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Old stories-Operation Toro Bravo

At the village of Saint-Léger-des-Vignes, in the center of France, a house in corner and a parish garden surrounded of a grid. Father Glencross lived there with his 5 sons, teenagers whom he adopted. All came from Columbia, except the last one who was Peruvian. As soon as one left, Father Glencross would return to Colombia and come back with another young boy.
The man had a lot of sense of humor and influential friends, of which Hubert Védrine, the spokesman of the French presidency, who had taken residence at his place for electoral reasons. There were rumors some would confuse with village gossips. Many thought of him as a holy man, when in summer of 1990, the gendarmerie discovered 30.000 pictures at his place: the largest European studio of photographs with a pedophile character.
He was friend with Pastor Doucé, a homosexual militant, who administrated the subscriptions of "Gaie France Magazine" a luxurious monthly review, sold at 15.000 specimens whose a Portuguese version. It was published by Caignet, a neo-Nazi militant. Father Doucé would take the pictures of Father Glencross and supply the magazine. It was the pedophile network "TORO BRAVO".
The néo-nazi and the pastor had as a collaborator, Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, a photographer who held in Paris, a gallery that exposed photographs without ambiguities, two hundred meters away of the Senate. His income was important for those days, reaching nearly 350.000 euro per year. Samples of his production was also found in the archives of the pedophile networks Wonderland and Zandvoort, as it was discovered thanks to Marcel Vervloesem from the Werkgroep Morkhoven.
Hardly Father Glencross was imprisoned, Father Doucé was kidnapped. The first one died of a heart attack, and the second was murdered of several bullets in forest of Rambouillet, close to Versailles. Caignet and Vuillaume benefited from a partial withdrawal of case. The sons of father Glencross seems to have been forgotten.
The Toro Bravo case was closed, without the spokesman of the French presidency being heard. A Toro Bravo N°2 was opened at the end of 94, by the seizure of a video cassette at a Parisian executive, with the surviving accused of Toro Bravo N°1.
In Bogotá, capital of Colombia where the Father Glencross had come to adopt several of his "sons", Jean-Manuel Vuillaume had a pied-à-terre where he would film the rapes of children. His cassettes were sold in France for 120 euro each.
A large police operation led to 72 arrests, of which of another collaborator of the band: Bernard Alapetite, a film manager who would share his production between art and films of pedophile character. The latter led the police to the network "Teenager 71", of which 814 house search, 686 questionings, 103 inquiries and 5 suicides.

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