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Problema de Expressao Clã

This is Portuguese music

Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet Live

Nice way to start winter.
It's raining outside.


These offenders have a sexual preference for children and usually maintain these desires throughout their lives.
Preferential child molesters can have an astounding number of victims and these crimes can remain undiscovered for many years.
In 1995, a child molestation case in Texas caused a national uproar when the suspect was due to be released from prison after serving a six-year sentence for the rape of a 6year-old boy.
He told the police that he got away with abusing over 240 children before getting caught for molesting a single child and if released, would do it again.
One long-term study of hundreds of sex offenders found that the pedophile child molester committed an average of 281 acts with 150 partners. These types of offenders wreak havoc upon society far out of proportion to their numbers.

The preferential child molester exhibits distinct patterns of behavior that are common among his kind.
They will seduce children by buying gifts and appealing to their emotional weakness. This requires the offender to develop a friendship with the child or utilize an existing relationship with the victim.
In more than 90 percent of the rapes of children less than 12 years old, the offender knew the victim (U.S. Department of Justice).
Other offenders will engage in self-exposure or personally harass children.
Simply stated, the preferential child molester is a pedophile who has carried his fantasies and desires into reality.
A small minority of these types of offenders may be sadistic in nature and inflict pain or torture upon their victims.
These individuals, like any other criminal, can be brutal and sadistic. Such an individual was Britain’s most famous and despised child molester, Bill Malcolm.

In 1981, Malcolm was convicted of raping a 3-year-old girl and sent to prison. When he was released in 1984, he returned to rape the same terrified girl who was then 6 years old. Malcolm was angry that she had identified him as the rapist.
He later told cops he wanted revenge.
He was charged again in 1994 with rape and assault on four children who he allegedly tied to a bed and forced to perform sex acts.
A judge later made a favorable ruling in Malcolm’s case and he walked out of the courtroom a free man.
But child molesters evoke little sympathy from the general public.
On February 18 2000, two men showed up at Malcolm’s doorstep and promptly put a bullet in his head
One person said what a lot of Londoners were feeling: “Whoever did this deserves a medal!” N.Y. Post, February 20, 2000).

Well,i am not a violent man,myself,but i must say.....THKS GOD the man is dead

Pedophilia and child molesters

It is important to understand the differences between pedophiles and molesters.


Pedophilia, which is a psychological disorder, is a distinct sexual preference for pre-pubescent children.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 111-R), which is published by the American Psychological Association, supplies this definition of pedophilia: “recurrent, intense, sexual urges and sexual arousing fantasies of at least six months duration involving sexual activity with a pre-pubescent child” (DSM, V.3, 1987).
Generally, this means the target of the fantasy will typically be less than 12 years old. Notice the definition does not require the person to actually engage in a sexual act. Pedophilia is a psychological disorder that does not require, and usually does not involve, a criminal act. The pedophile might keep his desires a secret.
He may never go public or share his fantasies with anyone. At times, they will even marry a single mother to gain or continue access to her children. Pedophiles can be very determined and single-minded in their efforts to stay close to children. Maintaining access to children at all costs is one of the defining trademarks of pedophilia.
Child molesters, however, can have many different motivations for their crimes. And those motives, surprisingly, are often not of a sexual origin

Child Molestation

A child molester is described as an older person, male or female, which experiences any type of sexual act with another person who is a child. The majority of child molesters, more than 95 percent, are male.

Molesters engage in sex with children for a variety of reasons and sometimes these reasons have little to do with sexual desires.
This type of offender, called a situational child molester, does not possess a genuine sexual preference for children. Rather, the motivational factors are criminal in nature.
In some cases, the offender’s sexual abuse of young people is a natural outgrowth of other forms of abuse in his life.
That abuse is a continuation of a process by which he has mistreated his friends, colleagues, spouse and family members.
He will have low self-esteem, maintain poor moral standards and view sex with children as an opportunity to prolong the violence that is already an active component of his existence.
Other situational offenders see children as a substitute for an adult partner. Although these types of offenders do not harbor a singular sexual desire for children, they may react to a built up sexual impulse or anger, that to them, is irresistible.
However, the victim is incidental. It could have been a store clerk, an elderly person or simply a woman walking down a lonely street.
Because of the circumstances at hand,the victim happened to be a child. His main criteria for a victim is availability.
The situational child molester will usually have few victims, sometimes only one, and never repeat the event again. He could be a social misfit or a psychopathic personality who harbors a seething resentment and hostility toward society in general.

Took from:

Cheila Mendes Ferreira-Missing

Name: Cheila Mendes Ferreira

Parents: Rui Alberto Silva Ferreira and Natalina Martins Ferreira Mendes Cardoso

Born: Cascais

Birth date: 03/10/1991

Last known adress: Almada

Missing date: 14 de Março de 2007

Hight: 1,75 m

Any information must be sent to:

Setubal Criminal Investigation Department

Praça General Luís Domingues, nºs 27, 27A e 28

2910-585 Setúbal

Phone: 265 556 200

Fax: 265 234 823


Charlotte Pennington -The 15 minutes TV all deserve

The first eyewitness account of the frantic moments after Madeleine McCann disappeared can be revealed today.

Nanny Charlotte Pennington confirms that Kate McCann did scream: "They've taken her, they've taken her!"

The mother's precise words have become a pivotal issue in the case, with Portuguese police questioning why she would automatically assume Maddie had been abducted.

Mrs McCann's family have countered this by insisting they recall her shouting: "Madeleine's gone

See all here:

Pascal Zimmer lost since 01/09/30

Family name: ZIMMER
Forename: Pascal
Birth date:11 December 1995
At the vanishing

Height:120 cm / 3" 11'
very slim
His mother,Sonja Zimmer died with a cerebral commotion in 2005 June with 46 years.

17 days later his father was dead from an heart atack.

Pascal represents one of the most difficult cases of lost children the Fredi Association had. In 2007, the investigation, many times interrupted still has no answers.


Distinguishing marks:Lost incisor
Spoken language:German
Date of disappearance:30 September 2001
Place of disappearance:Saarbrücken-Burbach (Germany )
Pascal went out of his home at 16:00. He went maybe to the Oktoberfest (October festival) in Burbach. He didn't come back home. The Police was called at 21:00.

Disappearance type: criminal act

From Russia with love II

This is a criminal, who stole, who raped and killed boys.
He can be presented as Sergey Davidenko, or Sergey Zakharov.
So there is a chance that he live, also, with another surname and false documents.
Memorize this face!

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Because someone can remember a face

Plz send this blog adress to all ur friends.
We never know when someone remembers a face

The pedophiles suit by a known stilist

Here in Portugueselostchildren and after contacted the most knewed stilists around the world,gonna offer to all assumed pedophiles a suit.
I hope they love it cause costs a fortune.

Pedophilia is genetic he said

Who am i to contradict those wise words come from an expert.

In return A court trial gave him 40 years in prison to study that genetic shit he has in his brain

A former Dixon man who told police he liked girls "the younger, the better," was sentenced to 40 years in prison Friday for sexually assaulting a girl 10 or younger.

Rodney A. Biagioni, 1003 Ave. C, Apartment A, Rock Falls must serve at least 34 years before being eligible for parole.

