quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007

A pedophile site

But...have no nudity....so can't be closed.
See the introduction.....so smooth....so.....i even teared seeing so delicate way to spread the pedophilia around the world.
This is a brain wash...that is spread all over net...AND CANT ANYBODY DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT
"Hello. My pen name is Howard Kline and my online nickname is “Cerius.” Welcome to XXXXXX, my corner of the shadow world of pedophilia in cyberspace. I have created this website to introduce myself to people in this community and initiate conversations about activism to improve the society around us. If you are looking for information on pedophilia or related resources, let me refer you to some excellent sources"

Shit and has a portuguese translation....tks but here in Portugal guess we are not honoured to have it in our language

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