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Abused Angels

This is abuse too

One ped site less or there are 10 ways to kill a cat

Dear thedream52000@yahoo.com,This is an automated message to advise you that a technician has responded toyour question. You can view this response and track the progress of yourinquiry online, or see the included reply below:Ticket Ref : 2273-FHKN-2444Ticket Subject : This is a pedophile siteReply:The account you have brought to the attention of the Lycos Network AbuseDepartment was found to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions. As aresult, it has been removed from our servers. Thank you for reporting it tous.Please note that the creator of this page is in no way directly associatedwith the Lycos Network or its web publishing products. We exercise noeditorial control over the content posted by or the actions of our users. Allusers are expected to abide by our Terms and Conditions, which can be found atthe following URL:http://www.lycos.com/lycosinc/legal.htmlI hope you find that our prompt response to this situation addresses yourconcerns. If you have any questions or find more accounts that require ourattention please feel free to contact us again. --BillCustomer ServiceLycos Services.


As is in Judiciary Police site a man with 29 years old has been captured,in Azores S George Island, for try sexual mollestation with an 19 months old girl.
Her father just arrived in time.

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven


Ala dos Namorados - Perdidamente


Poesia - Poetry

For those who doesn't understand portuguese my excuses.
But i need to have a breack in those feelings that i feel for those children and that make me cry always i have to post.


Rui Pedro is one of the portuguese missing children for 9 years now. 5 years after his disappearance in Lousada, Oporto, a photo that could lead to him was found by a Portuguese TV network in an Internet site of paedophilia, a site where members of a powerful network exchange and buy pictures and videos of children being sexually abused. Rui Pedro's mother, Filomena Teixeira, immediately recognized her son and tried to reopen the investigations. But, as incredible as it may seem, our Police said they couldn't trust in simple similarities and the clue was forgotten.Rui Pedro's family is creating the first association of missing children's families and friends to put pressure on the authorities and provide help and orientation - Associação Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas - which you can join and contribute to send our missing children back home, as well as supporting the families going through this dramatic situation.

Took from:

A candle for Rui Pedro

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I've Got A Secret


I Don't Have To Hide Anymore

I have no more words for today.

Blog-Sexual Abuse

That's why i,most nights can't sleep.

Frank Craven Intro to Pedophilia Week

Jesus Christ
What i heard made me sick.
Those we heard about are rulling the world.


ONGS acused today the portuguese authorities of doing little in investigation of prostitution and selling of children,during an international debate about sexual exploration of children,in Brussels.

As Claudia Neves says,resonsable for the portuguese section of the Inocence in Danger Association,"Portugal is an excelence for sexual turism and child traffic,where who sells children is not condemn because thle law doesn't consider this kind of crime"

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A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

So are kids,they need to discover,learn,try,make mistakes,learn with they own failures.

But we need to protect them from the evil.

So teach ur children fly safe in this world,show them how to surf net and the traps they have to avoid.

1 -Take care, you don't know who is backwards of the screen of the computer.
2 - Never say ur real name or age .
3 - Never say ur password (password).
4 - When ur in a chat room (chat), never trust...!

5 - Never give ur address.
6 - Never send any photo.
7 - Never accepted proposals of meeting without informing ur parents.
8 - Don't believe all the information that you receive.
9 - Never answer to e-mails that offend you.
10 - If some photo disturbs you, skirt of the site and informs ur parents.

A site that might help

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Newspaper Express shows a projection age for Rui pedro


Click in picture twice.
Is the mother with the pics with progressed age.

Willie Nelson, Angel flying too close to the ground

To all those kids that left home in search of adventure

You never walk alone

No words needed

How much worth the never ending Maddie kidnaping?
Value of the world exploration of Maddie affair
$447,137,173,392 at 15.48 2007/07/28
To see more details, click here.

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I have a dream





NL politieke partij voor pedofielen op BBC

The world got mad,i guess.
Now i understand why my blog can't enter Dutch country.

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Just a pearl took from another pedophile site i found out today

07-6-24: people like us should have our own rights movement. it has been perfectly normal for men and teenagers to have loving, sexual relationships with young boys since the time of the ancient roman empire. it should be illegal for social taboos and religion to influence national laws. i am a 16 year old male who is sexually attracted to preteen (and early teen) boys and i'm not ashamed to admit it.

The worse is that ,those sites nor even have a porn pic.
So innocent,so soft,trying change minds.
Atracting young children,washing their heads,teaching them how brake the security parents put in comps.
Opening files to corrupt them slowly,as serpents.

From all mothers of the missing ones


Took from a site runned by a ped of 50 years old

Hey Mac, Glad to see ...........is still alive and well. Almost can't remember first time I came across this site. It needs to stay alive as many that I have sent here have found the help they need. As of this writing I have been a controled predator for 28 years. Difficult at times but worth every effort in the long run. Much better to stay the distant helper than the closer savage. I made many mistakes from my early years(11) to where I am now(58). Some of which is still painful(coming out in the 60's) but now I just direct the young to places available now which did not exsist in the earlier days. The bible tumpers and others who said that I choose to be what I am have no clue as to the turmoil it created in my life. The only time I can remember my feelings on hold was in the middle of the Veitnam conflict. Fighting for ones life has that effect I guess. JIm your rambling again, get to the reason you came, oops, please see if you can find someone to read between the lines to help sort out those who need help (and those who may be predators), and those who just need to talk. This was backlass from someone I asked to go to chat with others on this site. The bet is he will try again if he see's my message to you with my real e-mail. There it's done, go back in and chat steve. Thanks Jim.


