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If in 5 minutes find dozens of pedophile sites?

Every pedophile site i pic in net is reported to Europol or similar policial agencies

Maddie again

1-The best of the best can't analise the blood found.

Sent it to.... who knows.

2.Police in the missing night found barbiturics in a room,no caught for evidence.

3-The twins wasn't sujected to blood and urine tests.

4-Police can't do with Maddie's parents as did with Joana's mother.

If this story ends as i think it will end....was the bigger fraud i ever herd.

Everyone in this case is innocent till further proofs.

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Snuff films

Recorded murders
In 2000, Russian authorities arrested a man responsible for the making and distribution of several thousand[7] snuff films. Dmitri Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old former car mechanic in Moscow, was identified after British Customs and police traced the origin of violent child porn videos found in the UK back to Russia. Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings. [8]
Some murderers have in various instances recorded their acts on video; however, the resultant footage is not usually considered to be a snuff film because it is not made for the express purpose of distribution. An example is the video taken in 2001 by Armin Meiwes of the killing of Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes. The Canadian serial killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka videotaped some of their sex crimes. Though their crimes ended in murder, the actual murders were not videotaped. Only a select few people have ever seen this footage, as viewing was restricted to lawyers and other courtroom personnel. The footage has since reportedly been destroyed.
There is undoubtedly a widespread market for genuine footage of murderous violence, whatever the context: as early as the 1940s, Weegee found fame for his photographs of victims of street crime in New York City. In later decades, the American public was fascinated by the Zapruder film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy; the Zapruder film has since been featured in Oliver Stone film JFK, among other fictional works. Similarly, Professione: reporter, a film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, contains a sequence that depicts an actual execution by firing squad.
The Faces of Death film series found popularity in the 1980s on videocassette, and even on broadcast television, shows like World's Wildest Police Videos have been successful (though for broadcast television, more gruesome footage is usually censored).
In the Internet age, it is possible to download videos depicting actual murders or deaths (e.g. the filmed deaths of Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Saddam Hussein, Paul Johnson, Kim Sun-il, Kenneth Bigley and a Russian sergeant, the shooting of Yitzhak Rabin and the gun suicides of Ricardo Cerna, and Budd Dwyer). In 1994, Russia was exposed to a stream of videos depicting real murders, production of which started during the conflict in Chechnya (1991-1994), and peaking during and between both Chechen Wars (1994-1996) and (1999-). A fair number of these are still available on peer-to-peer networks. Recently videos depicting suicide bombings and attacks on U.S. military in Iraq have been posted on video sharing website YouTube by extremist groups, which has become an increasingly difficult problem for the U.S. as replacement videos can be uploaded just as quickly as they are taken down.[9]
Perhaps the most famous instance of an alleged recorded death is the scene in The Crow in which lead Brandon Lee was accidentally shot. Urban legend claims that the footage of his fatal wounding was included in the final cut of the film. However, after police review, that portion of film was actually destroyed, and the scene was re-created with a body double.
However, it is not clear that the fascination engendered by these records would extend to filmed murders carried out expressly for the purpose of filming a murder (actual snuff films). Since it is trivially easy today to produce a film that simulates a murder in a completely believable way, there is little commercial incentive to risk the legal repercusDuring the early 1990s, rumors spread of gay bars in Boston showing a film involving homeless teenagers, who were told that they were going to star in a porno film, running away in horror from the movie camera until they were caught up with and shot to death on camera.[citation needed] The Boston Herald newspaper published an article on the subject of such murder films being shown in the Boston area, while articles on the Channel 1 computer bulletin board news groups alluded to such films and claimed they were made in New York City.
In 2000 an Italian police operation broke up a gang of child pornographers based in Russia who, it was claimed, were also offering snuff films for sale to their clients in Italy, Germany, America and Britain. It is unclear whether anything other than child pornography films were ever seized.[14sions of producing a film in which a murder is actually committed (much less documented on film).

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Still runs like this in our days

