domingo, 16 de setembro de 2007

Just a few notices about Mcann's

her last pic known

1-Gordon Brown is uncomfortable with Maddie affair and retired is direct support to the Mccanns lat weekend.
2-Police says that the ditches behind the church were small and was out of question the girl could be put in one.

3-Police is investigating all the animal crematories around Praia da Luz and Spain.

4-The interview with Social Security and the Mccann's lasted one hour and is the first of many.

As Minors Protection Comitee said,the Mccann's gonna be followed till the court decision.

5-The Kate's diary will be confiscated by Police because can give a psychological idea of Kate and her relation with her sons.

6-Police wants to hear all the Mccann's friends again.

7-British police worns the Mccann's that they can be mistreated by people.

BBC had to interrupt the phone calls to the program "Do u support Mccann's" due the high level of those who criticised the couple.

8-British press support the Mccann's and belive Madeleine is still alive.

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