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Dont forget the portuguese lost

This is a progression of age made by ONG Missing People for magazine Visao

The difference between portuguese kidnaped children and Maddie




British pedophiles on run

Breach of notification requirements
Failed to comply with notification requirements
Explanation of the Notification Requirements:
The notification requirements of Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 refer to relevant offenders who receive a conviction or caution for certain sexual offences. The requirements also apply to those found not guilty by reason of insanity or to have been under a disability but to have done the acts charged in respect of those offences. The notification requirements are not a punishment for a sexual offence and are not part of the system of penalties. However, a failure to comply with the requirements is a criminal offence, punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to 5 years. Please see www.opsi.gov.uk/ACTS/acts2003/20030042.htm for the full text of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
Promoting responsible behaviour:
CEOP are seeking your help to locate these individuals, but require the public to behave responsibly as mistaken identity has occurred in the past. Vigilante action is never acceptable and is likely to lead to criminal proceedings. If you believe you have seen any of these individuals, please do not approach them, but report the sighting to Crimestoppers hotline 0800 555 111 or securely online. Please do not report directly to CEOP.
Both pics are took from:

British pedophiles on run

Location: Last known address was in the Manchester area.
Date of incident:
Andrew Jeremy EDEN has failed to comply with the notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
Physical Description
Forename: Andrew Jeremy
Surname: EDEN
Street Name: Andrew Paul EDEN
Sex: Male
Age Range: 45 - 50
Height: 170 - 175 cm (approx 5' 8")
Build: Medium
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair type: Straight
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Ethnic appearance: White European
Distinguishing marks: EDEN's front four teeth are false and on a bridge.



International Boylove Day (IBLD) is another holiday made up by pedophiles, to further promote child abuse.
The pedoheads often celebrate it by lighting a blue candle either in their own home or a public place.
To protest IBLD show your support for childrens innocence by burning a white candle .

Happy birthday to u whenever u are


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He lost her daughter and now fights for others have an hope


SKIP-Safe kids ID program

The American Institute On Domestic Violence (AIDV) has made a commitment to the safety of all children and their families. Every parent's worst nightmare is the disappearance of a child. In today's society with over one million children being reported missing each year, the problem cannot be ignored.
"SKIP, our Safe Kids Identification Program, is designed to give families a measure of protection against this devastation.SKIP is the most comprehensive child identification package currently available. It includes much more than a child's fingerprints and photograph. SKIP also captures each child's individual characteristics and mannerisms. SKIP obtains DNA samples and a tracking scent for use with police search dogs in the event the child becomes lost or missing.
AIDV is collaborating with other missing child organizations in creating a network to assist with the AMBER Alert System and the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Our mutual goal is to reunite these children with their families. "
took from:

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Simbols the pedophiles use to be reconected among them

Symbols pedophiles use to identify one another:

The symbol for "boy love" called BLogo - in blue

The symbol for "girl love", called GLogo - in pink

The symbol for "Childlove Online Media Activism, CLOMAL - Circle with both designs
The symbol for all-encompassing pedophilia, CLogo - Butterfly

When u see someone with this u know what expect

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About Rui Pedroand other portuguese chilfren kidnaped - Blogs,videos and sites

Site of Rui Pedro:

Vídeosabout Rui Pedro and other missing children:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvUoUtiw0qQ ´

NEW!!! RUI PEDRO TEIXEIRA MENDONÇA - VIDEO OF HIS LIFE(with music)http://videos.sapo.pt/Skl90T6ulyfGrgZl3ton
Lost in Portugal
How they will be now
Blogs about Rui Pedro and other missing portuguese :http://portugueselostchildren.blogspot.com/
Rita Slof Monteiro:
Madeleine McCann:
Missing children Fotolog:
Rui Pedro no Hi5:

Rui Pedro no MySpace:
Missing childreb:

For the record-Rui Pedro affair

took from the site:

Rui Pedro More information:

March 04 1998 worms 14.00PM, Rui Pedro, 11 years, circulates with his bicycle in the surroundings of the family residence, in company of his cousin of the same age, when it is approached by a young man of the village, Alfonso Diaz, then 22 years old.

This one invites the two young boys to get into his car, a FIAT Uno black.

The two boys will request the permission from their parents, but do not receive it.

Rui Pedro exceeds prohibition, because its curiosity is strongest: the young man proposes to him to go "to see whores", according to statements' of the cousin.

Since this moment, Rui Pedro did not reappear any more in his village and the young man who took it in his car would have affirmed, at the time questioned by the Portuguese police force, nothing to know.

The bicycle of Rui Pedro was found in-outside village.

However, a few years before, Alfonso Diaz was photographed by a "journalist", and it obviously seemed to pose for him. Then, Alfonso, an intermediary in an unavowable market?

One month after the disappearance of Rui Pedro, appeared in a Portuguese magazine in a pic by accase in Dysneyland in Paris, in company of an old man from 40 to 50 years.

This man resembles curiously to a man who lived in the close vicinity of the child, in Portugal,and known as a nightbusiness man in Oporto

. Since Dysneyland, no more traces of Rui Pedro, but of the disconcerting indices make think of the existence of a network and complicities:

In the village of Rui Pedro, a man is known to turn of films of pornography and the father of this man would have precisely returned from France to Portugal at the time of the disappearance of Rui Pedro, dislocated of his station abroad because suspected of paedophilia. These two men would have been heard by the Portuguese police force, but would not be worried, "for lack of reasonable evidence".

The many testimonys received by the family of Rui Pedro after her disappearance and transmitted to the police force would not have been controlled, the witnesses would not have been heard .

Worse still, testimonys show certain Portuguese police officers by name implied in what should be an investigation, of knowing but to keep silent themselves and require that silence is maintained around this worrying disappearance in more than one way. (a Belgian network of pornography implying of the children was discovered, with ramifications in Portugal).

The mom of Rui Pedro, transfigured by 4 years of anguishes and insomnia would have even received threats of the police officers, because it "would importune them" with its questions, and they "could only make" with the new elements which bring of testimonys.

Remarks, questions At the time of the disappearance of Rui Pedro, in March 1998, such an answer of the Portuguese police officers could still pass, the Internet had not entered yet in force. But now, why these blockings, why doesn't one work on an international level to check each index?

Why the Portuguese police officers close the telephone with the nose of the people who try to inform them and/or to get information about the advance of the investigations?

Are there really investigations?

Why would they go until threatening the mom of Rui Pedro if it continues "to badger them" so that they seek his/her son, however asks well legitimates?

Why the circumstances of the disappearance of Rui Pedro, just as those of the three other children announced on the site of the Portuguese Criminal Investigation Department, aren't given or at least not announced like worrying disappearances?

Three children would disappear per day in Portugal, and they would not be runnings away: Why these disappearances reproduced aren't on any site of search for missing children, not even in Portugal? Are the families afraid of reprisals?

Does one force to keep silent himself?


I ask the same question.