The most detailed investigation of the British child abuse colony in Amsterdam was published in November 2000 by the Award-winning journalist Nick Davies. Now even more evidence was provided for the existence of not only a vast boy trafficking network, but also for the existence of a small number of snuff movies. As it's always best to read the original sources, a long excerpt from this article follows:
"A year after Bristol detectives finally started to unravel the ring of paedophiles who had been abusing children there for up to 20 years, they found an informant with an alarming story. The man, whom we will call Terry, had a long history of sexually abusing boys. He did not come from Bristol but, by chance, he had come across some of the paedophiles the detectives were investigating - in Amsterdam, where he said they had become involved with a group of exiled British child abusers who had succeeded in commercialising their sexual obsession. The exiled paedophiles were trafficking boys from other countries; running legitimate gay brothels and selling under-aged boys "under the counter"; they had branched out into the production of child pornography. And they had killed some of them... Terry said he had seen most of the [worst] video himself and had vomited before he could reach the end..."
"Soon, other informants were offering more detail. One man said he had seen Warwick Spinks selling a special video for pounds 4,000. It showed a boy whom he thought was only eight or nine being sexually abused and tortured by two men. But the most startling allegations came from a gay man, "Frank", who had gone to Amsterdam in July 1990 and found himself caught up in this paedophile underworld. In 1993, he spoke to the same officers at Scotland Yard."
"Frank told police that Warwick Spinks had invited him to come on a trip to the Canaries, where he had suggested Frank should help him sell videos and showed him a sample. Frank said he watched in growing horror as the video played out a murder - a boy who seemed to be no older than 12 was beaten and attacked with needles, before being castrated and cut open with a knife..."
"[Scotland Yard and their Dutch counterpart] recruited an undercover officer to pose as a child abuser and befriend Warwick Spinks in England. In a series of meetings, Spinks described how he picked up boys in Dresden, in Bratislava in the Czech Republic, and in Poland, where, he claimed, they cost only 10p. The undercover officer asked Spinks if he could get him a sado-masochistic video featuring boys as young as 10, and Spinks replied that he knew people in Amsterdam who could: "I know, well I knew, some people who were involved in making snuff movies and how they did it was, they only sold them in limited editions, made 10 copies or something, 10 very rich customers in America, who paid Dollars 5,000 each or something like that". Spinks divulged no more about the video and failed to produce a copy of it...Without more evidence, Scotland Yard could not justify the expense of keeping the undercover officer or of sending officers to Amsterdam..."
"In search of their origins, I went to Berlin, to the Bahnhof Am Zoo, where the trains arrive from all over eastern Europe, bringing the destitute in search of a dream. A specialist social worker there, Wolfgang Werner, told me there were some 700 east European boys, aged from 11 to 17, who had ended up in the sex industry in Berlin. But, to his knowledge, many hundreds of others had been taken off on a kind of underground railroad which fanned out to Zurich and Hamburg and Frankfurt, and, most of all, to Rotterdam and Amsterdam..."
"About that time [1992], he and Edelman [Germans] stopped trafficking, not so much because of Goetjes's arrest but because they had been told some of the boys were being used in snuff movies..."
"At first sight, Terry might have been describing the video Frank saw but its details differ: Frank described a video shot in a barn; Terry says his was shot in a flat. Frank described the abuse and murder of one boy; Terry says there was a second boy, who was also being abused and who was alive at the point he turned off the tape. And yet, the overlap is striking: the specific nature of the violence is identical; and Terry names the man who actually committed the killing - he is the same German whose barn was allegedly picked as a porn studio by the child porngraphers. Terry, Frank, Edward and Spinks certainly mixed with the paedophile colony in Amsterdam in 1989/90 and all four separately claim at least one boy was killed on video. Spinks told the undercover officer that a German boy was killed; Frank says Spinks once hinted to him that a German boy named Manny had been murdered; we have confirmed from talking to boys who worked in Spuistraat [there were two clubs, owned by vicious paedophiles Alan Williams and Spinks] at the time that a boy of that name and nationality, then 14, did disappear. Terry, however, says he thinks the victim of the video which he saw was Dutch, named Marco and probably 16..."
"The Bristol detectives can get no further. The Dutch say they will not investigate, and Avon and Somerset police have neither the funds nor the legal power to run their own inquiry in the Netherlands." (72)
Other evidence of snuff movies had surfaced several weeks before the article above was published. In September 2000, the Italian media broke the story of a Russian child abuse network -centered in Murmansk and Moscow- which besides regular child pornography and hardcore SM, also shot snuff movies, selling them for at least 4,000 pounds per video. The children were recruited through familiar tactics: they were lured away from the street or orphanages with empty promises, while a small number was kidnapped. Most clients, among them businessmen and government officials, came from Italy and Germany; others came from France, Britain, America and Japan. Several "large financial companies" were tied to the network, but names weren't given (73). The Observer reported:
"Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse..."
"The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between Pounds 300 and Pounds 4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered."
"Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died."
"The Naples newspaper Il Mattino published a transcript of an alleged email exchange between a prospective client and the Russian vendors. 'Promise me you're not ripping me off,' says the Italian. 'Relax, I can assure you this one really dies,' the Russian responds. 'The last time I paid and I didn't get what I wanted.' 'What do you want?' 'To see them die.'" (74)
A Swedish newspaper added:
"The pictures are unbearable for normal people to watch. Here are prolonged rape sequences with children begging to be spared. They are abused until they faint. Then they are murdered in front of the cameras... Yes, there are even scenes of actual autopsies on young people... In the 'product catalog' of the pedophiles were pictures of a 10 year old girl who had been killed by
Andrei Minaev, one of the three main suspects of having ran the Russian ring. By the time the affair hit the news, his two partners had already been released from prison due to a recently-launched amnesty program for inmates. The picture is an excerpt of one of the confiscated videos.

hanging. A five year old girl with a grimace of pain as she is raped. An adult is killed by gradual crushing." (75)Even though this news is hugely important, there have been only a handful of newspaper reports about this whole affair. In Italy, some of the most passionate reporters were quickly done away with after they had shown a number of abuse images in a late night television program (76). In contrast to the US media, which appears to have been completely silent on the subject (77), several British newspapers briefly wrote about the affair. But even in Italy the whole matter vanished from the public eye within one or two weeks with no follow up reports having been published since. So as usual, those who want answers are left with numerous questions: Have
the hundreds of suspects against whom evidence was found been prosecuted? What happened to the thousands of others who were still under investigation? Was this network tied to other networks? What happened to the videos? Can snuff movies still be considered a myth?
As for Belgium, besides witnesses in the Dutroux affair, there have been others who claimed that child abuse and snuff networks are a reality.
In July 1998, Marcel Vervloesem and his Morkhoven Workgroup (Werkgroep Morkhoven), a private anti-child pornography group, made international headlines after having obtained thousands of pictures from an internet-based, sadistic, child pornography network, ran from an apartment in Zandvoort (a town near Amsterdam) (78). They also acquired a list of clients and associates of this network, which turned out to include the earlier-mentioned Warwick Spinks (79). Because the children who appeared in these pictures came from all over the world, international police agencies were very interested and managed to identify several dozen victims. It was mainly the Dutch and Belgian authorities who failed to do their job, and when one reads that there are links to the British- Amsterdam paedophile ring (80), a person who probably procured children for high level officials (81), an anonymous "contact" of the Dutch royal family (82), and one of the girls named by X1 (83), things suddenly begin to make sense again.
Another overlooked fact is the Morkhoven Workgroup's claim that they were in the possession of a snuff film, which they showed to Hubert Brouns, a member of parliament and a mayor of a Belgian county; and Nelly Maes, a former member of Belgian parliament, European Parliament, a senator, and today chairman of the European Free Alliance party. Jan Boeykens, chairman of the Morkhoven Workgroup:
"Several years ago, I saw with Hubert Brouns and Nelly Maes a videotape at Marcel Vervloesem's on which it could be seen how a criminal dressed as a physician raped a constantly crying 4 year old girl in the 'doctor's cabinet' while a 12 year old girl, a so-called nurse, brought in the necessary instruments on a platter." (84)
Brouns and Maes, together with Marc Verwilghen, the chairman of the Dutroux commission, had reminded the Belgian Minister of Justice in November 1997 about some of the work the Morkhoven group had done, but their recommendations were disregarded.
Researchers of the Morkhoven Workgroup have been relentlessly persecuted and intimidated ever since they first began their investigations in 1989. Vervloesem has been the main target of both the justice department and the media, but he still fared better than one of his colleagues. On November 15, 1998, one of the (part-time) Morkhoven Workgroup
investigators, Gina Pardaens-Bernaer, died when she drove into a bridge pillar. Few in her surroundings believed this to be an accident. Pardaens had spoken to a number of friends about a video of a sex party in which a little girl was abused and murdered. She thought to have recognized one the participants in that video as a close associate of Michel Nihoul. It was also said that she had gotten her hands on evidence of a Belgian-French-Swiss child abuse network, and had sent what she had to a very interested Swiss police. In the weeks and days before her death, Pardaens had been warned off her investigation on many occasions: she had received numerous death threats; her son had been run off his bike by a car; emails and phone calls had been intercepted; strangers followed her on the streets and in cars; during a train ride she had been stopped by men who told her to cease her inquiries; at times her phone calls, fax machine and internet were jammed; and she had been interrogated and intimidated over one of the children she had been trying to find. (85) It has not been unusual for people who could testify against Nihoul's innocence, or provide evidence of a larger network around Dutroux in general, to be intimidated or killed. There have been at least 20 to 25 suspicious deaths tied to the Dutroux case (86), with just as many reports of intimidation. At some point the deaths became so obvious that Jean Denis Lejeune, the father of one of the girls kidnapped by Dutroux, remarked: "As if by coincidence people die. There is no explanation for their deaths. For instance, they are victims of a

