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Pedophilia and their branches

The WERKGROEP MORKHOVEN was founded in 1989 by Marcel Vervloesem, with its actions concerning the use of isolation cells in a children's institute of Antwerp.
After a long struggle with the Belgian authorities, a delegation of the group was invited by the Minister of Health who was in the process of making the regulation concerning the use of isolation cells in institutes.
They discorered that some children were sexually abused and worked prostitutition. Further investigation led to the paedophile network "Temse” and "Zandvoort", with worldwide ramification, then archives of the network, with the photographs of 90.081 children raped, tortured, even some murders.
The press censors the information, pretending it acts of "a few hundred pictures in old magazines" and Belgian justice has blocked the investigation.
Since the Workgroep fights to let the case known, the Minister for justice has made pass Marcel Vervloesem for the head of the network, and he is prosecuted for intruding in the private lives of so-called "non-identified" criminals.
The Temse network led the researchers from the Group to the "Zandvoort" network (Zandvoort is a town in The Netherlands) that had links with France, Germany and Portugal.


The Zandvort pedophile ring never was took to trial.

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