sábado, 29 de setembro de 2007

Dayly Maddie

1-The Moroccan girl pic made the media forget a bit the Mccann.
2-The Moroccan Police lauched a huge investigation against a rutheless gang of traffickers who had responsable for dealing tons of marijuana between that country and Europe as soon as were advised to a possibly Maddie's match in Zaio town.
3-Portuguese Police still belives Maddie is dead.
4-Why Kate and Gerry McCann are "figthing" for their "lifes"

Police “is running out of budget and want to end investigation” – News of The World
Portuguese Judicial system “is more appropriate to break down the reputation of an innocent man than to identify those responsible”–McCann's lawyer, Pinto de Abreu, Daily Express
“The McCann may be victims of a miscarriage of Justice, if they are extradited to Portugal” – The Times
“The Portuguese hate (Praia da Luz, it) was quickly colonised by English second-homers (...) The locals were priced out long ago.” - Charlotte Ross, The Evening Standard
I shall say the Mccann fight with all wepons they have:
If they are just a couple who lost their daughter,it's very painfull for them.
Even the memory is short,this will be carried till the end of their life.
Already destroyed their normal life,guilty or not.

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Some of this news are took from: http://gazetadigital.blogspot.com/

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