Biagioni, who turns 58 next week, originally was charged with molesting as many as seven girls ages 5 to 8 over 20 years. At the time of this crime, he lived in Dixon, and so was charged in Lee County Circuit Court.

At his sentencing Friday, Lee County State's Attorney Paul Whitcombe played 45 minutes of audio of Biagioni's statement to Dixon police. In it, he makes the remark about young girls, and says that he is not a predator. He admitted touching one girl almost 100 times over the course of a few years, and blamed the girl for not stopping him

"Pedophilia is not a sickness. It's like homosexuality. It's genetic," Biagioni told police.

Friday, he told Lee County Circuit Judge Ron Jacobson that it wasn't his intention to hurt anyone.

"I know now I've caused a lot of pain. I would never make that choice again," he said.

"Until you got caught, there was only one person that could do something about your behavior. That was you," Jacobson responded.

I am a nice person...gonna give u the pic of this ass.
He too deserves the 15 minutes TV
Notice took from:


Andy wharol said give them 15 minutes on TV-Maddie's around show

Everyone deserve 15 minutes on TV

Nanny Charlotte Pennington said she saw a man who was "in a small dinghy just off the Praia da Luz seafront at 11.30pm. She claims he was kicking at an object stored in the boat's hull."
"the man was wearing a reflective yellow jacket with a hood but she could not make out his face";
"the following day she was shocked to see a man - whom she had come to know over the preceding week - wearing exactly the same distinctive jacket (*) as the man in the boat."
Yeah i saw too a beautiful girl with a red shirt one day;
And in the other day was in same place a girl in red shirt ...but this one was ugly as hell

The notice i picked from:

Dayly Maddie

1-The Moroccan girl pic made the media forget a bit the Mccann.
2-The Moroccan Police lauched a huge investigation against a rutheless gang of traffickers who had responsable for dealing tons of marijuana between that country and Europe as soon as were advised to a possibly Maddie's match in Zaio town.
3-Portuguese Police still belives Maddie is dead.
4-Why Kate and Gerry McCann are "figthing" for their "lifes"

Police “is running out of budget and want to end investigation” – News of The World
Portuguese Judicial system “is more appropriate to break down the reputation of an innocent man than to identify those responsible”–McCann's lawyer, Pinto de Abreu, Daily Express
“The McCann may be victims of a miscarriage of Justice, if they are extradited to Portugal” – The Times
“The Portuguese hate (Praia da Luz, it) was quickly colonised by English second-homers (...) The locals were priced out long ago.” - Charlotte Ross, The Evening Standard
I shall say the Mccann fight with all wepons they have:
If they are just a couple who lost their daughter,it's very painfull for them.
Even the memory is short,this will be carried till the end of their life.
Already destroyed their normal life,guilty or not.

Here new sites to read:

Some of this news are took from:

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Jack McClellan -The dullish pedophile i ever knew

Jack started with a web whore page:
he was putting there pics,prices,caracteristics and all stuff he picked when he was a whore customer.
Well strange heartfeelings.
Let's say,he was another strange person in net.
One day,he woke up and found he was atracted to young kids.
He closed the page he had and,opened another one.
This time was a soft pedophile page.
He started to take pics to children in public places,posted them,made a map for those who like children could find their dreams(fairs,events,children playgrounds,etc).
And then,the problems started to this lad:
Jack McClellan has made himself a marked man -- a self-described pedophile whose behavior has creeped out parents and child advocates over USA.

But while he's talked openly about his attraction to little girls, or "LGs" as he calls them, and taken pictures of them in public places, neither is a crime.

As a result, his case has stirred debate, particularly since his arrest 07/08/15, over whether attempting to restrict unseemly behavior that isn't criminal violates a person's constitutional rights.

There is no law against someone making you feel uncomfortable," said Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and a Loyola Law School professor. "There's a line to cross and I don't think he has yet. He's tiptoeing around the law."

McClellan landed in jail this week after he was arrested for allegedly violating a temporary restraining order requiring him to stay at least 30 feet from any child in California. Watch McClellan in handcuffs »

After he was seen with a camera near the Infant Development Program at the University of California, Los Angeles, police let McClellan go with a citation and a warning not to return.

When he was back on campus hours later to grant a TV interview, McClellan was arrested for suspected trespassing. He pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of violating the temporary restraining order and remains in jail on $150,000 bail.

Some legal experts believe the order that Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig issued on August 3 trampled on McClellan's First Amendment right to free expression and will eventually be overturned. Sandvig scheduled an August 24 hearing to discuss the matter further.

"Without showing a person has committed a crime against a child, I don't see how this can stand," said UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh. "There's no way someone can organize their life without somehow being within 10 yards of a child."

Before he was jailed, McClellan said he thought there would be few if any children on a college campus. He said he spent a couple of hours at UCLA before his first arrest and that the camera had no batteries.

Anthony Zinnanti, one of the attorneys who sought the restraining order, believes it will eventually become permanent based on McClellan's recent actions.

"I think the judge issued the TRO well within his discretion and he was not being abusive," Zinnanti said. "Jack McClellan hung himself by the way of his actions. It's up to him if he wants to end up in jail."

Some child advocacy groups worry that it's only a matter of time before McClellan acts on his thoughts.

"Even the most outrageous thoughts are protected (by law) but it appears Mr. McClellan is doing more than expressing them," said Ernie Allen, president and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. "It's a question if he crosses the line into illegal activity or encourages others to do so."

It's not a crime to be a pedophile -- by definition an adult who fixates on children as sexual objects. It's only a crime for pedophiles to act on their desires and molest a child. And while California has tough penalties for stalking and harassment, McClellan's conduct apparently hasn't risen to a criminal level.

Several law enforcement agencies, both in California and his former home state of Washington, have monitored or investigated his activities but not charged him with a crime.

McClellan, who mostly has lived out of his car since arriving in California a few months ago, maintained a Web site for years where he posted pictures of children he had photographed in public places. It has since been taken down by the server.

He said earlier this month that running the site, where he also discussed how he likes to stake out parks, public libraries and other areas where little girls congregate, was therapeutic because it allowed him to share his thoughts.

"I thought it was the best therapeutic thing for my own head to kind of put this out there, what I'm thinking," he said before his arrest. "I'm determined not to do anything illegal. I haven't done anythin illegal.


Dayly Maddie

Just bullshit in media news.
Nothing relevant to talk about.

Heidrun Wastl -Lost since 01/09/28

Family name:WASTL
Date of birth:1964
At the vanishing
Height:5'7'' / 170 cm
Distinguishing marks
H. Wastl is a bit and uses sometimes glasses.
Language spoken:German
Date of disappearance:28/09/2001
Place of disappearance:Wien-Österreich)
H. Wastl took his son of 6 years old to school the morning of september 28.Since then le matin du 28 septembre. Depuis lors, Missess Wastl wnt gone.