October 2006, Marcel Vervloesem with Tiny Mast, the mother of murdered Kim and Ken Hehrman. Mast has also become a good friend of X1. Mast: "Those guys [inspectors she had to deal with] are so aggressive and so inhumane that I sometimes feel that they are part of the same clique as those who took away my children." Marcel, who came from a broken family, grew up in children's homes with 6 of his brothers and sisters. After he and his team had broken the Zandvoort case (and others) his half brother stepped into the limelight to accuse him of the exact same acts he was trying to prevent. Around his half brother a small group of other men came out to accuse Marcel (all came from his half brother's bar). This case has been going on for years, and while the media clearly supports the accusers, a judge recently demanded that the group around Marcel's half brother all be subjugated to lie detector tests, not the least because they (also) have been accused on multiple occasions of pedophilia and other criminal acts. Next to the abusers, the only ones benefitting from this debacle are the magistrates who had to follow up on the cases exposed by the Morkhoven group. That's not to say Marcel is a saint, but there's little doubt that he and his group are continually undermined by those who want to keep the existence of large scale child abuse networks secret.
deadly traffic accident just when they are under way to testify. Or one finds their charred bodies. Our judiciary apparently doesn't have sleepless nights over this." (87)
But besides members of the Mor

Who has the abused children pics?

CD-roms pedocriminel network 'Zandvoort': Photos of raped, tortured and missed children (and babies) that were never investigated by belgian justice. At the same time Morkhoven-investigator Marcel Vervloesem of the Werkgroep Morkhoven is accused by belgian justice. One of the accusations: he is seen as 'responsible for the publication of the photos on the website of Buro Zoeklicht'. What is going on in Belgium ? Visite the website if you hope to find the 'crime' of Morkhoven-member Vervloesem.

The found rings-Was Rui Pedro in one?


