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Should parents be told about paedophiles living nearby

One of many in Telegraph.co.uk
The blue lines are my choice

With all due respect to Sipu; the rights and safety of our children exceeds that of those whom prey or have preyed on the innocents. They, of course, shall, undoubtedly, offend again and again, as there is no “cure” for paedophilia. Having worked with these insidious and perverse predators victims; I, for one, deem the rights of the “victims” and potential victims far beyond that of these monstrous carnivores of our children. Frankly, as there is no cure, and the fact that many of these monsters are forever attempting to justify their perversity as a norm… they are fortunate to be on the outside. If I had any say they would not see the light of day ever again. Yes, many of them have been sexually abused; so, inanely, that justifies their preying, raping another child? Give me a break; if our children are at risk, it is up to us as individuals and as a society to protect them to the utmost. If it treads on the tootsies and the rights of these perverse creatures, so be it. Again, with all due respect; to those advocating that paedophiles are vilified and unfairly treated by society. There is one alternative; open your homes to this misunderstood and woeful ilk. Posted by Ric: ex-pat on April 11, 2007 5:19 PM

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