What mistery is to solve behind this kidnapping

domingo, 15 de julho de 2007

And now?

Gonna ask u all that come to this blog.


Its just an A4 peace of paper and some ink

do it for them

the lost ones.

Talking to a police officer my friend

We were talking about pedophilia,about webnets,etc....

He said to me something that made me think ,deeply think.

Children kidnaped for pedophilia,have relative short time of interest.

They are used while novelty,selled to other persons ,till there are no more interest in his face and body.

They are druged all that time.

They loose notion of family,friends,roots and finish as pedophiles them selves or are simply murdered if they are very mediatic.

I know it's hard to read this.

sábado, 14 de julho de 2007



1 -Take care, you don't know who is backwards of the screen of the computer.

2 - Never say ur real name or age .

3 - Never say ur password (password).

4 - When ur in a chat room (chat), never trust...!

5 - Never give ur address.

6 - Never send any photo.

7 - Never accepted proposals of meeting without informing ur parents.

8 - Don't believe all the information that you receive.

9 - Never answer to e-mails that offend you.

10 - If some photo disturbs you, skirt of the site and informs ur parents.

Free translation of the Frenchman: Association Action Innocence


To all hackers i beg that use your skills to search and destroy all pedophile nets u find in internet.
U use ur skils as a game between mouse and cat.
Use it against pedophilia.
One day u gonna be fathers and mothers,protect ur children in the present for they have life.

Little girl blue

To all the little girls lost in this world

Madredeus - Haja o Que Houver (Come What May) (1997)

Happens what happens
I am here
Happens what happens
I wait for you
Come with the wind
My love
Come quick
How long i forgot
Because i stayed
Far away from you
Each moment is worse
Come with thw wind

Just needed to put this music here .
Young years represents all we feel about the lost young ones .

Carlos Paredes- Verdes anos

Young years

Learn how to avoid child molestation


What if your child can't run or fight off a kidnapper?

Show it to ur kids...maybe can save their lifes

Selling Innocence: Sex Trafficking and Child Prostitution

What can i say after see this.
Just tears...it's all i have to give

Child Trafficking- Introduction

I just feel sick again.
Sometimes death penalty comes to my mind

What happened to those parents who lose their child V


Poor Tatiana

Has all to will never be found.

Shes a Guine Bissau citizen,done for her mother to a portuguese couple in 2004,because she could have a better life.

Come to Portugal and when her mother,in 2005 wanted news,the couple said she was given to someone in Spain and had died in a car crash near Badajoz.

I tried to contact newspaper Hoy(a Badajoz diary)....but as usually....no answer.

sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2007

Paul McCartney - She's Leaving Home live 2002

To those who gone for their will,remember ur parents are suffering after all those years.

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road

To all children lost and not yet recovered


Imagine there's no danger,imagine children lost recovered safe.....imagine

Bill O'Reilly: ACLU Pedophiles; NBC News Protects Pedophiles


Pedophiles and Perverts

This means that can be any normal guy next door.

DATELINE NBC:To Catch A Predator Megamix! 7 Pedophiles.

Thats what we need in Portugal...put their faces everywhere.

What happened to those parents who lose their child iv


Even beeing the most mediatic of the loose children ,not counting Maddie,i never took real good attention to this case.

Has so many shadows in is case that i need time to write a true story.

Or...better,the most true i can get.

Rui went for a ride in his bike near his grandfather's business.

Desobeying his mother gone with an older friend(21 at the time)to the whores.

Was never saw since.

A pic in Dysneyland(Paris),appeared just by luck in a portuguese magazine.

The man with him ,was identified as a Oporto night business man.

Rui appeared in a pic picked in net for a pedophile,never was found the site.

Somebody says (and i quote),the Interpol was investigating a Belgium site of peds at the time and that made the investigations stop.

What i can say is that his mother is suffering since then but:


Created an Association,a webpage,and do all she can to remind to the midia her son's face.

Missess Filomena writes every day a letter to her son.

His bedroom stays as it was left.

She wrote to all politicians,President of Republica,etc...etc...

I did the same,and NOT A WORD.

quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2007

What happened to those parents who lose their child III


Height years ago Joao Teles took the same bus,went in same place to go to school,and vanished.

After his loss the Teles family was never the same.

It's not easy for a mother came back home every day and don't see her son.

Police at the time told her(and we quote)If he gone from free , he will return .

But Joao Teles was a fine quiet boy.

Good student,working in hollydays to save some money,never was seen with bad companies.

Police just phone their parents after Maddie's kidnaping and just once.

Missing Children

Obrigado D. Teresa pelo seu trabalho.

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

What happened to those parents who lose their child II


Laurinda Meira,with 52 years old,since March 2 1999,when Rui just vanished from the Lameiras Building near her home,that she is living as she can.

Started working just to not go nuts(as she says).

Her husband,Joaquim,works in France as always did.

There's not a single day that i dont remember Rui,it's the only way i can survive,she says.

The Gregory Mantell Show -- Parents Who Kidnap Their Kids


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How they maybe are now

Thks to aiMania who sent me the video edress

What happenned to those parents who lost their child-1


Irene Andrade,30 years,was married and after Sofia's birth,left her job to take care of her.

After Sofia second's birthday she separated from Luis,fisherman.

One day ,the father came to her house and Irene alowed him to took the little girl in his arms cause wanted to hugh her,normal Irene tought(she was his child).

Since that moment she never saw her daughter.

He started running and the little Sofia nor a trace.


Say that the secret goes with him to grave.

Unployed for long time(cause everybody was affraid Irene had to go to Court often),Irene lives now between her work and her house and now that the progress pic had been made,has a new hope.

Nights are the worse part of the day,she says:

I can hear Sofia saying Mommy i love you.

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2007

If u recognize a lost child

I've recognised a child: what do I do?
If you see a child that you believe is featured on the site, do the following:
1. Telephone the Policeemergency number or the police force dealing with the case giving details of the area in which you saw the child and details of the time, date and place you see the child. Note descriptions of any other person (adult or child) that is with the child.
2. DO NOT approach the child or attempt to 'rescue' the child. Leave that to the police.
If ANYTHING about the situation causes you concern that the child is in immediate danger, dial emergency number and report the matter to the police.
3. Please remember, the child could have been safely recovered since you saw the child on the site. Even if still missing, recovering a child needs professional expertise and is a job for the police.
4. Tell the police that you recognise the child from the missingkids web site. This will help their investigation.
5. You may be asked to provide evidence for the police and/or the courts. You are a witness to a possible crime.
The above advice applies to any situation in which you think a child is being abducted against their will.

