yell, “This person is not my father/mother/guardian,” and then immediately tell you if this happens. Reassure them you’re there to help and it is okay to tell you anything.

7-Be sensitive to any changes in your children’s behavior or attitude. Encourage open communication and learn how to be an active listener. Look and listen to small cues and clues indicating something may be troubling your children, because children are not always comfortable disclosing disturbing events or feelings. This may be because they are concerned about your reaction to their problems. If your children do confide problems to you, strive to remain calm, noncritical, and nonjudgmental. Listen compassionately to their concern, and work with them to get the help they need to resolve the problem.

8-Be sure to screen babysitters and caregivers. Many states now have a public registry allowing parents and guardians to check out individuals for prior criminal records and sex offenses. Check out references with other families who have used the caregiver or babysitter. Once you have chosen the caregiver, drop in unexpectedly to see how your children are doing. Ask your children how the experience with the caregiver was, and carefully listen to the responses.

9-Practice basic safety skills with your children. Make an outing to a mall or park a “teachable” experience in which your children practice checking with you, using pay telephones, going to the restroom with a friend, and locating the adults who may be able to help if they need assistance. Remember, allowing your children to wear clothing or carry items in public on which their name is displayed may bring about unwelcome attention from inappropriate people looking for a way to start a conversation with your children.

10-Remember there is no substitute for your attention and supervision. Being available and taking time to really know and listen to your children helps build feelings of safety and security.

Took from:http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/ResourceServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=889

APCD Portugueselost children Association

Free judiciary support - between 14.30 and 17.30 every Wednesday.
Elisa Letra
Phone 00351 229983612 - Fax 00351 229983611
Mario Brito Av,4142-1st floor Room 117
4455 Pera Fita-Matosinhos
You can see in the web adress below all about this association:


Abused children are interrogated eight times

the lesser victims of sexual abuses are heard is eight times, in average, for diverse entities, when they are involved in actions at law.
They pass for the commissions of minors protection, for the policy, technician, psychologists, lawyers, judges.
Is the conclusion of a study elaborated by Catarina Ribeiro, investigator and forensic psychologist.
This "perversion" of the system results in the call "secondary victimization", compelling the child to feel again the abuse, with all the load of additional suffering that such repetition unchains, supports the psychologist. This, without counting on the number of times where it tells the facts to the family or to the teachers.

To avoid the huge repetition of exams, interrogatory and psychological tests is exactly one of the main express claims in a petition of a group of citizens, with eight thousand signatures, that finish to be sent to the President of the Republic.

The moral author of the petition, Clara Sottomayor - teatcher in the Law school of the Catholic University of Oporto and investigator in the domain of maltreatment the children - said to the DN that "this only happens because the system is not organized for the effective protection of the child". The jurist supports that the process would have to be lead, most possible, from an only certification, attended for technician to multidiscipline and recorded in video for future memory ". To remain current practical it "we are to generate a total unjustified suffering the children who already are suffering in excess". On the other hand, the master in Family law observes that the international experience indicates that the repetition of the certifications does not favor the approach to the truth, in the measure where the certifications tend to suffer a distortion for the effect from suggestion of successive questionnaires.

In the petition, people of the area of justice, medicine, psychology, culture, among others, appeal to the "establishment of social, administrative, legal measures and judicial that carry through the duty of protecção of the State in relation to the children trusted to the guard of institutions, as well as that they assure the respect for the special necessities of the child victim of sexual crimes, testify in criminal proceeding". Although not related, the case "Casa Pia" serves of inspiration to the petition. The signatories of the petition also appeal to the necessity of a psychological formation and legal specialized of the part of who works with the victims, magistrates, who has functions of direcção in institutions that receive children and of employees. Programs of sensitization and information to the population, nominated to the children, for prevention of the pedofilia, are also complained. The petition can be subscribed in
www.petiononline. com/crianças/petition.html.|
took from: http://dn.sapo.pt/2008/01/11/sociedade/criancas_abusadas_interrogadas_oito_.html

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"I still believe in love, peace. I still believe in positive thinking....
and I consider my work won't be finished until I'm dead and buried, and I hope that's a long, long time."

