sábado, 15 de setembro de 2007

Maddie....the never ending story

After one day of reflection i used to read almost all i could find in net, there is only one thing i can say for sure:
The Mccan's are guilty of neglect the 3 kids.
The Mccann's are guilty of lying(several times) .

And i showed several here in other comments, the differences between what they said and what really happened.
The Mccann's had been trained to show an image,(they had the best in media to help them).
So,the cold and sometimes smily posture,i think was imposed by those experts who surrounded them(even the rose cat everywhere with Kate ,makes part of the game).
The Mccann's are not guilty of Maddie's murder
Not until someone can prove otherwise
Everything we can say it's pure especulation,unless we can read the police process
I just can't belive in media stuff

The Mccann's are starting soon a new campaign to recover their child,using the Found money.
It's for what it was collected.
I add here some pics i collected in this blog(shows the place where all happened)-Read this blog...seems to me serious:

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