Missing kids in UK-Official website


For portuguese ppl that dont understand english-Para os portugueses que nao entendem ingles


Rui Pedro

After 8 years and still no trace.
Help us to find him

As they were when kidnaped and as they might be

took from:

domingo, 8 de julho de 2007

Lost children and law

In portuguese penal code there are no reference about a missing person.
So,unless there is a crime associated as for exemple kidnapping, a lost person in Portugal is just as zero.

Magazine Visao and ONG Missing People made the pics of lost children as they are now


Those chuildren are lost for 6 and more years.
Rui Pereira - kidnaped 10 years ago
Rui Pedro - kidnaped 13 years ago
Sofia Oliveira - kidnaped 3 years ago
Jorge Sepulveda - kidnaped 16 years ago
Joao Teles - kidnaped 9 years ago
Claudia Sousa - kidnaped 13 years ago
This is a projection based on their parents faces.
I am waiting authorization from the VISAO magazine to put here the faces in bigger,till then we have the adress to front page.

sábado, 7 de julho de 2007

Tu niña - Bengie

Sometimes happens to be relatives,neighbours,friends.
Pay attention to ur children,teach them to trust u so they can tell u all.

arrest the pedophilia

Put the comp in a place u can survey and teach the children de good and the evil on net.

ECO_92 -

And i will say too...dont free pedophiles,because they will do it again and again and again