John Lennon in his final interview with
disc jockey Dave Sholin - December 8, 1980

Read it till the end....and think

Article printed in the San Francisco Daily Journal Forum, Monday July 17, 2000
LETTING CHILDREN SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES: Youth in Court Need Attorneys Who Represents Their Interests - Fairly, Strongly
By Alanna Krause, age 16

Hundreds of years of legal history have lead the United States to implement a system that ensures that every party in a legal proceeding gets a voice. We rest assured that, unlike in other nations, we can not be incarcerated without our day in court, lawyer by our side. What a country we live in: so civilized, so well thought out. God bless America.

But there is a forgotten minority that is not afforded these basic rights. They are not criminals or foreign aliens. In contrast, they are a group we all hold dear - one innocent and well meaning, with no hidden agendas or twisted motives - children.
Instead of actually being represented, children get their "best interests" represented by adults. We children have no choice and no recourse when those adults have their own agendas. A case in point? Mine.

My parents separated when I was 5-years-old, sparking a custody battle that lasted nine years. I never doubted that I wanted to be with my mother. My father Marshall Krause, is an abuser, and living with him was a mental and physical hell and definitely not in my best interests.

Yet, In Marin Family Court, that seemed to be irrelevant. My family court experience consisted of lawyers, judges, evaluators and social workers who turned their backs on their consciences and their professional oaths. They're worked contrary to not only my best interests, but to my health and safety.

My father, a wealthy and well-connected lawyer, used his influence and money to manipulate the system. And he didn't work alone. The court-appointed evaluator, Edward Oklan, M.D., fell under his spell and ignored my reports of my father's abuse of drugs and of me.

The lawyer appointed to represent my "best interests" Sandra Acevedo, spent her allotted time with me parroting my father's words, attempting to convince me that I really wanted to live with him. She ignored my reports of abuse.

And the therapist my father made me see, Lana Clark, LCSW, was far from objective - she was sleeping with him.

The judge, Sylvia Shapiro-Pritchard, an admitted long-time friend of my father's, rubberstamped any order my father requested. I wrote the judge letters, called her office and did everything I could to make myself heard. She ignored my pleas.

I had no rights. I couldn't replace my lawyer with one who would speak for me nor could I speak for myself in court. I couldn't cross examine the court evaluators or therapists and their claims were thus untouchable. I felt like I was witnessing the proceedings from the wrong side of soundproof glass.

My mother tried her best, but she was a David facing Goliath – except in my story, she didn't even have a sling. After years of valiant struggle gaining nothing but legal fees, she had to let go and put her life back together in the hopes that someday I could get out on my own.

While living with my father, I did what I could to survive. I made nine reports to Child Protective Services and several calls to the police over the years, to no avail. They would always tell me that unless I had witnesses or bruises, they couldn't substantiate my claims of abuse.
Finally, one day my father threw me into a stone wall at school and a teacher called Child Protective services.

He's never said as much, but my father panicked. He had worked so hard to build a delicate set of lies and twisted truths to present himself as the well-meaning parent whose "unstable" ex-wife had given his troubled daughter "alienating parent syndrome," resulting in abuse "delusions." The truth was his worst fear.

Acting quickly, he had my therapist, his lover, suddenly decide I was dangerously troubled and needed to be locked up. So I, an 11-year-old straight-A student who had never tried sex, drugs or alcohol, nor ever been in a fight, found myself in an out-of-state lockdown facility with 17 year-old drug-dealing gang-banging street kids. I was beaten up, taunted and was blocked from communicating with the outside world.

I was forced into therapy where they tried to brainwash me into believing my mother was insane, that my father's drug use didn't exist and that the abuse my father inflicted on me was all in my head.