Some strange facts surround this missing:
The friends say that she would never went gone by her own will.
A neighbour say she saw Heidrun going out a dark car,maybe a Toyota Avensis Liftback,by 09.15 AM same gone day and run home.
Is that she went gone in the same car?
Nobody known by familly have such a car.
At 02 October 2001, an anonymous letter was sent to her husband signed as "K".In that letter "K" pretends living with Heidrun abroad and knowing personally her husband.
The facts and the pic above was took from:

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Sarah Oberson lost since 85/09/28

Family name:OBERSON
Date of birth:13/12/1977
Lost date:28.09.1985
Place of disappearance:Saxon (VS), Suisse/Switzerland
Sarah has left her home at 5.30 p.m., with the intention to visit her granmother. She did'nt go there. Two teenagers say that they have seen Sarah at 7.30 p.m. near the schoolhouse, 50 meters from her house.Sarah has never been senn again.
The facts and pics above were taken from:

Boy lovers and girl lovers forums

Usually those forums are open,so u can write and see in normal english or other language.
But THAT is to be seen by we can call interested ppl that are not engaged in the mouvment.
There are in same sites other forums that use encripted language as u can see bellow:

This is made with a specific program and if u don't have it u can't decode it.

Portuguese lost children

So away they are from this blog

Daily Maddie

1-Portuguese police officers are pressed by their superiors:WE NEED A BODY
2-Moroccan clues take pressure from the Mccann.
3-How can u all be so naive thinking Madeleine appears in Moroccan cafes and among poor ppl?
4-Can u imagine the costs of kidnaping a child and hide her somewhere?
5-Portuguese Police try to investigate what Mccann did in Spain travel,after Maddie loss.

Everyone deserves a 5 minuteTV

Clara Torres who took a Maddie's look like pic in Morocco and made sell newspapers for 2 or 3 days

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007


If you see someone talking about MAA, they are talking about pedophiles and child predators. If you see someone describe themsleve as a MAA, then he is a pedophile.

USA-take care Steven Greer is on streets again

Where or Where is Steven Bruce Greer?

He's a child molester and pedophile. He raped 9 and 12 year old children. He's now out of jail and on the prowl. He doesn't have to stay away from children like most Registered Sex Offenders do. He's free to walk the streets and go to parks and schools and anywhere else there are children.

Steven knows we are watching him. He's running scared. He's moved 5 times in 11 weeks.

Take a good look at his picture. Help us keep an eye out for him. Scroll down and see a picture of how he might look if he gained some weight..

Where or where is Steven Greer? Well, right now he's living at:

70 Iron Horse, Lot 10
Hutto Texas, 78634

Steven's victims continue to suffer because of his abuse. Don't let another child fall into his hands.

Keep an eye out for Steven Greer. Keep children safe.

Took from:

The Doors: American Prayer (long version)

Still so update after all those years

The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - Video


The most important door in media century

This door....a single door....a poor door,is the most published door in the world.
media filmed it,pictured it while waited for fresh meat to serve the crowd.
As in the ancient Rome Coliseum the crowd roared while attending the opening jail bars.

Gazeta Digital

I found out this blog.
Gazeta Digital is one of many resources i use to post.
Don't know personally Paulo Reis,but since the begining i liked the way he posts.
I was a few moments ago reading some of his articles and this one made me think:
"I always allowed truth to kill a good story. I prefer to loose a big headline and watch, with some frustration, while other journalists have it, because they decided to take a bet with chances of wining or loosing at 50/50. Journalism is not a game. It’s something that has to do with people. That is our “raw material” and it must be handled carefully, like a craftsman working on a crystal glass. Public opinion has a short memory and an iron fist when it’s time to punish mistakes made by journalists. Ten or twenty years of good work can be destroyed by a single error.

I know that many of my regular readers are expecting fresh news, as I am already at Praia da Luz. I’m sorry, but you will have to wait. I don’t like gambling. "

Joana Star-the little girl that was never found

Paulo Pereira Cristovao wrote a 192 pages book about Joana's murder in Algarve.
He was one of the 3 Judiciary Police investigators sent to Algarve to solve the Joana's vanishing mistery.
After solved the crime he resigned...because a police has children too and feel.
A cheap book to write about a sad life.
Mother with children of many man,uncle with a past of violence,extreme poverty,lack of love,all Joana survived.
The Social Security,once again,closed eyes.
Just another sad story in a sad family.

Not Maddie obviously and unfortunatly

This is the child the spanish tourists saw.
Took from:

A pedophile site

But...have no can't be closed.
See the even teared seeing so delicate way to spread the pedophilia around the world.
This is a brain wash...that is spread all over net...AND CANT ANYBODY DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT
"Hello. My pen name is Howard Kline and my online nickname is “Cerius.” Welcome to XXXXXX, my corner of the shadow world of pedophilia in cyberspace. I have created this website to introduce myself to people in this community and initiate conversations about activism to improve the society around us. If you are looking for information on pedophilia or related resources, let me refer you to some excellent sources"

Shit and has a portuguese translation....tks but here in Portugal guess we are not honoured to have it in our language

A Portuguese film in Boy Lovers sites

Found this one in a link from a Boy love site
Released in: 1996
Length: 90 minutes
Warning: Rated NR: nudity
Language: Portuguese (with English subtitles)
For a 13-year-old boy like Filipe, the prospect of a summer vacation in the Azores with his father is like a dream come true. It's a time for them to become re-acquainted and it's also a time for his first girlfriend and annoying questions to his father about love and sex. But dreams are sometimes just a way to avoid facing reality
Jose Afonso Pimentel . . . . . Filipe
Joao Lagarto . . . . . Manuel
Laura Soveral . . . . . Dona Paula/Teacher
Natalia Luísa . . . . . Mother

Or....a normal film can atract deviant personalities.

Maddie today

1-As the portuguese authorities the ex secret agents firm that the Mccann hired weren't well received by Moroccan authorities: "If we have in our territory those 'private investigators', some kind of mercenaries, we will consider it a violation of our national sovereignty and it's better for those 'investigators' that we don't get them"
2-Strange the news about Maddie's sight in Morocco.
Guess it's very useful to Mccann's this.
3-Lots insinuations about Mccann sexual doing they know best....SHIT NEWS

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Maddie and Wikipedia

Madeleine Mccann entered Wikipedia.
See here:

Maddie today

1-Mccann contacted the Control Risk Group to search her daughter.
This safety firm has ex MI5,SAS and other trained ppl.
Their job is search Madeleine and pedophilia rings,mainly in Portugal.North Afica,Spain and France.
2-Judiciary Police said that the private investigators the Mccann gonna send to Portugal are going to do an illegal investigation and can be prosecuted.
3-Kate's young years in university are notice in many press.
4-Brian Kennedy,owner of Latium Group joined Richar Branson helping the Mccann pay to his lawyers."I will provide all logist and financial support they need".

This is the lawyers team the Mccann choose

Kingsley Napley:
Kingsley Napley is a London law firm advising nationally and internationally. We work with a wide range of clients in many specialist fields from family, criminal and regulatory law to corporate, commercial and property work.

Our reputation as a 'safe pair of hands' - the firm to whom other professionals refer their most complex and difficult cases - is reflected in our rankings in the legal directories.

