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Maddie last hours

17.30PM,May 3.

Madeleine,Sean and Amelie eat ain Paradaise Restaurant,near the beach,Luz,Allgarve.

Are with their parents,Kate and Gerry and at least with more two cuouples friends and more four children.

The images took by the cams of the internal security system show it.

Maddie played with her father in the beach,eated an ice cream.

"They were together.Only the children eated the child menu,while the adults had some beer.No excesses or something out normal..We only took attention,when we saw next day about the kidnaping",told to CM newspaper one employee who served the group.

The tape with the images was sent to Police next week.

As the restaurant employees said,Maddie left the Paradise Restaurant by 18.15 PM and wento to the Ocean Club appartment.

High quality image was took when Maddie was taking her dessert near the ice cream box,was the last one known of the child alive.

Mistery starts here.What happened between 18.30PM and 20.00PM is the big doubt in portuguese investigation,who thinks she suffered an accident and they belive she died short while left the restaurant.

"They entered in restaurant by 20.00PM.Was a large group and everiday they dined in Tapas.They did it once more and we saw nothing strange" said to CM newspaper an employee who served the couple.

Kate,Gerry and their friends were in an oval table in the center of the restaurant.Before dinner asked for strawberry daiquiris and only after 21.ooPM they started to eat.The group was in high spirit.

"I can't say who took the table or when.The only thing i can say is that they didn't took the table every 15 minutes to see the children"said another employee,remembering that when they saw the group had kids they felt astonished.

"The group came every night without kids.We presume the kids stayed alone in their bedrooms every night".

21.00PM the dinner is served.One of the employees remembers that was missing one person-Russel O'Brien-I remember cause i had to serve him a little later"

That is coincident with what Russel said to Police.

It was a bit after 22.00PM when all happened.Kate went to the bedroom and shout from the balcony.The employees can't remember how long before Kate went to the appartment.They only remember that when she ask for help she already was near the house with a group's woman.

"She was shouting and seemed histerical and only could say someone took Maddie.Everyone went from the table and gone to the appartment."

The same employee finished to call the police by 22.40PM.More than 30 minutes had gone and we know now that Kate already had contacted Sky News.Also Pamela Fenn,the first floor neighbour asked if they needed help,but Kate refuses and take more half hour to ask police help.
"What i strange most is that Kate never left the appartment.We all were looking in the nerarby places for the girl.We run every place and she stayed home.Obviously shoked but not a move to search her daughter."

At 23.00PM the Ocean Club managers came to the place.Police already sent to the place two agents but they didn'e spoke english.They try to understand what was happening and call Judiciary Police cause seemed to be a kidnaping.

"In all that time the mother didn't left a single tear.What disturbed me more is that i just knew was her daughter when she gave the police the ID papers.Till then i didn't realise that was the kidnaped mother.Next hours she remained in the appartment,never looked for her daughter.Was quite calm and was tgalking to some women of the group.Gerry was running in the street yelling for Madeleine"

By 2.ooAm,next day the Judiciary Police ask the Mccann to leave the appartment cause they needed to see it.

"Was one of her friends who came for the twins.They were deeply sleepingeven with all that mess.They never wake up" said the same witness who still says that wont remember see the cat toy Kate started to use later everywhere.

Took from Correio da Manha newspaper -

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