When I realized the truth was getting me nowhere, I lied and parroted back their words. It took me 6 months to convince them I was "cured." Holding onto the truth was the hardest thing I have ever done.

After my release, my father, thankfully, shipped me out to a nice boarding school. My two years there were my best years since my mother and I were separated.

When I went back to live with him at age 13, I couldn't take it anymore. Knowing I'd never find justice in Marin, I ran away, hoping to find a judicious jurisdiction elsewhere. I ended up in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Juvenile Court took my case and placed me in a safe home. Court investigators and evaluators found my mother to be a fit parent and my father to be dangerous. My father hired an expensive lawyer and tried to play his old tricks, but the judge had none of it. Full custody was awarded to my mother, and visitation with my father was left at my discretion.

In Los Angeles, I was a party in my case, whereas in Marin, I was only leverage in my parent's battle. Los Angeles was heaven.

The practice of trying to ascertain what is in a child's best interest exists because minors supposedly cannot speak for themselves. Yet at 11, I could speak for myself. I had a mind and a set of opinions, but no one seemed to care. The judge denied my right to legal representation,
especially when the court-appointed lawyer wouldn't speak my truth.

Granted, there is no guarantee that hearing me would have inspired the judge to untwist her motives and unclench her hold on personal allegiances and biases, but who knows? At least it would have been in the court record.

My right as an American is to have legal representation in court proceedings, but when my lawyer wouldn't speak for me, I was allowed no voice.

No American should be locked up without a trial in front of a jury of peers, or some sort of legal equivalent, but it happens to minors all the time. We have an elaborate system to keep innocent adults out of jail, but no system to prevent the false imprisonment of youth in mental hospitals and discipline institutions.

Children are not parties in divorce proceedings - we are property to be divided. Yet children are people too. As citizens, we must be afforded our human and legal rights. And when those adults who are supposed to speak for us fail, we need some recourse.

Alanna Krause is 16-years-old and lives in Ojai with her Mother.


Lost since 09/01/2003

MOUZIN Estelle

Link to family site:

Family Name: MOUZIN
Forename: Estelle
Birth date: 00/00/1993
Sex : female
Nationality: France
At the vanishing:
Hight: 4'05'' / 135 cm
Hair: brown
Eyes: Green


Distinguishing marks: at the time of deasappearance had a marine-blue winter coat, a violet beret, a jean, a red pullover and a black rucksack.
Language spoken: French
Loss date: 09/01/2003
Loss place:
Guermantes (France)
Circumstances: not available
Disappearance type: unknown

If you have any information, please contact

Your national or local police

Authority in charge of the investigation:
Commissariat de Police de Lagny-sur-Marne (France)
phone +33 (0)1 64 12 68 68

Interpol children@interpol.int
FREDI office@fredi.org

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Guantanamo Bay 2008

Daily Maddie

Gerry and Kate Mccann are in negotions to sell Maddie's loss script to IMG.
Even that money going to the raise found,we can expect they will use it in their own benefit.

Damn....this world went mad?

Morton recounts allegations that "auditing" focuses on the subject's sex life.

He quotes Hubbard's son, Ronald De Wolf, who fell out with his father, giving a Playboy interview: "You have complete control of someone if you have every detail of his sex life and fantasy life on record. In Scientology the focus is on sex. Sex, sex, sex.
"The first thing we wanted to know about someone we were auditing was his sexual deviations. All you've got to do is find a person's kinks, whatever they might be.
"Their dreams and their fantasies. Then you can fit a ring through their noses and take them anywhere. You promise to fulfil their fantasies or you threaten to expose them."

