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Maddie affair and Gordon Brown

Maddie and Gordon Brown

So far still did not have no periodical, Portuguese or English, that explained the nature of the friendship between Gordon Brown and Gerry McCann.

Domingos Amaral

About"Maddie case",i heard almost everything, and everything very tiny, to the detail. Since the abduction to the pedofilia net, since the eventual deceit to the ADN, since the dogs that smelled corpses to the barbiturics that had been supposedly managed. Almost everything was, and is still, examined to the magnifying glass, even so not always satisfactorily. However, it had some things that still nobody explained well. For example: it is Gerry McCann personal friend of the English first-minister Gordon Brown?

But the Public, in passed Saturday, and the director of this periodical, yesterday, had related this fact of ticket. But, nobody passed of the surface. Reason?

Because it is that so far still it did not have no periodical, Portuguese or English, nor no television, Portuguese or English, that explained the nature of this relation of friendship, and until point it is strong?

It is that sufficiently important to understand because is that the "Maddie case" took the dimensions that took, in England, in Portugal and the remaining portion of the world. To the measure that the process goes advancing, and the inquiry points into the death of the girl, being the parents suspects, what we go discovering is that we can maybe seen the greater and sophisticated fraudulent operation of marketing of all the times, destined to convince us it all of that the child had been kidnapping victim. However, and this is my argument today, will be that the colossal dimension of this operation of marketing was possible only because Gerry is friend of Gordon Brown?

Or, for other words, it had a direct envolvement of the Downing Street in this monumental planetary mistification?

Unhappyly, everything indicates that yes. Since the first days Gordon Brown is behind the scene, who soon in the first week said that "the English Government would press the Portuguese authorities to decide the case". Later, it advanced for Portugal the cavalary. One of the biggest specialists of marketing English politician - known with ' spin doctors ' - it came to Praia da Luz direct the operations, and the mediatic campaign of the "Find Madeleine" pulled out speedily. ' Site ' in net,founds search in the whole world, world-wide celebrities "pledged in the cause", gone the Fátima to pray, trips for the Europe, colloquies with Spanish ministers and, not only this.Mccann's gone daily to the Church of Luz, contained declarations of the parents, and finally, the cherry in top of the cake, a hearing with Its Sanctity, Blessed XVI. True ' blitzkrieg ' mediatic, as never it had, nor probably will come to have so early. But, it will be this normal?

I mean, will be this possible without a powerful intervention of the English government?

The reply it is, obviously, not. No couple would have obtained as much thing in so little time if it was not actively to be helped by the highest English spheres. To be received by the Pope, to speak with ministers, to always have the English press to the feet, solidary and faithful as docile puppy dog, it is necessary to be able. And this power alone can have come directly fromGordon Brown. How,i don't know, but only this explains that as many "acessores of the press" or "image"around the McCann exist, and all they with direct linkings to the cabinet of Brown. It's the only explanation that a couple, apparently anonimous and middle class, has VIP treatment in airports, chancelleries and the press. It is amazing that, four months after the beginning of the case, these questions have still not been raised in public. Even because, and to the measure that the inquiry goes advancing in the direction of the parents guilt, this situation starts to be more serious and doubtful. Can u imagine what will be if Downing Street was colossally deceived by a Brown's friend?

Can u imagine what it will be if a world-wide mega-campaign managed direct or indirect by the English first-minister ends the biggest fraud of this beginning of century?

The "Maddie case", a fascinating criminal history, would start to be a most serious politicial subject for England...

Domingos Amaral, Director of the magazine "Maxmen"

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