quinta-feira, 5 de julho de 2007


God bless u all for that

Just for time dont erase memory

Brainwashing the masses to make them accept pedophilia as normal Cases from January 2003 - Scott Ritter, Pete Townshend, group taTu, Carlos Cruz (Portugal). Keep in mind that the massive campaign to legalise pedophilia started 2002, with the staging of the Interpol inquire to the Landslide site
the Scott Ritter cover-up exposedJanuary 19 - it was announced that Scott Ritter was charged with pedophile activites in 2001, but the process was sealed. Scott Ritter was a former UN arms inspector in Iraq, that suddenly changed opinions and has been used by the media as the champion of the cause of no war against Iraq. The Ritter story is staged by the same people that staged
the O.J. Simpson trial,
the arrest of Timothy McVeigh,
the Clinton - Lewinsky case,
the process about the custody of Elian,
the arrest of FBI agent Hanssen,
the "arrest" of Pete Townshend ... In these cases a murder (O. J. Simpson), two innocents (Timothy McVeigh, FBI agent Hanssen), a doesn't matter what, i.e. actress or naive (Lewinsky) and an innocent child (Elian) were used. The rest are all actors (Clinton, Hillary, Starr, Townshend, Ritter, etc). This is all about mind control. About advancing an agenda of terror, pedophilia and destruction of justice. And an agenda of slaughtering of the lambs, that is totally out of timing, since December 31, 1999, as the full scale nuclear strike being planned under the cover of the Y2K bug was delayed. At first glimpse people might think the cover-up is that Ritter was framed, like in the case of Hanssen, to send a message of terror to people opposing the new fascism. It's not the case. The simple fact that Ritter has access to the mass media is enough to make it clear : Ritter is part of the conspiracy, since rule #1 for the conspirators is to NEVER allow the REAL opposition to express their views on key issues (like what's REALLY Iraq is all about). In the case of Ritter the large majority of the people, that oppose war, are all of a sudden confronted with being championed by a pedophile. This leads to two effects : to weaken opposition to war and / or weaken oppositio to pedophilia, through the mind control techniques of refusal of association / acceptance through association.
January 19, 2003
Headlines - January, 2003 : Scotland Yard arrested Rockstar Peter Townshend (the Who)These headlines are nothing but deception : - creating the illusion that there is still some justice and protection of children - using a "popular" personality to make child pornography be accepted as "normal" Soon Townshend will be free. Like all the thousands that paid at Landslide using their credit cards. Update : Townshend was freed one day later.
The Pedophocracy, Part I: From Brussels ...
By David McGowan, August 2001
Marc Dutroux
"Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose ... I am also a theologian and as a theologian, I believe it is God's will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of flesh, between people ... paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness, they can say, 'I believe this is in fact part of God's will.'" Ralph Underwager, 'expert' witness for the defense in scores of child abuse cases and former vocal member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, in an interview in Paidika (a pro-pedophilia publication), conducted in June 1991
To the vast majority of Americans, the name Marc Dutroux doesn't mean much. Drop that name in Belgium though and you're likely to elicit some very visceral reactions. Dutroux - convicted along with his wife in 1989 for the rape and violent abuse of five young girls, the youngest of whom was just eleven - now stands accused of being a key player in an international child prostitution and pornography ring whose practices included kidnapping, rape, sadistic torture, and murder. Dutroux was sentenced in 1989 to thirteen years for his crimes, but was freed after having served just three. This was in spite of the fact that, as prison governor Yvan Stuaert would later tell a parliamentary commission: “A medical report described him as a perverse psychopath, an explosive mix. He was an evident danger to society.” The man who turned Dutroux loose on society, Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, soon after received a prestigious appointment to serve as a judge at the European Court of Justice at the Hague. Shortly after Dutroux’s release, young girls began to disappear in the vicinity of some of his homes. Though technically unemployed and drawing welfare from the state, he nevertheless owned at least six houses and lived quite lavishly. His rather lucrative income appears to have been derived from trading in child sex-slaves, child prostitution, and child pornography. Many of his houses appeared to stand vacant, though at least some of them were in fact used as torture and imprisonment centers where kidnapped girls were taken and held in underground dungeons. Some of Dutroux’s homes were used in this way for several years following his early release, with a growing body of evidence to indicate that fact to the police. True to form though, authorities failed to act on the information, or acted on it in a way that showed either complete incompetence (according to most press reports), or police complicity in the operation (according to any sort of logic). Police seem to have routinely ignored tips that later proved to be accurate, including a report from Dutroux's own mother that her son was holding girls prisoner in one of his houses. In addition, key facts were withheld from investigators working on the disappearances and lines of communication were unaccountably broken, inexcusably hindering the investigation. Police did search one of Dutroux's homes on no less than three separate occasions over the course of the investigation. On at least two of those occasions, two of the missing girls were being held in heinous conditions imprisoned in a custom-built dungeon in the basement. Nevertheless, the police searches came up empty, despite the fact that the investigating officers reported “hearing children’s voices on one occasion,” according to the Guardian. It was not until August 13, 1996, four years after the disappearances began, that authorities arrested Dutroux, along with his wife (an elementary school teacher), a lodger, a policeman, and a man the Guardian described as “an associate with political connections” – elsewhere identified as Michel Lelievre. Two days later, police again searched Dutroux's home and discovered the soundproof dungeon/torture center. As CNN reported, three years earlier “police ignored tips from an informant who said Dutroux was building secret cellars to hold girls before selling them abroad.” And in 1995, the same informant had told police that Dutroux had offered an unidentified third man “the equivalent of $3,000 to $5,000 to kidnap girls.” Incredibly, it was later reported by the Guardian that police actually had in their possession a videotape of the dungeon being constructed: “Belgian police could have saved the lives of two children allegedly murdered by the paedophile Marc Dutroux if they had watched a video seized from his home which showed him building their hidden cell.” The tape had been seized in one of the earlier searches. At the time of the final search, two fourteen-year-old girls were found imprisoned in the dungeon, chained and starving. They described to police being used as child prostitutes and in the production of child pornography videos. More than 300 such videos were taken into custody by the police. On August 17, the story got grimmer as police dug up the bodies of two eight-year-old girls at another of Dutroux's homes. It would later be learned that the girls had been kept in one of Dutroux’s dungeons for nine months after their abductions, during which time they were repeatedly tortured and sexually assaulted, all captured on videotape. The girls were then left to slowly starve to death. Alongside of their decimated corpses was the body of Bernard Weinstein, a former accomplice of Dutroux who had occupied one of the houses for several years. Weinstein had been buried alive. A few weeks later, two more girls were found buried under concrete at yet another of the Dutroux properties. By that time, ten people were reportedly in custody in connection to the case. Elsewhere in Belgium, the News Telegraph reported that: “The corpses of two women and parts of a third body have been discovered in a freezer at a Lebanese restaurant in Brussels.” As the body count mounted, the outrage of the Belgian people grew. They demanded to know why this man, dubbed the 'Belgian Beast,' had been released after having served such an absurdly short sentence. And to know why, as evidence had continued to mount and girls had continued to disappear, the police had chosen to do nothing. How many girls, they demanded to know, had been killed as a result of this inaction? Adding further fuel to the fire, as a Los Angeles Times report revealed, was that: “a highly regarded children’s activist, Marie-France Botte, claims that the Justice Ministry is sitting on a politically sensitive list of customers of pedophile videotapes.” The same report noted that: “The affair has become further clouded by the discovery of a motorcycle that reportedly matches the description of one used in the 