Source: Posted 6/11/00 Cyberslueths by Bortz
July, 1996: Orchid Club
In 1996, a 10 year old girl told her mother that she had been sexually abused by her friend’s father while spending the night at her friend’s house. Upon investigation, the police found sophisticated computer equipment for live broadcasting to the Internet. The man had sexually abused the girl and turned it into "live pornography." After a further investigation, the police found more files containing pornography. The police had discovered The Orchid Club, which engaged in live Internet transmission of sexual abuse of children, ranging in age from five to ten years. In one night’s activity, a 5-year old somewhere in the Mid-western United States was molested while at least 11 men watched and asked for specific types of abuse to be perpetrated.[66] In this case, initially in 1996, sixteen men were indicted for their involvement in the Internet based conspiracy to produce pornographic images and videotapes. Some of the images, made using digital cameras connected directly to computers, were sent over the Internet to Orchid Club members in nine states and four countries. Members exchanged child pornography and recounted their sexual abuse of children using a password-restricted, electronic chat room. Members were initiated into the Orchid Club by relating their personal sexual abuse of a child. This is the first police found real-time online transmission of pictures of children being sexually molested and abused. At least eight children were molested in connection with the club.
Three USA members of the Orchid Club were sentenced to long prison terms. Eventually, twenty men from twelve states were charged in the United States. The ring extended to Finland, Canada, and Australia. Nineteen of the defendants were given sentences ranging from 12 months to 30 years. Some of the members were untraceable because they used anonymous remailers, a system in which all transactions pass through a third-party computer that disguises the identity of the user.
The investigation identified three British men belonging to the Orchid Club. US Customs notified Sussex police in England, and their investigation led to a raid on a man’s home and the eventual discovery of the Wonderland Club.
December, 1996: JonBenet Ramsey is murdered in Boulder, Colorado. If John Ramsey or Fleet White are suspected, they are probably being monitored at this early stage of the investigation.
July, 1998 The Netherlands Club
In July 1998, a European vigilante anti-pedophile group exposed an international child pornography ring. The ring was found to be operating in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Israel and Russia. Around 9,000 images were found in the Zandvoort, Netherlands apartment of formerly convicted pedophile, Gerrie Ulrich, who was murdered in Italy, possibly by his business partner, and partner in the child pornography ring. The cruelty to the children in the pornography stunned many officials familiar with the sexual exploitation of children. Some of the pornography was made with babies that appeared to be no more than 12 to 15 months old. A child psychiatrist said that the children must have been sedated because they showed no reaction to the torture to which they were subjected. One film, titled "Oh Daddy," shows balding middle-aged men raping 5-and 8-year old girls. One girl reportedly was so lifeless she may have been dead.
Officials claimed that almost none of the pornography found in this case was produced in the Netherlands. They think it was produced in Central and Eastern Europe, and posted on the Web in the United States.
The Dutch government’s permissive attitude toward the sexual exploitation of women resulted in an inadequate response early in this case. The investigation in the Netherlands was hampered because of lack of trained and ready police for this type of crime. Several years previously the police vice squads had been disbanded. Legalization of the prostitution industry in the Netherlands had done away with the need for a vice squad. About two weeks after the ring was exposed, a top employee in the Justice Ministry in the Netherlands, which was leading the investigation, was fired for downloading pornography with his office computer for personal use. The report released to the media did not name the man, and minimized his activity by saying he had only distributed the material to a small circle of acquaintances.
September 01, 1998 Wonderland Club
In early September 1998 the world’s most sophisticated child pornography ring, to date, was brought down by one of the most far-reaching international police operations ever put together. The Wonderland Club, as it was called, had approximately 180 members in the United States, Australia, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Finland, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain.
Membership in the Wonderland Club was by invitation only. Candidates had to be nominated and approved. The criterion for membership was being in possession of at least 10,000 child pornographic images, with each image different from any in the possession of the other members. In a United States, based computer, a database of 100,000 pornographic images of children was found. The ring was composed of "very serious players," some of whom were producing videos of children being sexually abused. Initially, 40,000 images were seized in the UK alone.
The Wonderland Club members used very sophisticated computer equipment and security systems. The network encrypted files with a code developed by the former KGB in the Soviet Union.
The police operation, code named Cathedral, was coordinated in London by a newly formed unit called the National Crime Squad. Interpol, US Customs and UK National Criminal Intelligence Service assisted in the organization of the simultaneous arrests. On the first day over 100 suspected predators in 12 countries were arrested. Police in Germany arrested 10 predators in raids in seven states. The raids indicated that 200 people were involved in making child pornographic videos for the Internet. In the initial sweep, there were 11 arrests in UK, 32 in the United States, 8 in Norway, 3 in Italy, and 5 in France. More arrests were made in the days that followed the initial crackdown.
September 15, 1998
The JonBenet Ramsey Grand Jury convenes (after the FBI gives Hunter the all-clear?).
Semptember 21 thru October 7, 1998
John Ramsey testifies to being in Amsterdam, Holland at some point during this period. How and when he went there, for what purpose and how long he stayed is a mystery.
Newspaper and other articles about the Wonderland and Orchid Clubs:
AP Story about the worldwide paedophile raid. Read it carefully. 40 arrests were made, but it was expected that 100's more arrests would come as the photos impounded were evealuated.
It is no secret that there have been rumblings throughout this case of Ramsey involvement in a child porn ring. I believe the tabloid "The Globe" was the first to profer this theory. I have never seen the Globe articles that explained thier theory. I have seen two photographs from the article(s), showing Access Graphics' Amsterdam offices and the infamous Amsterdam red-light district side by side. The Globe's caption on the picture asserts that the two locations are within 2 miles of each other. Another photo is of the red-light district itself, with the caption asserting that Boulder police had travelled there investigating JR's possible involvement with the place. It also asserts that JR had stayed at the Grand Hotel, just off the red-light district, when he was there.The pictures can be found here, courtesy of
...Amsterdam, Holland is the world capital if paedophilia. Holland has very little law in place restricting what Americans would call "vices". Open drug use is legal there. Sexual vices of all types including paedophilia and prostitution are legally and openly practiced there. The national law concerning the age of consent for sex is 11 years of age. I have heard rumors before that Dutch lawmakers were considering lowering that to 10 years of age. On the other hand, Rape and robbery laws are extremely harsh there (I'm not certain, but I believe there is a 20 year minimum for even attempting one). The result? Amsterdam has the world's lowest violent crime rate. It's as close to zero as one can imagine for a dynamic social system.
Former Boulder City Spokesman Kelvin McNeill Died Following Amsterdam Car Accident, Source: Redd Herring:
Former Boulder city spokesman Kelvin McNeill died August 18, 1998 in an Amsterdam hospital from injuries suffered in an accident with a taxi on August 7.
McNeill, 28, was a city spokesman in Boulder for seven years until he left in April 1997 to become director of communications and community outreach for the Gill Foundation, a Colorado Springs-based organization that gives grants and gifts to primarily gay and lesbian causes across the country. McNeill gained national prominence when he adroitly fielded questions about the JonBenet Ramsey case in the first few months after the murder.

Pedophilia and their branches

The WERKGROEP MORKHOVEN was founded in 1989 by Marcel Vervloesem, with its actions concerning the use of isolation cells in a children's institute of Antwerp.
After a long struggle with the Belgian authorities, a delegation of the group was invited by the Minister of Health who was in the process of making the regulation concerning the use of isolation cells in institutes.
They discorered that some children were sexually abused and worked prostitutition. Further investigation led to the paedophile network "Temse” and "Zandvoort", with worldwide ramification, then archives of the network, with the photographs of 90.081 children raped, tortured, even some murders.
The press censors the information, pretending it acts of "a few hundred pictures in old magazines" and Belgian justice has blocked the investigation.
Since the Workgroep fights to let the case known, the Minister for justice has made pass Marcel Vervloesem for the head of the network, and he is prosecuted for intruding in the private lives of so-called "non-identified" criminals.
The Temse network led the researchers from the Group to the "Zandvoort" network (Zandvoort is a town in The Netherlands) that had links with France, Germany and Portugal.


The Zandvort pedophile ring never was took to trial.

Dotroux affair and Casa Pia affair

Just some facts in Dutroux affair,we seen too in Casa Pia affair.

Victim-witnesses come forward Probably the most important (and underreported) thing that happened in the aftermath of the Dutroux affair was that a number of victims from pedophile networks felt that this was their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to testify about what they had experienced. Until Connerotte and Bourlet were able to arrest Dutroux and Nihoul, and retrieve two missing girls, these victim-witnesses did not know who in the Justice Department they could trust. Many of these victims already had tried to speak to the authorities, but investigations never got off the ground. The victims knew the reason: among their abusers were the most powerful men in Belgium: police commissioners, gendarme officers, judges, bankers, businessmen, politicians and high nobility figures.

All persons that are involved for one reason or another in Casa Pia affair are presumed inocent till contrary proof

That's the way it works

"From East Belfast's Kincora Boys' Home, via Leicestershire, Staffordshire and London, to the children's homes of Clwyd, we have witnessed 25 years of cover-up. Cover-up, not to protect the
innocent but to protect the regularly named elements of the British establishment who surface whenever widespread evidence of child abuse is exposed. From the public schools right through to the Catholic and Anglican churches, child abuse has been allowed a special place of sanctuary... Social workers, police, security services, local and national political figures remain the common factors in the fall-out from the [child abuse] inquiries... In case after case the cycle is described - a child is 'taken into care', then abused in a home, handed on to an outside pedophile ring and out on to the rent-boy/prostitution circuit beyond, if they live that long... Journalists find themselves battling first with authority, then with the libel laws, to publish the truth about a vast web of abuse."

