terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Hope is all they have

To keep lighted the hope, 12 years later,where he works for many years, in Lousada, Manuel Mendonça has in his shop-window the photograph of Rui Pedro , disappeared 12 years ago.
He has photos of eight more children, also disappeared.
" Missing people, but not forgotten" remembers the pics, with some numbers of telephone.
The hope to see him again remains alive.
Manuel Mendonça and Filomena Teixeira believe that their son, missing person with 11 years, is alive.
And believes until the youngster, with 23 years made in the past day 28 of January, will go one day return home.
Rui Pedro disappeared the 4 of March of 1998.
He left home with the bicycle, after the lunch, and was to give a return in lands next to house and never more returned.
The deceptive tracks and notice had been succeeded.
The mother is more fragile as time goes by and seems not to obtain to surpass so great pain.
The father try taking the life with tranquility, dissimulating to deceive the steel nerves that are necessary to keep the hope. For now, he does not have new features from Rui Pedro.


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