1991 assassination of prominent Belgian businessman and politician Andre Cools. Michel Bourlet, the head prosecutor on the pedophile case, meanwhile, has publicly declared that the investigation can be thoroughly pursued only without political interference. Several years ago, Bourlet was removed from the highly charged Cools case, which remains unsolved.” A report in Time magazine alluded to murky links between the Dutroux operation and organized crime figures. Much later, Marc Verwilghen - the chief investigating magistrate on the case - would bluntly state: “For me, the Dutroux affair is a question of organised crime.” Also mentioned in the Time article was the use of secret “underground tunnels,” not unlike those described by children a decade earlier at the infamous McMartin Preschool. Outrage continued to grow as more arrests were made and evidence of high-level government and police complicity continued to emerge. One of Dutroux's accomplices, businessman Jean-Michel Nihoul, confessed to organizing an ‘orgy’ at a Belgian chateau that had been attended by government officials, a former European Commissioner, and a number of law enforcement officers. A Belgian senator would note, quite accurately, that such parties were part of a system “which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.” In September, twenty-three suspects - at least nine of whom were police officers - were detained and questioned about their possible complicity in the crimes and/or their negligence in investigating the case. As the Los Angeles Times noted in a very brief, two-sentence report, the detainments “were the latest indication that police in the southern city of Charleroi may have helped cover up the alleged crimes of Marc Dutroux.” The arrests followed raids on the police officers’ homes and on the headquarters of the Charleroi police force and were based on information supplied by police inspector Georges Zicot, who had already been charged as an accomplice. Three magistrates had also reportedly been interrogated by police investigators. Just days before the arrests, police had also arrested five suspects in the Cools assassination, including a former regional government minister named Alain VanderBiest. Strangely enough, the News Telegraph reported that: “Police investigating the Cools murder in 1991 … have been given helpful leads by some of those arrested in the Dutroux case.” The Telegraph also noted that Cools “had promised ‘shocking revelations’ before his death.” On October 14 came the straw that broke the camel's back: Jean-Marc Connerotte, who had been serving as the investigating judge on the case, was dismissed by the Belgian Supreme Court. Connerotte was viewed by the people as something of a rarity: a public official/law enforcement officer who actually appeared to be pursuing a prosecution, rather than a cover-up. The News Telegraph described him as: “the only figure in the judiciary who enjoys the nation’s confidence.” As the New York Times reported, Connerotte “became a national hero in August after saving two children from a secret dungeon kept by a convicted child rapist and ordering the inquiry that led to the discovery of the bodies of four girls kidnapped by a child pornography network.” He had also, in 1994, arrested three men as suspects in the Cools assassination – just before the case was transferred to the jurisdiction of another magistrate. His removal from the Dutroux case fanned the smoldering flames of public outrage; the Times report noted that: “Hundreds of thousands of people had petitioned the high court to retain the judge.” Adding yet more fuel to the fire, prosecutor Michel Bourlet was claiming that evidence suggested that a pedophile ring composed of the wealthy and powerful had been protected for twenty-five years. With the families of Dutroux's victims calling for a general strike, men and women all across the country walked away from their jobs in protest as railway workers and bus drivers shut down public transportation, bringing some cities to a virtual standstill. The Telegraph reported that: “In Liege, firemen turned their hoses on the city’s court building” to symbolize the massive clean-up that was in order.
Brussels, protest with the white march On October 20, 350,000 citizens of the tiny nation took to the streets of Brussels dressed all in white, demanding the reform of a system so corrupt that it would protect the abusers, rapists, torturers, and killers of children. The political fallout from the case would ultimately bring about the resignation of Belgium's State Police Chief, Interior Minister, and Justice Minister – likely sacrificial lambs tossed to the outraged masses to avoid what could easily have exploded into a full-scale insurrection by the people, particularly after police ‘incompetence’ allowed Dutroux to escape and remain at large for a brief time in April of 1998. There were in fact calls from the people for the entire coalition government to step down. Months later, an opinion survey by Brussels’ Le Soir newspaper found that only one-in-five Belgians still had confidence in the federal government and the nation’s justice system. As the Los Angeles Times reported in January of 1998, “the conviction remains stubbornly widespread that members of the upper crust - government ministers, the Roman Catholic Church, the court of King Albert II - belonged to child sex rings, or protected them.” The lingering distrust of the people was not alleviated by the fact that a parliamentary inquiry had, in April of 1997, identified thirty officials who had, as the Times tactfully put it, “failed to uncover Dutroux’s misdeeds.” Nearly a year later, none of them had yet suffered any repercussions. Additionally, at least ten missing children suspected of having fallen prey to Dutroux’s operation have never been found. The commission’s report was, in many people’s eyes, a shameless cover-up. As the News Telegraph summarized, the report “said competition between rival forces had prevented vital information from being exchanged and obvious evidence from being followed up” – rather than acknowledge the obvious, which was that rampant police corruption and complicity were to blame. Just a few months before the commission issued its report, the Telegraph was reporting that: “Grim rumors … have been circulating that a second paedophile network at least as appalling may have been operating in parallel to that said to involve Dutroux.” The bodies of seven children were believed to have been hidden by the ring, which was thought could be linked to Dutroux through Michel Nihoul. Two months after that, a man named Patrick Derochette and three of his family members were arrested following the discovery of the body of a nine-year-old girl. Rumors quickly began circulating linking this crime to Dutroux as well. Like Dutroux, Derochette had previously been convicted on multiple counts of child rape. He had been committed to a psychiatric institution from which he was released after just six weeks. Authorities quickly denied that there was any connection between the two cases. In January of 1998, however, the Telegraph reported that: “new evidence from a lawyer involved in the investigations blows a hole in previous police claims that there was no link between the cases involving the alleged child murderers Marc Dutroux and Patrick Derochette.” Once again, the connection was said to be through Nihoul. In April of 1999, the Guardian reported that: “the highly respected chairman of a parliamentary inquiry into the case claims that his commission’s findings were muzzled by political and judicial leaders to prevent details emerging of complicity in the crimes … Mr. Verwilghen claims that senior political and legal figures refused to cooperate with the inquiry. He says magistrates and police were officially told to refuse to answer certain questions, in what he describes as ‘a characteristic smothering operation.’” As of August of 2001, fully five years after Dutroux was taken into custody, his trial had yet to begin. Parents of victims continued to shout of a cover-up, and the Telegraph was reporting that: “It was recently learnt that scientific tests on 6,000 hairs found in the [underground dungeon] began only this year.” These tests could, of course, reveal how many victims passed through Dutroux’s chamber of horrors. If the Marc Dutroux case were some kind of aberration, it would still be a disturbing story for the level of unspeakable corruption and depravity of the Belgian political and law enforcement establishment of which it speaks. Far more disturbing is the fact that it doesn't appear to be an isolated case at all. As 1999 drew to a close, the nation of Latvia was rocked by a child prostitution/child pornography scandal that reached to the very top of the political power structure. The case first broke in August, when police uncovered a massive operation involving as many as 2,000 severely abused children. When media reports began linking top Latvian officials to the case, a special parliamentary commission was formed to investigate. In February 2000, the chairman of the commission delivered a report to Parliament linking the country's Prime Minister, Justice Minister, director of the State Revenue Service, and a number of army and law enforcement officers to the case. Efforts were immediately begun to discredit the commission chairman, including allegations