Missing Children

same reason the post before

Music For The Missing Children 002

Even a portuguese lost children blog the others need help too

Exchange - Don't Believe the Type (English)

Online predators know what they doing....DO YOU?

Virtual Global Taskforce Video - Internet Safety (English)

Make internet a better place

Maddie my poor child

English tecnicians doesn't send the conclusions about the material Judiciary Police sent to them,mainly blood signs in the appartment and fathers car.

Something that usually take 48 Hours has 21 days....and nothing comes.

Against Pedophilia Laws in Portugal

It's considered sexual abuse of minors when the children have less then 14 years old.
This crime worth 3 to 10 years in jail.

Sexual abuse is the main complaint of sexual crimes against children and teenagers covering 70%.
Last year in 1376 inquiers,986 refers sexual abuse.
In rape cases of teens bellow 16 ,up 4 times the cases,between 2004 and 2006.

Even,actually the Penal Code don't criminalize the possession of porn pics,legislation will punish since next September,the possession of porn envolving minors with 1 year prison.

"Took from Correio da Manha newspaper"

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Precautions and what to do if raped


Chat rooms and dangers

A man aged 27 was arrested because had raped with violence two young women of 24 and 25 years old, who met in HI5.
It could be in any web place.
The cases happened in Braga and Fafe,Iin July and August .
Police thinks that maybe can be more victims that didn't take charge .
The man used a cybercafe to meet the young women,then,after caught their trust,knew them in person and invited them to have a drive in his car.
Then took them to isolated places where they were forced to have sexual contacts with him.
Court sent him home till judgment, with 2 presentations a week in a police station.
This is the law we have.


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To understand the links bellow

"What you have to understand, John, is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. This is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face."- Former CIA director and Cercle member William Colby giving advice to his friend senator John DeCamp, urging him to quit his investigations into the Franklin child abuse affair and to write a book about his experiences (The Franklin Coverup, 2nd edition, foreword).
took from:

Pedophilia and the forces behinh it

Disclaimer: All photos on this site abide by US and International Laws and contain No Nudity. Model release forms and parental authorization for all p

So they say:

A legal web site with teen girls.

You say if even legal, is a normal model pic.

If u suspect of child abuse

If You Suspect
Do not talk yourself out of your own suspicions. Sometimes people will convince themselves that they are not seeing what they are seeing. Feelings of self-doubt are often supported by the strong denials from the suspect. These denials will be accompanied by expressions of shock, outrage and even indignation that he could even be suspected of such conduct. He will frequently make partial admissions or comments such as: “I was only bathing her!” or “I was just hugging her, I love her you know.” The suspect will sometimes enlist the support of friends and colleagues who will attest to his sincerity and reputation. This pattern is typical especially among preferential child molesters. If you think an adult, friend or relative, is paying an excessive amount of attention on your young child or any child, be cautious. Talk over your suspicions with your spouse or someone you trust. Above all, make inquiries to your child. You will notice some behavioral changes in a child who is being actively abused. These changes may include:
Any sudden and unexpected change in a child’s traditional behavior.
He or she complains of frequent nightmares.
A new fear of a place where the child has visited before or a new fear of a person that he knows and has been in contact with. Be very suspicious if your child demonstrates this behavior.
A new awareness of sex related words, genitals or drawings of sexual themes.
Aside from psychological changes, look for physical signs of abuse such as anal or genital redness, bleeding or any type of suspicious injury to or near a child’s genitals. But keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of child sex abuse cases do not include a visible physical injury. There can be many reasons that an injury will not occur in a sex abuse case. There may be no force involved, the abuse may not include the child’s genitals or penetration may never have been accomplished. The abuse may be oral or consist of only touching. This is why molesters, when caught, will frequently encourage police to have the victim medically examined. They know there is no visible injury to substantiate the charge. They believe that a medical examination will support their claims of innocence. Never underestimate the cleverness of these people. But the astute investigator knows that the absence of an injury does not settle the matter, nor does it prove conclusively that abuse did not take place.
Remember that children who are being sexually abused are experiencing conflicting and painful emotions that they cannot sort out or understand. But this does not mean the situation can’t be verbalized. Children are more resilient than we give them credit for and the children that recover the best from sexual abuse are the ones whose parents took a proactive response to the situation. We can only do that by arming ourselves with the tools of knowledge and vigilance. It is up to us, the caretakers of children, guardians of their safety and their dreams, to assume control, cast off the terrible bonds of sexual abuse and bring their nightmare to an end. There are many ways to seek and obtain help:
Remember, you are not alone. There are many dedicated people and organizations that fight child sexual assault and the threat of Internet pornography every day. Visit these sites with your children. They include: is a program that informs children, parents and educators of safety issues regarding children and adults and also offers an Internet safety pact that your child can read and sign. which promotes child safety, abuse prevention with a guardian angel theme. which is a Web site that protects children from pornography and online predators. is one of the oldest Web sites in existence that works in conjunction with law enforcement to combat pornography and child seducing on the Internet. which is the home for Inside Pandora’s Box, a wealth of information regarding children and internet access. which is the home for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in the State of New York which provides hundreds of links to a wide array of police agencies in every state in America. No matter where you live, you will find a police agency close to home.
took from:

sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

Do the parents know their kids are in a boylove site?

"Johnie" Proudly Presents

Johnie ur the best,as i understood those pics are took from a book,and the author agreed.

He's a russian man that in his site shows lots little boys,some in "pose",others just caught.
I just have to say one thing:
If i caught anyone taking pics of my child i swear i put the damn camera up his ass and with sand, just to give those preverts more pleasure.

Pascal Zimmer raped and killed by pedophiles

The Bar Pascal

Pascal Zimmer had 5 years old when in september of 2001 ,desapeared in Saarbrucken-Germany.
His body was never found.
At the time,Pascal was atracted to the Tosa-Klause bar open 24 hours a day, and there was abused by four man with the cumplicity of Andrea M,bartender,that helped the rape putting a pillow in the boy's mouth.