We need exceptional people with a wide range of skills to provide the breadth of service our clients require. In return, we offer a culture of individual responsibility, autonomy and development.
We are specialists in a diverse range of work. Crime, Litigation and Business Services work are our main areas of practice. Within these three areas we offer a breadth of services to both individuals and organisations, nationally and internationally, all bearing our hallmarks of exceptional quality, personal attention and discretion.
See here:

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Epifora a site provider for pedophiles is closing-Thks God

Epifora, Inc. ceases operations October 1, 2007

For immediate publication
September 1, 2007

Epifora, Inc., a major provider of Internet connectivity to resources for minor-attracted adults, has announced today that it will cease all operations as of October 1, 2007. This action has been prompted by the recent decision of Epifora's primary partner and client, Free Spirits, to seek more cost-effective hosting solutions.

All user services including web hosting, email, name servers and technical support will be affected. Clients are encouraged to seek alternate solutions immediately, though Epifora staff will endeavour to maintain services through to October 1.

Epifora wishes to take this opportunity to recognize the many volunteers who have assisted in the technical operations since our troubles last fall. The last six years have provided a solid platform for freedom of expression and technical reliability that will be difficult to rival.

Burma slave little girls

Each year thousands of young girls are recruited from rural Burmese villages to work in the sex industry in neighboring Thailand. Held for years in debt bondage in illegal Thai brothels, they suffer extreme abuse by pimps, clients, and the police.

The trafficking of Burmese girls has soared in recent years as a direct result of political repression in Burma. Human rights abuses, war and ethnic discrimination has displaced hundreds of thousands of families, leaving families with no means of livelihood. An offer of employment in Thailand is a rare chance for many families to escape extreme poverty.

Sacrifice examines the social, cultural, and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand. It is the story of the valuation and sale of human beings, and the efforts of teenage girls to survive a personal crisis born of economic and political repression.
See here:

Convicted Child Sex Pedophile Ross Nelson Interview Part 4

Part IV

Convicted Child Sex Pedophile Ross Nelson Interview Part 3

Part III

Convicted Child Sex Pedophile Ross Nelson Interview Part Two

learn to protect ur children with the peds pros Part II

Convicted Child Sex Pedophile Ross Nelson Interview Part One

learn to protect ur children with the peds pros

Daily Maddie

Today is a quiet day.
Mccann and Portuguese Police counts their wepons.
From the top Judiciary Police received order to FIND THE BODY.
From Mccann is the starting of a campaign for Maddie search in Portugal and Spain,in the media and outdoors.

domingo, 23 de setembro de 2007

See thus Youtube and after see the kind of people who comments

Well u say after see the short film....a boy doing some kind of gymn.
But below see who comment:
FUCKUTUBENAZIS Joined: June 08, 2007
Last Login: 16 hours ago
Videos Watched: 471Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 117

Age: 50

Country: United States

A young FUCKUTUBENAZIS friend who post videos showing his ass beeing spanked with a belt.....are u readers folowing the scene?


The pedophile net rings caught by police

See here:

Old stories - Pedophile rings with links to Portugal

On September 2, 1998, over a thousand police and child-protection officers in thirteen countries raided over 200 men in connection with one of the biggest pedophile rings ever discovered.[1]

Police seized a total of 750,000 pictures along with a library of 1,800 computerized videos depicting children suffering sexual abuse. Of all these children, only 17 have been identified.

This pedophile ring was an exclusive international Internet club. The sordid entrance fee? 10,000 indecent pictures of children.

The international operation to trace the ring of pedophiles began in San Jose, California, in May 1996, when the police discovered that a child-abuser had broadcast live images on the Internet to a smaller pedophile ring known as the Orchid Club.

A ten-year-old girl had been pulled out of a slumber party in the middle of the night and taken into the computer room in an upper middle class American home, where she was molested and violated and raped online. The scene was broadcast to Australia and Canada and Finland and places all over the United States. Viewers were invited to send messages online saying what they wanted to see done to their victim.[2]

Once this incident was discovered, the ensuing investigation linked the Orchid Club to a larger and even more sinister pedophile network called Wonderland. Wonderland originated in the United States but also operated in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Britain.

Wonderland, the Orchid Club, and other pornography rings are not simply exchanging images of undressed children romping on the beach. They have images that are the most horrible — two-year-olds, even six-month-old babies, being violently raped.

Most of the 107 men eventually convicted for participation in the Wonderland Club were sentenced to fines. The heaviest sentence was three years in prison. Over 100 of these men are on the streets today.
The Wonderland used sophisticated encryption codes originally developed by the KGB.
The images they traded like baseball cards were of children tied up, children being raped, children having sex with animals, adults or other children. Suspects include teachers, a scientist, a medical student, a scout master, an accountant and a university professor.

Save the boys. Sexual abuse is death! boylover killers


Recovery from child pornography abuse

The F.B.I. and other federal agencies have placed high priority on enforcing federal statutes against the possession, distribution, and production of child pornography.
If you are involved in downloading child pornography, you are running a serious legal risk! You don't know who is watching your activities!
People can be addicted to pornography, with effects as real and destructive to them and others as with other types of addictions.
This website is dedicated to encouraging and helping users of child porn to stop and get needed help. It also offers information for families and friends of such users.


Calpol Night and CalCold contain paracetamol and diphenhydramine hydrochloride, can be used in infants over 3 months old.

Diphenhydramine HCl is an antihistamine with anticholinergic (drying) and sedative side effects.

Definition of Sedative
Sedative: A drug that calms a patient down, easing agitation and permitting sleep. Sedatives generally work by modulating signals within the central nervous system. These sedatives can dangerously depress important signals needed to maintain heart and lung function if they are misused or accidentally combined, as in the case of combining prescription sedatives with alcohol. Most sedatives also have addictive potential. For these reasons, sedatives should be used under supervision, and only as needed.

This is my home work for today

Maddie and the wine



Maddie last hours

17.30PM,May 3.

Madeleine,Sean and Amelie eat ain Paradaise Restaurant,near the beach,Luz,Allgarve.

Are with their parents,Kate and Gerry and at least with more two cuouples friends and more four children.

The images took by the cams of the internal security system show it.

Maddie played with her father in the beach,eated an ice cream.

"They were together.Only the children eated the child menu,while the adults had some beer.No excesses or something out normal..We only took attention,when we saw next day about the kidnaping",told to CM newspaper one employee who served the group.

The tape with the images was sent to Police next week.

As the restaurant employees said,Maddie left the Paradise Restaurant by 18.15 PM and wento to the Ocean Club appartment.

High quality image was took when Maddie was taking her dessert near the ice cream box,was the last one known of the child alive.

Mistery starts here.What happened between 18.30PM and 20.00PM is the big doubt in portuguese investigation,who thinks she suffered an accident and they belive she died short while left the restaurant.

"They entered in restaurant by 20.00PM.Was a large group and everiday they dined in Tapas.They did it once more and we saw nothing strange" said to CM newspaper an employee who served the couple.

Kate,Gerry and their friends were in an oval table in the center of the restaurant.Before dinner asked for strawberry daiquiris and only after 21.ooPM they started to eat.The group was in high spirit.

"I can't say who took the table or when.The only thing i can say is that they didn't took the table every 15 minutes to see the children"said another employee,remembering that when they saw the group had kids they felt astonished.

"The group came every night without kids.We presume the kids stayed alone in their bedrooms every night".

21.00PM the dinner is served.One of the employees remembers that was missing one person-Russel O'Brien-I remember cause i had to serve him a little later"

That is coincident with what Russel said to Police.