that he is tied to the former KGB – a classic case of red-baiting, enabling the allegations to be dismissed as ‘Communist’ propaganda. The BBC reported in June of 1999 that two unnamed German men had “gone on trial, accused of running a child pornography ring in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.” The pair, along with at least eleven identified but unindicted accomplices, “made video recordings of the gang sexually abusing children between the ages of three and 14 since 1993.” A large but unspecified quantity of “videos, photography, magazines and CD-ROMs containing child pornography were confiscated.” Also noted was a possible connection to the Dutroux case: “There have been cases of Slovak children being taken to Vienna to make pornographic films. The Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux … was a regular visitor to one Slovak town.” The BBC also filed a brief report on a 1996 case that went almost completely unreported in the English language press: “Mexican police broke up an international child pornography ring based in the resort of Acapulco which they said had at least four thousand clients in the United States,” (emphasis added). A UN envoy investigating the case said that the “child pornography sometimes involved babies of less than one month old.” On September 29 of 2000, The Irish Times reported that: “Eight people were arrested in Italy and three in Russia, and police said 1,700 people were being investigated in Italy,” as yet another pedophile network surfaced. The images traded by this ring were “divided into several categories … The most gruesome, police said, was coded ‘Necros Pedo,’ in which children were raped and tortured to death.” And so it is that we first confront that most disturbing of topics – snuff films, which we all know don’t really exist. As recently as February of 1999, the New York Post assured readers that: “Snuff films are the stuff of urban legend … how did this legend get started? No one knows.” The unfortunate truth though is that they do, as it turns out, actually exist, and they likely have existed for as long as film has existed, though they weren't always known by that name. According to the Post: “The term ‘snuff’ was actually coined during the Charles Manson case, when press reports repeated a rumor that the Manson ‘family’ had filmed home movies of the brutal slayings.” Other reports hold that the term was coined in 1976 by a writer for the New York Times who was in need of a phrase to describe reports of murders following sexual activity being captured on film. Not long after that, as Carl Raschke wrote: “The Texas House Select Committee on Child Pornography disclosed in the late 1970s that investigators probing leads to organized crime in Houston, Dallas, and other major cities found that ‘slave’ auctions for sixteen- and seventeen-year-old boys were routinely held in Mexico. Some of the boys were featured in brutal snuff or ‘slasher’ movies.” Raschke also quotes from a study by U.S. mental health professionals that claimed that a child from Mexico “can be packaged, delivered, and sold deep within this country in a short time,” and that many are purchased solely “for the purpose of killing.” In Enslaved, Gordon Thomas reported that: “At the start of the year [1991] Britain's Scotland Yard was continuing to investigate reports that up to twenty children in London had been murdered last year in [snuff films] and the video tapes sold on the Continent.” An account of the Italian case carried by the Guardian affirmed the existence of snuff films: “police have discovered a massive international paedophile network selling violent child-pornography videos to clients in Italy, the US and Germany … (authorities are) trying to identify 5,000 people who are suspected of attempting to purchase the videos, some of which appear to contain images of children being tortured and murdered.” The UK’s Independent, in a follow-up published in November of 2000, also confirmed that the seized materials did in fact include child snuff films: “Horrified investigators gathered images of more than 2,000 children who were filmed while being abused, raped, and … killed.” By that time, close to 1,500 people had been charged in the case, but not - as the Guardian noted - “those in high places who are believed to form a ‘paedophile lobby.’” As in the Belgian and Latvian cases, there were clear indications of high-level complicity and a strong belief among the Italian people that the facts of the case were being covered up. And as with the other cases, the magistrate heading up the inquiry “provoked a furore by denouncing a ‘paedophile lobby’ supported by politicians which he said openly obstructed the investigators and worked to prevent tougher sanctions for the consumers of child pornography,” according to the Independent. The New York Times reported in March of 1997 that there is “growing public indignation in France and elsewhere about the recurrent reports of kidnapping, rape or incest involving the very young.” The same Times report noted that: “police across France have detained more than 250 people and confiscated some 5,000 videocassettes” in conjunction with an investigation into a massive child pornography ring. Those detained by police were described as “mainly married professionals.” A dozen of them would soon turn up dead, allegedly suicide victims. In June, the News Telegraph spoke of over 800 French homes being raided and 204 suspects being taken into custody the week before. Among those detained were: “More than 30 teachers … and a number of priests,” as well as the deputy mayor of the town of Saint Mihiel. By the end of the week, four had committed suicide, including a school headmaster. Three years later, the BBC filed a very brief report noting that a verdict was due “in the trial of more than sixty people accused of possessing child pornography. One of the judges hearing the case said examining the video evidence made him feel physically sick.” In a familiar refrain, it was reported that: “the French courts have been accused of attacking the easy targets -- porn consumers -- rather than producers and distributors. And one children’s rights group has alleged that senior public figures were among those investigated -- but their cases were dropped before coming to court.” In 1998, another large-scale international ring was discovered operating out of the Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. The New York Times reported that investigators called the case “nauseating,” in that “images of abuse of even babies and infants were peddled via the Internet and other media.” Police discovered “voluminous records of what appear to be clients and suppliers from countries including Israel, Ukraine, Britain, Russia and the United States.” The ring was first uncovered when a key member was found dead in Italy. According to The Irish Times, he was murdered by another member of the ring. His apartment in the Dutch town of Zandvoort was found to contain “thousands of digital images stored on computer disks,” as well as “hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients,” according to the New York Times. The images shocked even veteran sex-crimes investigators, one of whom stated that the seized evidence “left [him] speechless … It looks like the perpetrators are not dealing with human beings but with objects.” In September 1998, another ring was raided – what the BBC described as “a larger and more sinister paedophile network called Wonderland.” The network was so named in honor of Lewis Carroll’s revered children's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll was widely known to have a predilection for underage girls and boys, and is now something of a patron saint of pedophiles around the globe. A concerted effort has been made over the decades to cover up Carroll’s pedophilic tendencies, though the truth is evident even in the heavily whitewashed profiles of him that can be found in modern encyclopedias. Microsoft's Encarta notes that: “Always a friend of children, particularly little girls, Carroll wrote thousands of letters to them,” and also that he “gained an additional measure of fame as an amateur photographer. Most of his camera portraits were of children in various costumes and poses, including nude studies.” The Encyclopaedia Britannica reports that Carroll’s photographic ‘hobby’ was abandoned in 1880, while dismissing suggestions that “this sudden decision was reached because of an impurity of motive for his nude studies.” Britannica also notes that Carroll - who was raised in an environment where there were “few friends outside the family,” and who was ordained a deacon in the Church of England on the winter solstice of 1861 (an occult holiday) - generally lost interest in his child ‘friends’ when they reached the age of twelve. Wonderland is also the name of the quarterly publication of the Lewis Carroll Collector's Guild, which bills itself as a “voluntary association of persons who believe nudist materials are a constitutionally protected expression and whose collective interests include pre-teen nudes.” As Gordon Thomas has noted: “In Wonderland the ‘delights’ of ‘transgenerational sex’ pepper the pages.” Such is the legacy of the men whose literary works are peddled to our children … but here I digress. The San Jose Mercury News reported that: “Police in … 22 states and 13 foreign countries