The sentence will be read in September 7.

sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2007

dulce pontes-cancão do mar

This is Portugal-enjoy

Joana affair

Just a 8 years old child.

As the Court said,she was murdered in 12 September 2004.In 30 minutes she was cutted in pieces with a knife and a saw.
The murderes...her mother Leonor Cipriano and her mother's brotherJoao Manuel .
Both in jail for 16 years and 8 months.
The child's body was never found.
Joana had the bad luck to go shopping some tuna fish and,entering home saw her mother and uncle in sexual act.
Both started to beat the Joana's head against the wall....and she died.
Between those facts,there is complaints from the mother about agressions she had suffered in Police.
Police interrogations starting 4 AM and for 8 and more hours.
One vote against from one of the judges.
Joana's mother said she confessed cause the police beated her much.

J. Pereira ex inspector from Judiciary Police wrote a book about this affair.
I am curious to read it.
Soon in a library near you.

Portuguese kids kidnaped in Venezuela

Caracas, 24 Ago (Lusa) -The Venezuelan police free, alive and in good health today,3 from the 4 kidnaped portugueses lost since August 12 in Tachira State.

David Barreto Alcedo,34 years old still kidnapped.

The three portuguese kids with 11 and 13 years old are going to be sent to family.

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2007

Do the parents know their kids pics are in a boylover site?

Angry Australian Pedophile - www.JJ.AM

Many caught in "Dateline" sex sting already set free
Related News
Man caught in "Dateline" sting arrested again
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Sex offender caught on national TV pleads guilty
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Most Dateline suspects plead not guilty
Monday, May 22, 2006
Preview part two of Dateline's Fort Myers sex sting
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NBC2 searches for Dateline arrestees
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Friends, family shocked by Dateline sting
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Residents watch as child predator sting unfolds
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Dateline sting house revealed
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Preview Wednesday's Dateline predator sting
Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Dateline's sex predator sting comes to Fort Myers
Monday, April 24, 2006

Local News
Grab that raincoat, wet weather ahead
Watching the Tropics
Columbian Boa found in residential neighborhood
Mourning the loss of a dedicated K-9 Officer
Charlotte man arrested for illegal drug sales
Police searching for Naples robbery suspect
Violent sex offender on the loose
Community's help needed in identifying burglar
Man arrested for shaking infant
NBC2 Gridiron 2Night: Countdown to kickoff
"Real world" gas mileage ratings on 2008 cars
Children unbuckled, deputies handing out tickets
Justin Grodin found competent to stand trial
Friend accused of embezzling $55,000 from business
Stop work order issued to Zoomers, opening in question
First week of school full of bus-related issues
#16 - Bishop Verot Vikings
Harsh punishment influenced by Michael Vick's?
Company offering help with unfinished homes
New "accident reducing light" switched on

Other news...
Last updated on: 2/1/2007 6:33:53 PM by Kathryn Simmons

FORT MYERS: Several of the men convicted after being caught last year during an internet sex sting conducted by Dateline NBC are already out of jail. Others have had certain charges dropped or reduced.

NBC2 investigator Kathryn Simmons started digging through court files and noticed a pattern. Many of the men that were prosecuted got sentences as short as nine months.

The "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline is based on using decoys to act like underage girls on the internet to talk to possible sexual predators. A meeting is set up and when the suspect arrives – he or she is arrested.

It may make for good TV, but it’s not making for a good court case.

Police say as soon as the suspect shows up they have committed a felony, but some legal experts disagree.

Defense attorney Robert Harris represented one of the two dozen men caught in the Fort Myers sting.

"The plea bargain was made. I believe in most of these cases because the prosecution and defense were unsure of what level of legal ground we are on," said Harris of the Wilbur Smith Law Firm.

The question facing the legal system is – how do you know the men were about to commit a sexual crime?

That is why most of the suspects have been offered the same deal: Admit to computer pornography and the attempted lewd and lascivious battery charges disappear.

Law enforcement says outdated laws are resulting in light sentences.

"The current laws that we are working under, they are very weak because state statutes have not caught up with the computer era," said Fort Myers Police Chief Hilton Daniels.

But possible changes are on the way. On Wednesday, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum proposed a bill that could keep an online predator in prison for 15 years if they show up in person to meet a child.

Simmons discovered that of the eight convictions from the Fort Myers Dateline sting, four men have already been released. Sixteen other men that were arrested are still waiting for their day in court.

"I believe the longest sentence that we have is nine months, that's not nearly enough to convince these people not to go on the internet and look for their next victim," said Chief Daniels.

But despite that, Daniels says he would still invite Dateline back to Fort Myers for another sting.

Authorities say the computer pornography convictions do have serious consequences. It’s a third degree felony that comes with three years probation and it requires the person to register as a sexual offender with the state.

Girl and boy lover by Wikipedia

A girllover is an adult or adolescent who is strongly attracted to girls under the age of consent. "Girllover" is considered analogous to "boylover" in that both label individuals primarily attracted to children or teenagers. Often, individuals wishing to refer to both boylovers and girllovers collectively (or to an individual who is attracted to both boys and girls) will use the ambiguous term "childlover."
Some people, mostly boylovers, believe that this similarity is purely cosmetic and that beyond the coincedence of having a child as the object of one's attraction, the two attractions are qualitatively different. Boylover proponents of this view point to the ability of an adult male to serve as a mentor and role model to a boy, in a sense teaching him "how to be a man," which they claim has no analogue in a girllove relationship. Also, the potential of impregnating a girl adds a dynamic to a sexual relationship which is not present for boylovers. Girllovers may respond that an adult male is equally able to serve as a mentor and role model to a girl and point to the fact that many childlovers find penetrative sex with children objectionable (and some find all sex objectionable for various reasons).
Others, however, point to the identical societal rejection of both attractions and the similar treatment of boylovers and girllovers in the mass media, the legislature and the popular consciousness as an indication that there is more in common between the two groups than there is different.
While the debate about exactly how connected the two sexual preferences and their respective communities actually are is still very much active, there is a general agreement among many of the more important resources (such as Free Spirits and GirlChat) that when it comes to certain issues there is nothing to lose by working together. Thus there has always been a technical cooperation between administrations of various resources on all sides. An excellent example of this cooperation is LifeLine, a crisis-intervention resource that serves both communities.
An example of such cooperation can be cited from the early days of Free Spirits. A well-known GL activist and attorney provided Free Spirits with legal advice and assistance as Free Spirits was being formed and organized. Free Spirits provided him with technical advise with respect to his hosting some of his resources on the Internet.