It was a bit after 22.00PM when all happened.Kate went to the bedroom and shout from the balcony.The employees can't remember how long before Kate went to the appartment.They only remember that when she ask for help she already was near the house with a group's woman.

"She was shouting and seemed histerical and only could say someone took Maddie.Everyone went from the table and gone to the appartment."

The same employee finished to call the police by 22.40PM.More than 30 minutes had gone and we know now that Kate already had contacted Sky News.Also Pamela Fenn,the first floor neighbour asked if they needed help,but Kate refuses and take more half hour to ask police help.
"What i strange most is that Kate never left the appartment.We all were looking in the nerarby places for the girl.We run every place and she stayed home.Obviously shoked but not a move to search her daughter."

At 23.00PM the Ocean Club managers came to the place.Police already sent to the place two agents but they didn'e spoke english.They try to understand what was happening and call Judiciary Police cause seemed to be a kidnaping.

"In all that time the mother didn't left a single tear.What disturbed me more is that i just knew was her daughter when she gave the police the ID papers.Till then i didn't realise that was the kidnaped mother.Next hours she remained in the appartment,never looked for her daughter.Was quite calm and was tgalking to some women of the group.Gerry was running in the street yelling for Madeleine"

By 2.ooAm,next day the Judiciary Police ask the Mccann to leave the appartment cause they needed to see it.

"Was one of her friends who came for the twins.They were deeply sleepingeven with all that mess.They never wake up" said the same witness who still says that wont remember see the cat toy Kate started to use later everywhere.

Took from Correio da Manha newspaper -

Never heard the McCann talk about a 'hidden kidnaptor

See here:

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Old Stories - Network C.R.I.E.S.

In July 1982 "Gay Pied" announces the creation of C.R.I.E.S. in Belgium, the acronym of "Centre of Research and Information on Childhood and Sexuality". Based Chaussée d'Ixelles in Brussels, it aimed to help child abusers to fight against their sexual deviances. In 1987, the centre was an international organization of child prostitution, which published a review also available in France by subscription. It used children of poor families and "rented" them to for parties. The investigation will lead to 20.000 exhibits that were seized, among which many pornographic photographs of children. A doctor was arrested and hardware was seized at the UNICEF, splashing the United Nations Children's Fund. Michel Decré, a 50 year old inhabitant of Brussels was condemned to 7 years of prison. In April 2001, Marcel Vervloesem of Werkgroep Morkhoven discovers in the files of the paedophile network Zandvoort a lists of around 400 customers of the C.R.I.E.S., comprising their addresses and partner associations throughout the world. Several of those names where also found in file CORAL; an institute for handicapped children in the South of France which supplied children to perverts in the hotel of the local village. Among them, Delbouille a Belgian grave digger who had been placed 5 days in preventive custody at the time the scandal exploded. The activists of Morkhoven warned the authorities who made the official report 8257/01 and asked them full discretion for the inquiry. This discovery brought the police of Namur at his place, enabling them to discover 15 m3 of pedo- pornographic hardware. The discovery will then be allotted to a governmental organisation, who accepted the honours. In 2004, it appeared that the Belgian authorities forgot to communicate the list of the C.R.I.E.S. to Scotland Yard. In result of this amazing "dysfunction", a considerable number of rambling criminals were not located and one of them murdered a child in the North of England.
The tribunal of Turnhout since in charge, taxes the petition of the Werkgroep Morkhoven and Foundation Princess of Croÿ as paranoid, and sues Marcel Vervloesem for intruding in the private lives of these criminals who they say are "not identified".

Took from:

Old stories-Operation Toro Bravo

At the village of Saint-Léger-des-Vignes, in the center of France, a house in corner and a parish garden surrounded of a grid. Father Glencross lived there with his 5 sons, teenagers whom he adopted. All came from Columbia, except the last one who was Peruvian. As soon as one left, Father Glencross would return to Colombia and come back with another young boy.
The man had a lot of sense of humor and influential friends, of which Hubert Védrine, the spokesman of the French presidency, who had taken residence at his place for electoral reasons. There were rumors some would confuse with village gossips. Many thought of him as a holy man, when in summer of 1990, the gendarmerie discovered 30.000 pictures at his place: the largest European studio of photographs with a pedophile character.
He was friend with Pastor Doucé, a homosexual militant, who administrated the subscriptions of "Gaie France Magazine" a luxurious monthly review, sold at 15.000 specimens whose a Portuguese version. It was published by Caignet, a neo-Nazi militant. Father Doucé would take the pictures of Father Glencross and supply the magazine. It was the pedophile network "TORO BRAVO".
The néo-nazi and the pastor had as a collaborator, Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, a photographer who held in Paris, a gallery that exposed photographs without ambiguities, two hundred meters away of the Senate. His income was important for those days, reaching nearly 350.000 euro per year. Samples of his production was also found in the archives of the pedophile networks Wonderland and Zandvoort, as it was discovered thanks to Marcel Vervloesem from the Werkgroep Morkhoven.
Hardly Father Glencross was imprisoned, Father Doucé was kidnapped. The first one died of a heart attack, and the second was murdered of several bullets in forest of Rambouillet, close to Versailles. Caignet and Vuillaume benefited from a partial withdrawal of case. The sons of father Glencross seems to have been forgotten.
The Toro Bravo case was closed, without the spokesman of the French presidency being heard. A Toro Bravo N°2 was opened at the end of 94, by the seizure of a video cassette at a Parisian executive, with the surviving accused of Toro Bravo N°1.
In Bogotá, capital of Colombia where the Father Glencross had come to adopt several of his "sons", Jean-Manuel Vuillaume had a pied-à-terre where he would film the rapes of children. His cassettes were sold in France for 120 euro each.
A large police operation led to 72 arrests, of which of another collaborator of the band: Bernard Alapetite, a film manager who would share his production between art and films of pedophile character. The latter led the police to the network "Teenager 71", of which 814 house search, 686 questionings, 103 inquiries and 5 suicides.


Phill Collins lirics


Just a breack.
Need fresh air


Mccann's network

Justine McGuiness -
I live in rural Dorset and contested West Dorset in 2005 for the Lib Dems, gaining 22,302 votes at the General Election. I am also godmother to six children and aunt to nine nieces/nephews.
Took from her blog:

Father Jonathan Morris -
Father Jonathan Morris, LC Media History
From 2002-2004 Father Jonathan served as a theological advisor to Mel Gibson in the making of the feature film, the Passion of the Christ. He advised the grass-roots promotion of the film in the United States and Europe.
In April of 2005, with the sickness of death of Pope John Paul II, Father Jonathan began his work as a religious news analyst and commentator for several domestic and international channels including CNN, Sky News, and BBC.
He now serves as a regular news contributor for the Fox News Channel, where he offers ethical and moral commentary to regular news items.
Contribution to Fox News Channel
In less than a year he has appeared more than 100 times on various Fox News Channel shows, covering a broad range of topics.
In November of 2005, Father Jonathan covered the youth riots in Paris, France. He went on the scene of the rioting neighborhoods and spoke to the Muslim youth about the social and religious undertones of the conflict. At the same time he initiated an exclusive interview with the Imam of the Grande Mosque of Paris.
In January of 2006, he traveled to Venezuela to cover a populist religious gathering that highlighted the tension between the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and President Hugo Chavez.
In February of 2006, Father Jonathan carried out an exclusive sit-down interview with First Lady Laura Bush in Rome, Italy.
In July he traveled to Germany to report and comment on the upswing in human trafficking of woman for prostitution in the days leading up to the arrival of World Cup soccer tournament fans.
Recently Fox News renewed a long-term contract with Father Jonathan to continue providing ethical commentary on the big news stories of the day.
Took from:

Father Marcel Macial -
Founder of the Legionaires of Christ

The Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu -
Archbishop of York
Launched a staunch attack against Portuguese Police, when he told BBC that "Kate and Gerry have been treated unjustly and inhumanely, because the evidence does not stack up at all. There is this great injustice which they feel is piled upon them."