conducted coordinated raids … aimed at breaking up an Internet child-pornography ring … The ring involves as many as 200 people around the world, who exchanged over the Internet thousands of sexually explicit images of children as young as 18 months.” The Independent later reported that the ring “shared pictures of children being abused -- in some cases live via web-cam broadcasts over the internet.” The raids included homes in “Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Sweden,” according to the New York Times, which added that: “Several dozen people were arrested, but officials said they expected more than 100 to be charged.” The Independent later reported that 107 suspects were ultimately arrested. The Mercury News implied that this may be only the tip of the iceberg: “The ring actually extends into 47 countries.” The case was described by a British official as “stomach-churning.” The Times reported that “Wonderland Club members are believed to have posed their own children for pictures … In other cases … parents may have taken money to let their children be used.” The Guardian reported that over 1,250 children were featured in the photos and videos, “many of whom suffered appalling injuries and were seen sobbing uncontrollably as they were being sexually violated.” The Independent added that the victimized children were “mostly under [the age of] 10.” A BBC report held that the combined raids resulted in the seizure of more than “750,000 computer images of children.” A Detective Superintendent with the British National Crime Squad called these images “disgusting and the behavior that has been carried out is absolutely appalling.” Though ignored by the American press, “Wonderland originated in the United States.” Among the scores of U.S. homes raided, one yielded a “database of more than 100,000 sexual photographs of naked boys and girls.” Interestingly enough, the Times also noted that another raid, “in Missouri, turned up a cache of weapons as well as child pornography in a heavily fortified trailer,” illustrating once again - as did the Dutroux case - the close ties between organized pedophilia and other terrorist assaults against society. As with the earlier raids in Europe, a rash of ‘suicides’ soon followed. By October 24, the Mercury News was reporting that no fewer than four of the thirty-four American suspects had killed themselves. These included a retired Air Force pilot, a microbiologist at the University of Connecticut, and a computer consultant in Colorado. In the UK, the Wonderland raids - dubbed Operation Cathedral - resulted in the indictments of eight suspects. One of the eight turned up dead four months later – another alleged suicide. The other seven were given ridiculously light sentences in February of 2001 for their complicity in inflicting unfathomable abuse on countless children. Sentences ranged from 12 to 30 months. Just a few weeks before the sentences were handed down, the Guardian was reporting that: “Police today arrested 13 suspected paedophiles in the largest ever UK operation against child pornography.” Once again a massive amount of appalling evidence was seized, with most of the material featuring “scenes of children being raped and sexually abused.” The Independent reported in February of 2001 that: “Detectives working on the [Wonderland] case discovered that many of the paedophiles were also members of other child pornography groups.” One of the groups most closely tied to Wonderland was a ring known as the Orchid Club, which had been exposed by a 1996 investigation in San Jose, California. That investigation had led to the indictment of sixteen men on charges of conspiring to produce and exchange child pornography. Members of the club were identified in at least nine states and three foreign countries. By the time of the Wonderland raids, the Mercury News was able to report that the purported ringleader of the Orchid Club and “twelve others either have pleaded guilty or have been convicted in connection with that case.” Their crimes included recruiting “young relatives and friends of their own children to be molested and photographed.” The club was also, like Wonderland, involved in “real-time exploitation of children” on the internet. Club members were able to send in requests and have them acted-out on live feeds. The club also held a pedophile ‘summit,’ at which members “traded stories about pre-teen girls they had molested and photographed in sexually explicit poses.” The summit was held, appropriately enough, on April 20 – the birth date of Adolf Hitler and a major satanic holiday. In late March of 2001, yet another interlinked global network was exposed. The Independent reported that: “US authorities announced the arrest of four American citizens for involvement in an international child-porn ring called Blue Orchid.” The Los Angeles Times added further details the next day, reporting that “the United States and Russia have shut down a Moscow-based international pornography ring that used the Internet to sell videotapes of children engaged in sexual acts.” These tapes were said to sell for “between $200 and $300.” An Associated Press release held that: “Police seized some 600 videotapes, 200 digital video disks and many boxes of photographs.” Video duplication equipment and sales and shipping records were also seized, leading to “criminal inquiries in 24 nations … Many of the tapes were bought by people in the United States; others went to Germany, Britain, France, Denmark, China, Kuwait, Mexico and scores of other countries.” The Times reported that nine people had been arrested and fifteen search warrants issued. The AP report noted that four of those arrested were in Russia, where two suspects had, alas, “committed suicide.” The ring was also said by the Times to offer what were cryptically referred to as “custom-made videos” for the hefty price of $5,000 each. The contents of these videos were not revealed. What was revealed though was that “the prevalence of child pornography has increased dramatically with the growth of the Internet. There are approximately 100,000 web sites worldwide associated with child pornography.” This point was reinforced the very next day when the UK press reported police raids on yet another pedophile ring. The Guardian reported that: “More than 30 people, including a … man working for a national youth organization, were arrested yesterday in dawn raids on the homes of suspected paedophiles.” Once again being sold and traded were images “which showed children being abused.” A report on the case in the Independent quoted a law enforcement spokesman as revealing “that those arrested included members of ‘some interesting professions,’” though demurring from revealing what those professions might be. The official also said that they had “a disturbing scenario of one or two juveniles who have been caught in this way. One of them appears to be a 13-year-old boy.” The police did acknowledge that the arrested boy was “also a potential victim and would be treated in that light,” which seems rather obvious. Nevertheless, a follow-up to the story that the Independent ran in May reported that the boy had become “one of the youngest people to be listed on the sex offenders’ register.” The very next month, the Guardian carried a report on Eric Franklin Rosser – accused child pornographer, one of the FBI's ten most wanted criminals and a former keyboardist for John Cougar Mellencamp’s band. According to the report: “Investigators believe Rosser’s material is among pornography circulated by a British paedophile ring … More than 1,800 members are thought to belong to a club called Teenboys. Its website features boys aged around 12 … Teenboys is considered bigger than the notorious Wonderland Club.” Meanwhile, a pedophile ring in Australia with high-level government connections was handled in a slightly different way. As The Irish Times reported on July 17, 1998: “Police suspect a series of gruesome gay hate killings in the Sydney region could be the work of a serial killer whose victims might be linked through a notorious paedophile ring. The latest mutilation murder was that of Australia's longest serving mayor, Frank Arkell, aged 68, who was bludgeoned to death in his flat and who had previously faced 29 child sex charges. “In the past few months two other men, one a convicted child sex offender, were attacked in their homes in similar circumstances and also suffered horrific injuries. Arkell, the former Lord Mayor of Wollongong, 50 miles south of Sydney, was a key witness in a royal commission into police corruption which uncovered a network of paedophiles.” Those serial killers sure come in handy sometimes.
Russ Kick: "There are a lot of people -- mainly feminists and Christian conservatives (those odd bedfellows) -- who still believe that there is a multi-billion dollar child pornography 'industry' that spans the globe. Please explain how we know that this is a myth and why it refuses to die." Philip Jenkins: "In the late 1970s, there were claims about child porn being a billion dollar industry, and estimates just swelled over the years. In reality, the last real child porn entrepreneur was jailed in the early 1980s, and she (it was a woman, incidentally) never made more than a million or two."
Excerpted from the appropriately titled book You Are Being Lied To
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