After all God is with boylovers

Took from a boyslove site:
"I began to see the purpose that I and so many other boylovers had in God's grand scheme for a better world.
I began to see that I am the intermediary support for the difficult teenage years. At a time when parents and authority figures can't seem to understand or relate to teenagers, I do. At a time when no one else can seem to love them for who they are, I can. At a time when teenagers feel completely isolated and abandoned in their transition, I am there to support them and help them succeed. At a time when the whole wold seems turned against them, I want nothing more than to be there FOR them. At a time when the world seems so overwhelming and complicated, I have the ability to make it simple and help them understand."


quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2007

Jack McClellan

Wel...see the man and his work

You can see the beast in this site

See the interview

USA too has poor laws

In a Manlovesgirls forum someone asked for a site owner that was out net for some time:
There is the answer:
Self-proclaimed pedophile back on the streetsA week after being locked up for loitering outside a UCLA infant-development center with a camera, self-proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan was released Tuesday after authorities dismissed criminal charges against him.The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office threw out its criminal prosecution of McClellan, who was arrested after violating a civil court order barring him from being within 30 feet of a minor anywhere in the state.Deputy City Attorney Supervisor Richard Craft said the City Attorney's Office had an ethical obligation to free McClellan because the original court order contained several defects.First, the order keeping McClellan away from children was issued for three years. Normally such temporary restraining orders are for about 22 days, the City Attorney's Office said.Second, McClellan was not present in the courtroom Aug. 3, the day the order was issued. He was also not given notice of the order when it was made and did not have an opportunity to have his day in court, the City Attorney's Office said."We had no choice but to ask the judge to dismiss," said Nick Velasquez, a spokesman for the office.Velasquez said the dismissal ends the criminal case against McClellan, but that the restraining order remains in effect.McClellan is due back in court Friday to face contempt-of-court charges for violating the Aug. 3 court order.McClellan's release angered Anthony Zinnanti, one of the lawyers who won the temporary restraining order against him. Zinnanti said the City Attorney's Office reacted out of fear of losing the criminal prosecution."They are dead wrong with respect to the order," he said. "The order was valid and he was given notice."Zinnanti said Friday's civil hearing will occur as scheduled, and he hopes the judge will hold McClellan in contempt of court.McClellan left Men's Central Jail downtown at 2:43 p.m. Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed. It had no additional information.McClellan did not return calls seeking comment. His release angered lawmakers who have been fighting to keep McClellan behind bars."This really clarifies a need for a change in the law," said California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, who has drafted "surrogate stalker" legislation that would make current child-endangerment laws applicable to all adults.Current law covers only adults with custody over the child."Once we can codify this behavior as criminal, we don't have to worry about (temporary restraining orders) and then the prosecutors will have what they need," Smyth said.McClellan hasn't been convicted of any crimes involving pedophilia, but has posted pictures of kids on the Internet. He was arrested Aug. 13 on the campus of UCLA after being told by campus police to leave the area.After returning to the campus a second time that day for a news conference, he was booked at the West Hollywood sheriff's station.News of his release Tuesday struck a nerve with child-safety advocates."So many times the criminal-justice system doesn't create any justice for the victims," said Angela Rose, founder of PAVE, an anti-sexual-violence group."Jack has ... tried to evade the police; he's used aliases," said Ron Tebo, creator of a Web site that lists sightings of McClellan. "Jack is a threat not just because he's a pedophile, but because of the admissions he's made."

So we have a star here,i searched my name and....nothings there

Girl chat

So soft,so nice, and ur teen enters there:

Inside ther's the wolf waiting.

It is a Man loves girls chatroom.

A pearl took from a Man loves girls site

Mission statment:
Our Mission Statement provides a powerful message of our dedication to our resource's goal of becoming a hub of the Girl Love movement. From this center on the Internet we will work vigorously for the emancipation, empowerment, and positive education of youths everywhere; and, we will strive to establish full democratic rights for all persons, who are different age attracted, so as to secure for these individuals the same full legal protection from harrassment due to sexual orientation that is enjoyed by other minorities and to openly work for the establishment of our rights by educational and political means without fear of reprisal.

xxxxxxx provides free Web space to Girl Lovers who wish to see their thoughts displayed on the Net. It is dedicated to representing the many views of people on the subject of Girl Love. Some of you will write from a personal viewpoint of historical events in child love, a girl moment, or a poetic perspective -- as are featured in the Members' Gallery section. Other web pages will seek to address issues that are scientific, legal, political. or ethical -- as found in the Members' Podium. Through this representation GLGarden hopes to educate the world about Girl Love and provide support for Girl Lovers everywhere. We hope that GLGarden will quickly become a hub of the Girl Love resources on the Web and an important advocate of the online Girl Love movement.
We are only beginning; but, we are making steady progress on the number of new offerings being added to our new resource. The "Members' Gallery" Pages and "Members' Podium" Selections, linked to from "Directions" -- our map site --, continue to grow as members of our community take the initiative to contribute their ideas and talents. We are all excited as we see many more express an interest taking advantage of this free web space to add their voices to those who are publicly advocating for lovers' rights independent of age restrictions. And it is easy to join these pioneers and maintain complete anonymity. We even have interactive HTML tutorials available in Girl Links as an aid to learning the basics of building a web site. Once you feel ready to begin construction of your site, you should follow the procedures outlined in these answers to these FAQ below, and keep the guidelines of what is and is not acceptable content closely in mind.
What type of Web Pages will xxxxxx host?
Your pages should add to an understanding of Girl Love topics. We don't take pages that are mainly picture galleries. And we would appreciate that these contain accurate spelling and use language that is commonly understood. Acronyms, abbreviations, and slang, easily understood by Western Girl Lovers, may not be easily translated into Russian: the word tween, as one example - it is currently little known outside the English-speaking world. Therefore, please define your terms at least once, doing so clearly, before you use unfamiliar language. This way, by keeping in mind this last consideration, you will make it far easier for visitors whose first language is not English to appreciate your page. There is no reason for all pages to be easily translatable - a poetry page for example. Poetry is notorious for being untranslatable :) That being said, obscurity of content will lessen a page's chances of being accepted; but we are not outlawing slang used to heighten expressiveness.
Members' pages not in English should be readily intelligible to at least one committee member. Right now the languages covered are German, French and Russian.
Now,think as parents of little boys and girls and tell me, what we can do against those criminals?

terça-feira, 21 de agosto de 2007

Maddie...or Yes Minister

-Is this sad story near to the end?

