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Heidrun Wastl -Lost since 01/09/28

Family name:WASTL
Date of birth:1964
At the vanishing
Height:5'7'' / 170 cm
Distinguishing marks
H. Wastl is a bit and uses sometimes glasses.
Language spoken:German
Date of disappearance:28/09/2001
Place of disappearance:Wien-Österreich)
H. Wastl took his son of 6 years old to school the morning of september 28.Since then le matin du 28 septembre. Depuis lors, Missess Wastl wnt gone.

Some strange facts surround this missing:
The friends say that she would never went gone by her own will.
A neighbour say she saw Heidrun going out a dark car,maybe a Toyota Avensis Liftback,by 09.15 AM same gone day and run home.
Is that she went gone in the same car?
Nobody known by familly have such a car.
At 02 October 2001, an anonymous letter was sent to her husband signed as "K".In that letter "K" pretends living with Heidrun abroad and knowing personally her husband.
The facts and the pic above was took from:

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