Morton says Karen Pressley was at Gold Base one evening when John Travolta's sexuality was openly discussed.
He writes: "'It made my head spin,' she recalls, 'and made me realise that the idea of confidentiality was a chimera.' As another Scientology executive admitted bluntly, 'These files come in handy if they want to blackmail you'."
Cruise's attempts at new relationships, with actresses Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara, did not work out.
Morton claims Cruz's father Eduardo "was concerned that his famous daughter could be drawn into what he considered a cult - and, like so many others, be lost to him and his family for ever.
"Eventually he emailed an organisation devoted to helping cult members and their families. It was only after a long exchange of correspondence that officials realised they were dealing with Penelope Cruz's father."
Cruise's shorter-lived relationship with Vergara included a visit to the Scientologists' Celebrity Centre in California.
Morton claims: "It was on this trip that Sofia realised Tom was never alone. Everywhere he went, he was surrounded by Scientologists. They were at his home, they were in his car, they were at the restaurant. They were never short of smiles, but she found them 'powerful and authoritarian'.
"One friend told me, 'She met his children, there is no doubt he was auditioning her for the part of his wife.' Sofia told friends she had been deliberately targeted not only as a possible bride for Tom, but as a high-profile Scientology recruit who would be an alluring figurehead for a future recruitment drive in Latin America."
Cruise's lawyer Bert Fields described the allegation as "ridiculous".
Morton claims that as Cruise has moved higher up the echelons of the Church of Scientology he has made more and more decisions about his life and career to simply promote his religion.



Family name: PALMER
Forename: Michael Timothy
Birth date: 08 January 1984
Sex: male
Nationality: USA
At the vanishing:

Height: 168 cm / ~5' 6"
Hair: sides shaved, brownish blond
Eyes: blue


Distinguishing marks
Language spoken: english US
Loss date: 04 June 1999
Loss Place: Wasilla AK (Alaska) USA
Michael was last seen on Friday, June 4, 1999 around 4:00 AM. He had attended a Senior Graduation Party outside the city of Wasilla, AK near the Meadow Lake Subdivision with 3 friends. The last time they saw him, he was riding a bicycle on Pittman Road in the direction of his home. The bike was later located in the Little Susitna River, which runs roughly parallel to Pittman Road and Silver Drive intersection. His shoes were found in the vicinity of a homeowners make-shift runway for his personal aircraft.

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Let's laugh a bit

My daughter found it and it's amazing

"There are 13 years old teenagers who agree,and more,want it.
If you neglect even provoke you.
Sexuality,is something more complex that it seems
",said Tenerife Bishop Bernardo Álvarez
In Correio da Manhã» de 28 Dez 07


Pic took at:

Daily Maddie

1-The english forensics said today,that the blood samples found in the apartment and in the Mccanns hired car matches for sure with Maddie's DNA.
2-Maddie even born with insemination technics is really daughter of Gerry Mccann.

Damn....damn good

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Nothing is ever really dead, and anyway there is another way of seeing them now they no longer have the burden of growing


Disclaimer:We have all the conditions in the law to declare this place a smoker's blog


Pic from: http://zoobizarro.blogspot.com/


Pic took from: http://zoobizarro.blogspot.com/

Damn good

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Lisboa-Dakar 2008


Daily Maddie

The Public Prosecutor asked to the Maddie's process judge the extreme complex process
This,if accepted,will delay in three months the process opening to the "arguidos".

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I like this

Daily Maddie

The questions to Mccann friends had been sent today by mail to England.
The results of this inquiry will condicionate further investigations.


In broad terms, political corruption is the misuse by government officials of their governmental powers for illegitimate private gain

Is Europe falling?

An Ambassador Warns: The Suicide of Europe
From the desk of Tiberge on Wed, 2007-12-26 12:46
An analysis from Christian Lambert, a former French ambassador, writing at Les 4 Vérités, predicts a terrible fate for Europe. He titles his essay, "The Inexorable Suicide of Europe."

The Brussels administration admits officially that each year some 550,000 immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and China, plus South America, enter the European Union. In reality the figure is twice that, in other words, more than a million.

We will briefly take it country by country.

Italy wins the prize right now. For this to become known, a young Italian girl had to be raped and murdered by a Gypsy. Then Rome was forced to reveal that Italy, a country even more poorly governed than France, which is saying a lot, now has 3.7 million immigrants (the official figure), that 700,000 new arrivals were recorded in 2006, and that 560,000 Gypsies have settled there. More than 100,000 of them arrived in the ten-month period after January 1, 2007.