-Do investigators knew from the beginning that she might be dead?

-Shall we belive that each parents in that night surveyed their own children?

Or one of them, at a time, was going to all rooms see the kids?

-Did the police dog smelled death in the appartment?

If so, that mean she was dead at least 2 hours,not less,in the appartment.

Kidnaped for adoption,the twins were easyer and give more profit.

I guess once more the sad statistics will work.

Murdered for a relative or near friend's parents.

Now facts:

Alípio Ribeiro, nacional director from Judiciary Police, had a phone call from John Buck, british ambassador in Portugal, the night Madeleine vanished from Ocean Club, at May 3 at 11PM.

The first media connection of McCann family, Clarence Mitchell, who organized the journeys of Maddie parents to several european countries is now , acessor of Gordon Brown,British Prime Minister .

Brown supported the Maddie case since the begining , probably because Jill Renwick, long time friend of the couple , lives nex door to Jonh Brown, brother of the British Prime Minister.
As "The Guardian" says, Jill talked to John in the street, and he sent the message to his brother.

Poor Rui Pedro,Tatiana,Rui Pereira,Sofia,etc... their friends are not neighbours of anyone with "pedigree"

Is good having answers like those

Dear Mr. Moura,Thank you for your interest in the Madeleine McCann case.This dramatic case has however to be dealt with primarily by the national police and authorities. The European Commission has not competence to interfere with police enquiring work.However, I am pleased to inform you about two elements than can, in the future, be of help in such disappearance or abduction cases.1. the Commission adopted on 17 February 2007 a "DECISION on reserving the national numbering range beginning with '116' for harmonised numbers for harmonised services of social value" (attached for your convenience, in English and Swedish) which ask the Member States to reserve with their telecommunication authorities all 6-digit telephone numbers starting with "116" for social services. The decision already reserve one, the "116 000" for hotlines for missing and sexually exploited children. This number does not replace existing hotline numbers (110 in Belgium, 114 in Italy, etc.) but it will be a unique number that should be activated in all Member States. The implementation of that Decision is going quite fast, thanks to the European Federation for missing and sexually exploited children (now Missing Children Europe : and, new site soon available). I do attach as well a brief press release giving you some indication on the progress status.2. the Commission is currently reflecting on how to generalise and implement on the entire Union territory an "Amber Alert"-like mechanism. France and Greece recently launched one such system. The Vice President Frattini, responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security, wrote in July to all Member States to prompt them to reflect on such a possibility. The Commission, on its side, is presently listing some ideas and guidelines for this.Please also see :,,, sincerely,Patrick Trousson European Commission DG JLS/COffice LX46 1/125 Tel.: + E-mail: patrick.trousson@ec.europa.eu_________________________________________________ -----Original Message-----From: JLS FSJ EUROPA FEEDBACK Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 2:44 PMTo: TROUSSON Patrick (JLS)Cc: JLS ADONIS REGISTRATIONSubject: 912 - JLS Mailbox - Portuguese kidnaped children

Aegroto dum anima est, spes est

This is the main page of a softpedophile site

Does the parents of those children know their boys are in the front page of a boylover site?

segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2007

Another boylovers site

Soft,smooth and lots of children pics,took without they know(in fairs,youth camps,etc)

But we try a link:

Here it is child porn.

Rated NR: brief nudity; intense adult themes; mild profanity; intense sexual themes; violence, including child abuse

See the pics and the warning and judge for yourselves.

Eduard VII Park

Eduard VII park is at the end of Liberty Av. and has 26 ha.

It's a place to rest and enjoy the nature ,in the middle of Lissabon.

At night becomes,sice long ago, the paradise of pedophilia.

Poor children from the poorest blocks, comes here to sell their body for a couple of bucks.

Since high figures of the Nation till doctors,lawyers,etc....we can find all kind of classes searching the white young meat.

There was once an investigation took by Judiciary Police, where all the children that uses to prostitute in that park were identified.

As well their "clients" were identified.

The officer was transfered to another place and the process vanished.

After the Casa Pia scandall,11 persons were presented to trial in what was called the Park affair.

Pedro Inverno was the most known.

A search in his house revealed films and pics with pedophile acts.

Whit him were in courtroom :

Vítor Messing Ribeiro (doctor), Fernando Couto (translator), César dos Santos (business man), Jon Janssen (business man), Augusto Pipo (construction worker), António Nogueira (no profession known), José Silva (cook), João Alves (electrician) e João Pires (economist).

Joao Pires,50 years old, condemned in 3 years for child abuse ,was sent free because confessed the acts,

One year later was caught again in Star Garden trying to buy sexual favours to 3 kids aged 13.


domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

And obviously in that site ....

After a few clicks pedophilia...not hard to find.

Films to sell...look this one...the explanation:

"VIEWER DISCREPTION: Nudity, sexual scenes, coarse language, may offend some."

Just an innocent site for and from boylovers.

Well,just an innocent site for and from boylovers.

The films are took from comercials.

The pics are normal.

Nothing is against the law.


The pic of the week-a boy facing the sea with the web adress in front of his but.

Down there is this:
Psst.. especially for bubble butt lovers:click here for a slightly photoshopped version ;-)

Naughty,naughty....see above the difference


They use all they can to pass the message

This was took from a so called christian boy love association:

"Many boylovers who have attempted to change their orientation say their ability to love others and their self-esteem have been severely damaged. The American Psychiatric Association claims that efforts to eliminate this attraction usually are ineffective. However, like ex-gays, some boylovers have found change possible. Many Christian boylovers acknowledge that God can change one's orientation if he wishes to, but feel that he often apparently chooses not to. God does however promise that his grace will be sufficient, and that his power will be made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). "

So God doesn't want them to change their atraction for young children

And what about a 9 mm in middle of their brains?


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