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor -
Arcebishop of Westminster
Organized the Meeting of McCann couple with Pope Benedict XVI

David Payne -
Oganized the trip to Ocean Club

David Hughes -
Public relations consultant
Liberal Democrat Party member
Press Officer for the McCann Family

All this and more u can see in:

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Maddie new notices

Daily Mail erased this page from their site but here it is:

Last pic with father

Madeleine's father: 'Abductor was hiding in apartment while I checked on her'Last updated at 17:50pm on 21st September 2007
Comments (77)

Madeleine McCann: Missing since May 3rdGerry McCann is convinced his daughter's abductor hid in their apartment as he checked on his children, it has been revealed today.
Mr McCann has told friends he believes the kidnapper was already there when he looked in on Madeleine and their two-year-old twins.
The McCanns, who remain suspects in the investigation, now believe the kidnapper got in through unlocked patio doors and left carrying Madeleine through a bedroom window at the front of the ground-floor apartment.
The girl's parents are convinced Madeleine was being watched during the course of their week-long holiday in the Algarve. She went missing on the sixth day of their break and they are convinced she was stolen to order.
The Standard can also reveal for the first time today that Kate McCann first realised something was wrong when she went to open the bedroom door to check on her daughter at 10pm.
She said a blast of wind from the open window in the bedroom caused the door to slam shut as she held it. Discovering that Madeleine was not in her bed, she then frantically searched the apartment three times - spending as much as 10 minutes doing so - before racing out screaming: "Madeleine's gone, Madeleine's gone."
The girl was six days short of her fourth birthday when she went missing.

The McCanns now believe the abductor got in the apartment more than an hour before the alarm was raised, according to the Evening Standard.
Mr McCann checked on the children at 9.05pm and saw Madeleine asleep in her bed with the twins Sean and Amelie in cots beside her.
But the door to the bedroom was open and although Mr McCann thought nothing of it at the time, he is now certain he had previously shut it.
Mr McCann is convinced the girl's abductor must have opened it and then hidden in either the bathroom or the McCanns' bedroom when he heard him approaching through patio doors at the rear of the apartment.
A source close to the family today told the Standard: "When Gerry went to check on Madeleine he realised the bedroom door was open. Gerry is firmly of the view the abductor was already in the apartment.
"When he went in he saw Madeleine was asleep but the bedroom door was slightly open. He thought, 'That is odd' because he had left it firmly closed. But all the children were asleep. So he just went in and closed the door again and came out at about 9.10pm.
"Gerry is convinced the man must have been hiding and once Gerry went out through the patio doors the only way out for the abductor was through the window.
"The front door was locked so the kidnapper took Madeleine and climbed out of the window.
"The theory is the man came in through the patio doors, knowing he has a few minutes until the McCanns' next check. The rear doors are out of sight from the tapas bar where the McCanns and their friends are eating.
"The abductor goes in and he hides and when Gerry goes into the bedroom, he just thinks he didn't close the bedroom door properly.
"When Gerry leaves, the man realises he only has a few minutes. He thinks the only way to get out without being seen is through the window."
Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist, and his wife, a GP, returned to Rothley in Leicestershire after being named official suspects.
They have now begun a fight to clear their name and last night announced they have hired a new Portuguese lawyer, Rogerio Alves, described as the finest defence lawyer in the Iberian peninsula, to handle the case alongside their existing attorney Carlos Pinto de Abreu.

Oh God protect the inocents

Alan Gold September 17, 2007
FEW of us are fence-sitters when it comes to the abuse or endangerment of children. The moment we hear about pedophilia or a child being abused by evil parents, we demand that our governments do something to protect the innocent.
We make judgment calls against alleged abusers in our righteous indignation. Look, for instance, at the lather into which the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and worthy people across Australia have got themselves recently over a 12-year-old child chosen as a model to represent the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week.
No crime, it seems, makes us more infuriated than reading about the immorality of pedophiles or the heartlessness of incestuous parents. The moment we're told of even suspicions about the abuse such people perpetrate against innocents, we're ready to throw off 100 years of humane treatment of criminals and threaten them with medieval torture.
But who's really to blame for the exploitation of our children, who have been used as models ever since advertising was in its infancy? Pretty youngsters are used to sell food, toys, games and much more. The industry is well supervised and a responsible adult must be present.
Perhaps 12 years of age is too young for a model to represent the Gold Coast, but there are strict government regulations to ensure this child isn't overworked or abused by predators. And in reality, there are far bigger dangers for the world's children than being lauded by society for being young and beautiful.
The problem, surely, doesn't lie with the overly eager parents of young models, but with the marketing, advertising, media and retail industries, which have been mercilessly exploiting children for decades. Ultra-sophisticated marketing devices and advertising are aimed squarely at children to force parents to purchase products and services they otherwise wouldn't. The fast-food industry is notorious for tie-ins with film companies in pushing the latest fad to get kids to come into their outlets.
Children with angelic faces adorn the pages of fashion magazines to push everything from cosmetics to lingerie, dresses to jewellery. But why blame parents for making money out of their beautiful offspring when the advertising and marketing industry has created an insatiable demand? Why even call it child abuse when most kids who strut their stuff as little adults in school performances or fashion parades are able to be paid for it in the commercial world?
We as a community are infuriated when we read of such alleged abuse; yet how many of us inform ourselves about the real and genuine abuse of children? Only now, after decades of being warned about what was happening, has something been done about the shocking abuse of Aboriginal children. How many of us protested against the incarceration of refugee children in detention centres?
Why is the world silent about the most horrible abuse of kids imaginable that is happening today? Sudanese, Bangladeshi and Pakistani children just out of infancy are being trafficked as camel jockeys by the Arab Gulf states' racing industry, where they are often sexually and physically abused, mentally stunted and starved to prevent weight gain. Children as young as 10 in dozens of countries are armed with rifles and bandoliers of bullets and sent off to fight in the front line of a war. An estimated 200,000 to 300,000 children are fighting in Sudan, Uganda, Lebanon, Liberia, Burma and other countries.
Children are being pressed into servitude by unscrupulous parents and mobster-traffickers. UNICEF has estimated that there are 100 million children worldwide who are working in conditions that are harmful to their health, development and wellbeing.
And where was the outcry when it was discovered that Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had willingly sacrificed hundreds of thousands of children whom he deliberately sent to die as martyrs in the front line of his battle against Saddam Hussein? This man of God imported half a million plastic tokens from Taiwan that were hung around the necks of children as keys to paradise before they were force-marched over minefields to clear the way for adult soldiers. They even wrapped themselves in blankets so their body parts would stay together when they arrived in heaven.
How many of us have taken to the streets in protest against the exploitation of children as sex slaves and prostitutes in Asia and the Middle East? Where is the outcry against the rape of babies in South Africa because of the perverted belief that sex with an infant is a cure for AIDS?
The amount of exploitation, pedophilia, enslavement and physical abuse against children throughout the world is a mark of eternal shame in society. Yet we're incensed when a beautiful 12-year-old girl, well protected by both her parents and her society, is chosen to represent modern fashion on the Gold Coast.
Even in Australia, one of the richest and most advanced societies on earth, government services that exist to assist and protect families are so badly understaffed and underfunded that children supposedly in their care are dying of parental abuse and neglect.
Perhaps we should be more worried about the real abuse of children than about a pretty young girl growing up too fast.
Alan Gold is a writer.
Took from:,25197,22428142-7583,00.html



3,580 since June 2/2007

Thks for ur support.



