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Mccann's network

Justine McGuiness -
I live in rural Dorset and contested West Dorset in 2005 for the Lib Dems, gaining 22,302 votes at the General Election. I am also godmother to six children and aunt to nine nieces/nephews.
Took from her blog: http://justinemcguinness.blogspot.com/

Father Jonathan Morris -
Father Jonathan Morris, LC Media History
From 2002-2004 Father Jonathan served as a theological advisor to Mel Gibson in the making of the feature film, the Passion of the Christ. He advised the grass-roots promotion of the film in the United States and Europe.
In April of 2005, with the sickness of death of Pope John Paul II, Father Jonathan began his work as a religious news analyst and commentator for several domestic and international channels including CNN, Sky News, and BBC.
He now serves as a regular news contributor for the Fox News Channel, where he offers ethical and moral commentary to regular news items.
Contribution to Fox News Channel
In less than a year he has appeared more than 100 times on various Fox News Channel shows, covering a broad range of topics.
In November of 2005, Father Jonathan covered the youth riots in Paris, France. He went on the scene of the rioting neighborhoods and spoke to the Muslim youth about the social and religious undertones of the conflict. At the same time he initiated an exclusive interview with the Imam of the Grande Mosque of Paris.
In January of 2006, he traveled to Venezuela to cover a populist religious gathering that highlighted the tension between the hierarchy of the Catholic Church and President Hugo Chavez.
In February of 2006, Father Jonathan carried out an exclusive sit-down interview with First Lady Laura Bush in Rome, Italy.
In July he traveled to Germany to report and comment on the upswing in human trafficking of woman for prostitution in the days leading up to the arrival of World Cup soccer tournament fans.
Recently Fox News renewed a long-term contract with Father Jonathan to continue providing ethical commentary on the big news stories of the day.
Took from: http://www.fatherjonathan.com/bio.html

Father Marcel Macial -
Founder of the Legionaires of Christ

The Most Revd and Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu -
Archbishop of York
Launched a staunch attack against Portuguese Police, when he told BBC that "Kate and Gerry have been treated unjustly and inhumanely, because the evidence does not stack up at all. There is this great injustice which they feel is piled upon them."

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor -
Arcebishop of Westminster
Organized the Meeting of McCann couple with Pope Benedict XVI

David Payne -
Oganized the trip to Ocean Club

David Hughes -
Public relations consultant
Liberal Democrat Party member
Press Officer for the McCann Family

All this and more u can see in: http://gazetadigital.blogspot.com/

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