sábado, 29 de setembro de 2007

Andy wharol said give them 15 minutes on TV-Maddie's around show

Everyone deserve 15 minutes on TV

Nanny Charlotte Pennington said she saw a man who was "in a small dinghy just off the Praia da Luz seafront at 11.30pm. She claims he was kicking at an object stored in the boat's hull."
"the man was wearing a reflective yellow jacket with a hood but she could not make out his face";
"the following day she was shocked to see a man - whom she had come to know over the preceding week - wearing exactly the same distinctive jacket (*) as the man in the boat."
Yeah i saw too a beautiful girl with a red shirt one day;
And in the other day was in same place a girl in red shirt ...but this one was ugly as hell

The notice i picked from: http://gazetadigital.blogspot.com/

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