ARKHIPOV Yuri Mikhaylovich klichkya: (there are no data) yr of the generation: 1960

The place of the stay: Moscow

Compromising materials:

The service record: • the sexual operation of minor • lewd actions with those, who did not reach maturity • the compulsion of minor to the actions of sexual nature • sexual relations with the the minor • the compulsive actions of sexual nature • rape, beatings, torture • the production of child pornography •

Tthe propagation of child pornography History: Arkhipovu once rang its friend- pedophile Vsevolod to Sun- Elba and he proposed to organize the surveys of sadistic porn film. Arkhipov developed the exemplary scenario of film ("the punishment of vorishki") and on the comprised together estimate stocked up all necessary accessories. To the main role Of Arkhipov he invited its friend the pedophile- sadist Victor Razumnov. He with happiness agreed and invite the company of one additional sadist - Aleksey Tormozova. For the right to share the profits he paid off... with his minor cousin brother .When the Moscow Police arrived to detain Victor Razumnova, Arkhipov, attempting to be hidden, it jumped out into the window. But this did not save it.
Last update: 2007


So many lies,so different information in media.

I feel so sick about this all.

I don't even tell what i read.

It's so disgusting.


Sexual slave free after 15 years

A Russian teen,at the time,was forced to prostitute for 15 years in Moscow, several Tchetchen cities and Turkey.
When she was 15 and during a train voyage in Russian Extreme Orient train,,the driver locked her and she was sold to a whore house in Moscow.
A year and half later she was sold again to a Tchetchen one where she was sexual slave for six years.
At the age of 23 she was took out by a rich customer who promised free her.
Instead she was sold again to a Turkey whore house.
After seven years a compassive customer helped her escape and payed the ship travell to Ucranian harbour of Odessa,where she finally felt free

To bright ur day

coldplay fix you

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down on your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down on your face
And I

Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down on your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

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Should parents be told about paedophiles living nearby

One of many in
The blue lines are my choice

With all due respect to Sipu; the rights and safety of our children exceeds that of those whom prey or have preyed on the innocents. They, of course, shall, undoubtedly, offend again and again, as there is no “cure” for paedophilia. Having worked with these insidious and perverse predators victims; I, for one, deem the rights of the “victims” and potential victims far beyond that of these monstrous carnivores of our children. Frankly, as there is no cure, and the fact that many of these monsters are forever attempting to justify their perversity as a norm… they are fortunate to be on the outside. If I had any say they would not see the light of day ever again. Yes, many of them have been sexually abused; so, inanely, that justifies their preying, raping another child? Give me a break; if our children are at risk, it is up to us as individuals and as a society to protect them to the utmost. If it treads on the tootsies and the rights of these perverse creatures, so be it. Again, with all due respect; to those advocating that paedophiles are vilified and unfairly treated by society. There is one alternative; open your homes to this misunderstood and woeful ilk. Posted by Ric: ex-pat on April 11, 2007 5:19 PM

Well...well...well-British ppl are not all in Mccann's side

Ms Marilyn Baker has set up a "child protection" petition online addressed to Leicestershire Social Services .

At the time of writing, it has almost 2,500 signatures. It reads:
"We the undersigned request that Leicestershire Social Services fulfil their statutory obligation to investigate the circumstances which led to 3 year old Madeleine McCann and her younger siblings being left unattended in an unlocked, ground floor hotel room. We ask that they do this to reflect an evenhanded approach to the important issue of child protection.We also wish to ensure that no parent will ever be able to evade responsibility for the safety and welfare of their children by citing the example of Mr and Mrs McCann, whose negligence is unreasonably being discounted in the tidal wave of sympathy brought about as a consequence of their media campaign".


Slavery fears for 'lost' children
By Matthew Chapman BBC Radio Five Live

Many of children trafficked to the UK are believed to be NigerianThere are fears that large numbers of children may be trafficked into Britain after police discovered up to 30 had been "lost".
The BBC has learnt the Metropolitan Police investigation looked at children who came through Heathrow Airport with adults who were not their parents.
Until recently few checks have been made by immigration at the airport.
Campaigners fear thousands of children are being used as domestic slaves after being brought into Britain.
Children often arrive at Heathrow accompanied not by parents but by adults who claim to be uncles or aunts.
'Hot' addresses
Sometimes the children arrive alone at the airport and go through immigration to be met by adults who claim to be relatives.
The Metropolitan Police launched Operation Palladin Child last September and for the next three months they went and knocked on the doors of the addresses given by the children when they passed through immigration.
The police focused only on a sample of addresses which they thought were suspicious.
The children would be all lined up at Heathrow with bits of paper hanging from around their necks
Operation Palladin Child source Neither the Metropolitan Police or the Immigration Service would officially release the findings but BBC Radio Five Live understands the children could not be found at up to 30 of the addresses visited during that three month period.
Police discovered that in some cases the same address had been given by successive children who could not be traced.
Some of the houses they visited were so called "hot" addresses which means they were already associated with criminals.
Several addresses were well known to officers who work on Operation Trident which targets gun crime in the black community.
'Aunts' and 'uncles'
The vast majority of the children were from Nigeria, which is well known among law enforcement officials as being the main source for trafficked children into Britain.
"For years these children have been arriving at Heathrow and we've been sending them through without having a clue where they were going to," said a source familiar with the investigation, who declined to be named.

Police made checks on children coming through Heathrow Airport"Sometimes the children would be all lined up at Heathrow with bits of paper hanging from around their necks, these were letters supposedly from their parents saying it was all right to pass them through immigration to their so called uncles at the other side.
"We've been doing this for years without knowing what's happening to these kids," he said.
The police operation found that up to 190 unaccompanied children pass through Heathrow Airport every week.
Campaigners say child slavery is rife in Britain.
Debbie Ariyo of Africans Against Child Abuse said: "They are used mainly as free child care.
"They are brought into this country to look after the children of African couples living in this country.
"Back home it is the culture to use children for domestic work. But here they don't go to school, they have to work all day and they are then at risk from abuse."
In statements the Immigration Service said the government acknowledged that trafficking was a terrible crime and was determined to tackle it.
The Metropolitan Police said: "It would be unhelpful to discuss the data collected during the scoping study until it has been fully analysed."


