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ARKHIPOV Yuri Mikhaylovich klichkya: (there are no data) yr of the generation: 1960

The place of the stay: Moscow

Compromising materials:

The service record: • the sexual operation of minor • lewd actions with those, who did not reach maturity • the compulsion of minor to the actions of sexual nature • sexual relations with the the minor • the compulsive actions of sexual nature • rape, beatings, torture • the production of child pornography •

Tthe propagation of child pornography History: Arkhipovu once rang its friend- pedophile Vsevolod to Sun- Elba and he proposed to organize the surveys of sadistic porn film. Arkhipov developed the exemplary scenario of film ("the punishment of vorishki") and on the comprised together estimate stocked up all necessary accessories. To the main role Of Arkhipov he invited its friend the pedophile- sadist Victor Razumnov. He with happiness agreed and invite the company of one additional sadist - Aleksey Tormozova. For the right to share the profits he paid off... with his minor cousin brother .When the Moscow Police arrived to detain Victor Razumnova, Arkhipov, attempting to be hidden, it jumped out into the window. But this did not save it.
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