More than 50% of the crime in Italy is due to these "Rumanians". In addition, every year some 60,000 immigrants from Tunisia and Libya (where even Colonel Qadhafi admits that his country is invaded by Sub-Saharians waiting to get into Europe and certain to succeed in their goal) arrive in Italy via the island of Lampedusa. In general, it is easy to enter Europe through Italy where the administration is "lax"...

In Greece, it's worse and Cyprus is one of the great doors of entry into Europe.

In France, nothing has changed. It can be assumed that 350,000 new arrivals enter our country each year, 70% of them from Africa. The number of visas granted has not lessened. It is still more than 2 million – 2,038,000 in 2006 – which proves that the fight against massive immigration is, like all the rest, purely verbal.

While I'm on the topic, I should note in passing that the town of Aulnay-sous-Bois, in Seine-Saint-Denis, has just experienced 4 days and nights of street fighting between gangs of "Afro-Maghrebins" and the police, according to the press itself. At Villiers-le-Bel, Val d'Oise, it is even more serious. The police, attacked with rifles, proved to be impotent. In order to quell these riots military units specializing in street fighting are now necessary, especially since stockpiles of war weapons from the Balkans are being stashed in the suburbs.

In Germany there are 4 million Turks, and new arrivals every day. One German told me that Islamist Turks feel more at ease practicing their religious activities in Germany than in Muslim Turkey.

In Great Britain, 50 powerful Muslim associations control millions of faithful followers, mostly Pakistanis. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, beneath the smile of her gracious very Christian Majesty, there are now koranic schools where children can learn to become kamikazes and blow up automobiles.

In the Netherlands where there are many North African, Caribbean and Indonesian Muslims serious trouble is on the increase. The press writes that the situation is becoming "à la française", in other words: pillaged shops, torched cars, violent confrontations with the police.

Scandinavia is not to be left out where, in order to be in tune with the times, Norway discovered and recruited, as a government minister, a black woman from Martinique.

I might add that there is no common European policy on immigration. Spain and Italy amnestied millions of illegals – a tremendous message for others – without even informing their neighbors.

On the other hand, in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are no immigrants. Why? Because these countries were subjected to communism and are therefore underdeveloped, with no welfare state or free hand-outs, housing, health care or schools.

Some say that one must not exaggerate. The great invasions from the 4th to 7th centuries eventually worked themselves out, didn't they? Great ignorance. We have to realize that these invasions had only a limited effect on the population of nascent France. As a matter of fact, in general, gangs of invaders and vandals, totaling only a few thousand individuals did not settle down in France, except for the Franks to the East. Furthermore, these barbarians quite rapidly converted to Christianity, more precisely to arianism.

It is true that at the time the merovingian monarchy did not distribute to these barbarians welfare of all kinds, declaring: "You are a great opportunity for France. Come, all of you, and join us with your large and beautiful families." No. Back then, people still had common sense.

And now, what will happen? In the short term, immigration will continue to flood in. Problems which have never been this serious will continue to spread and worsen. In the very long term, Europe, which created the most beautiful civilization that humanity has ever produced, will disappear.

The suicide of Europe is not unavoidable – there are many solutions. The fact that there are no leaders willing to do what must be done is the problem. Another strange fact is that so many people seem to "sense" that this is inevitable, as if they have an insight, or an intuition, that Europe's time has come. These are the people besotted by what they see on television and dumbed down by an inferior education. They turn a commentary such as this article into a self-fulfilling prophecy
Took from:

I quote - "On the other hand, in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are no immigrants. Why? Because these countries were subjected to communism and are therefore underdeveloped, with no welfare state or free hand-outs, housing, health care or schools."
I am not racist but this low quality imigrant flow is not good for the countries.
Will destroy the future of our children and the future of those imigrants chidren too.

War children soldiers



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