(CBS) It's a mind-boggling story, one that sounds more like a bad movie than reality. But it happened. In the two decades after World War II, 10,000 English children were sent to Australia, reports 60 Minutes II Correspondent Bob Simon. Many were mistreated and abused. All were lied to.
The story begins in Britain after World War II - a nation victorious but battered, broke, and burdened by overflowing children's homes. Many of the kids were put there by families too poor to raise them. What happened next is almost unfathomable in civilized countries or in modern times.
Find out what has happened since the segment was originally broadcast.. The British government, in collaboration with churches and charities, developed a secret plan to clear out these children's homes; a plan which has only recently been uncovered. The kids were told that they would be adopted by loving families in Australia. And they were shipped off by the thousands. It was as simple as that. The first ship to sail in 1947 was the SS Asturias. Cargo: 147 boys and girls. John Hennessy, 11 years old at the time, was one of those children. Only a few weeks before it sailed, some priests and bureaucrats showed up at his children's institution in England. They were rounding up kids to go to Australia. "We thought Australia was down the street or it was around the corner," says Hennessy. "How did we know it was on the other side of the world? Well, anyway, they, they came with the stories, you know, that there's fruits there, plenty of fruits." Like many children, Mary Molloy didn't quite grasp what was being proposed: "I just thought, you know, we're going away for a while." All across Britain, at children's homes and institutions, kids were being told the same thing: you're going to a new land, a new life, a new family. Many were illegitimate children. Many were dropped off by single mothers who'd fallen on hard times. But that's not what the kids were told. Tony Jones, who at the time was in a boys' home in Malvern, England, was told that his parents had died: "They said, 'You're an orphan now.' And I was an orphan." That's what they told all the kids, that they were orphans. That there was nobody for them in Britain. Over the next 20 years, 10,000 children, somas young as 3, none older than 15, would depart unaccompanied for their new homes in Australia. Six weeks and 12,000 miles later, the children arrived at the Fremantle docks in Western Australia. They looked around for the fruit trees, the kangaroos, the adoptive families they were told would be waiting for them. But there was none of that here. There was something quite different. Not long after they disembarked, they received a lecture from a man in black, the archbishop of Perth. Hennessy remembers the man's speech: "He said, 'We welcome you to Australia. We need you for white stock.' Because at this stage, the 'white Australia' policy was on. And we didn't know that we were part of the scheme to - to populate Australia with the - the white people. And the archbishop says, 'The reason why we do [is] because we are terrified of the Asian hordes!' Course, we didn't understand that." These children were a commodity to a continent that was terrified of being overwhelmed by Asia. They had, in essence, been exported by a nation that had a surplus of white people. Afterwards, the children's fingerprints were taken and they were herded into lines. Says Hennessy: "They grabbed the girls from their brothers. Brothers from their sisters, screaming. And I can still hear the screams today." These children, who'd been plucked from institutions in Britain, were now trucked to all over Australia. Where? To institutions. No parents were waiting for them - just picks and shovels. John Hennessy was sent to a place called Bindoon, an institution run by the Christian Brothers, an order of Catholic monks 60 miles from civilization in the sweltering bushland of Western Australia. Bindoon was a home and school for boys. But this was no Boys Town, and education was not the priority. The priority was construction. Brother Francis Keaney, an imposing, white-haired Irishman who ran the place, was obsessed with building the largest Catholic institution in Western Australia. He used his charges as labor. From sunrise to sunset, the boys built Brother Keaney's shrine, with no shoes, and no questions asked. Bindoon is a real school now, an agricultural college. But it's still run by the Christian Brothers. And old boys are not welcome, particularly not when they're accompanied by newsmen. When Bob Simon went back with Hennessy, who helped build Bindoon, they were kicked off the premises. The Christian Brothers are not eager to showcase their past as users and abusers of child labor. "They got us dirt cheap," says Norman Johnston, another boy who helped build Bindoon. "We might as well have been slaves. And, you know, we endured all of that when we didn't have to." For these children, there was nowhere to run. At the Fairbridge institution, sponsored by the Church of England, Tony Jones tried to escape whenever he could. He once made it as far as the docks where the children had first arrived. Says ones: "I got down to the beach. I remember looking all over the ocean, and I asked this couple, 'Which way is England?' If there was land all the way across, I would have walked there. I would have walked there." The food at the institutions seemed to have been cooked up in a Dickens novel. At Bindoon, the boys were so hungry one Sunday, 12-year-old John Hennessy led a raid on the vineyard out back. They enjoyed their grapes, but after mass the next morning, Brother Keaney was in a rage. He'd learned of the raid, and he called out for his leading suspect. Then the man whipped him. "He stripped me naked," he says. "In front of 50 boys, put me across the chair and nearly flogged me to death. I've-I've-I've got medical advice that that's where I got the stutter from." He had never stuttered before that day, and has ever since. The children say that floggings and beatings were part of a daily routine. The nightly routine with the Christian Brothers included priestly visits to the children's beds. The brothers were taking away boys who were less than 10 years old. Hugh McConnell was 9 years old. One night, a bad storm hit Castledare, his children's home run by the Christian Brothers. Terrified that the world was coming to an end, Hugh ran outside and hid under a tree, where a Christian Brother found him. The man invited McConnell into his bed, where the boy fell asleep quickly. Later that night, the priest raped him. There was no one to go to. Certainly not the Australian government, which was the legal guardian of the children. "The state supposedly were to be looking after us," says Johnston. "In the nine years I was institutionalized in Australia, I have never been spoken to by a child welfare officer. These Christian Brothers had us for what they wanted in those institutions. And they did with us what they would." The head of the Christian Brothers in Western Australia, Tony Shanahan, admits that there was abuse, but he also suggests that some of the stories may have been exaggerated. A British government inquiry last year was more critical, saying that what happened at institutions run by the Christian Brothers in Western Australia was of "a quite exceptional depravity." In 1993, the Christian Brothers, responding to a lawsuit, officially apologized to the child migrants and paid reparations totaling $2.5 million dollars to 250 who'd been abused at their institutions. The girls, who'd been sent to different places, suffered very little sexual abuse compared to the boys, but many were beaten, and all were exploited as free labor. The shipments of both boys and girls stopped suddenly in 1967. The British simply didn't have any more children available for export. But the 10,000 already in Australia? Only five - not 5,000 - were ever adopted. Few had birth certificates or documents of any kind. It seems their motherland wanted them to disappear without a trace. Mary Mollogrew up in an institution outside Sydney. When she graduated into the real world and applied for a passport, she was in for a surprise. "The only way I could get a passport was to become a naturalized Australian," says Molloy. "I thought I was. Now, to me, that was crazy. I've been out here since I was 9. I was brought out here. And yet, I wasn't acknowledged as an Australian. And yet, according to Britain, I didn't live there anymore. So, where was I?" For decades, Britain was able to forget about the children it threw away. For decades, the children believed what they were told, that they were orphans. But just a few years ago, these lost children - now lost adults scattered all over Australia - were stunned to learn that none of this was true. They weren't orphans at all. The governments of Great Britain and Australia, the Catholic Church and the Church of England had not only exploited and abused these 10,000. They had conned the kids for 50 years.


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