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These offenders have a sexual preference for children and usually maintain these desires throughout their lives.
Preferential child molesters can have an astounding number of victims and these crimes can remain undiscovered for many years.
In 1995, a child molestation case in Texas caused a national uproar when the suspect was due to be released from prison after serving a six-year sentence for the rape of a 6year-old boy.
He told the police that he got away with abusing over 240 children before getting caught for molesting a single child and if released, would do it again.
One long-term study of hundreds of sex offenders found that the pedophile child molester committed an average of 281 acts with 150 partners. These types of offenders wreak havoc upon society far out of proportion to their numbers.

The preferential child molester exhibits distinct patterns of behavior that are common among his kind.
They will seduce children by buying gifts and appealing to their emotional weakness. This requires the offender to develop a friendship with the child or utilize an existing relationship with the victim.
In more than 90 percent of the rapes of children less than 12 years old, the offender knew the victim (U.S. Department of Justice).
Other offenders will engage in self-exposure or personally harass children.
Simply stated, the preferential child molester is a pedophile who has carried his fantasies and desires into reality.
A small minority of these types of offenders may be sadistic in nature and inflict pain or torture upon their victims.
These individuals, like any other criminal, can be brutal and sadistic. Such an individual was Britain’s most famous and despised child molester, Bill Malcolm.

In 1981, Malcolm was convicted of raping a 3-year-old girl and sent to prison. When he was released in 1984, he returned to rape the same terrified girl who was then 6 years old. Malcolm was angry that she had identified him as the rapist.
He later told cops he wanted revenge.
He was charged again in 1994 with rape and assault on four children who he allegedly tied to a bed and forced to perform sex acts.
A judge later made a favorable ruling in Malcolm’s case and he walked out of the courtroom a free man.
But child molesters evoke little sympathy from the general public.
On February 18 2000, two men showed up at Malcolm’s doorstep and promptly put a bullet in his head
One person said what a lot of Londoners were feeling: “Whoever did this deserves a medal!” N.Y. Post, February 20, 2000).

Well,i am not a violent man,myself,but i must say.....THKS GOD the man is dead

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