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Old Stories - Network C.R.I.E.S.

In July 1982 "Gay Pied" announces the creation of C.R.I.E.S. in Belgium, the acronym of "Centre of Research and Information on Childhood and Sexuality". Based Chaussée d'Ixelles in Brussels, it aimed to help child abusers to fight against their sexual deviances. In 1987, the centre was an international organization of child prostitution, which published a review also available in France by subscription. It used children of poor families and "rented" them to for parties. The investigation will lead to 20.000 exhibits that were seized, among which many pornographic photographs of children. A doctor was arrested and hardware was seized at the UNICEF, splashing the United Nations Children's Fund. Michel Decré, a 50 year old inhabitant of Brussels was condemned to 7 years of prison. In April 2001, Marcel Vervloesem of Werkgroep Morkhoven discovers in the files of the paedophile network Zandvoort a lists of around 400 customers of the C.R.I.E.S., comprising their addresses and partner associations throughout the world. Several of those names where also found in file CORAL; an institute for handicapped children in the South of France which supplied children to perverts in the hotel of the local village. Among them, Delbouille a Belgian grave digger who had been placed 5 days in preventive custody at the time the scandal exploded. The activists of Morkhoven warned the authorities who made the official report 8257/01 and asked them full discretion for the inquiry. This discovery brought the police of Namur at his place, enabling them to discover 15 m3 of pedo- pornographic hardware. The discovery will then be allotted to a governmental organisation, who accepted the honours. In 2004, it appeared that the Belgian authorities forgot to communicate the list of the C.R.I.E.S. to Scotland Yard. In result of this amazing "dysfunction", a considerable number of rambling criminals were not located and one of them murdered a child in the North of England.
The tribunal of Turnhout since in charge, taxes the petition of the Werkgroep Morkhoven and Foundation Princess of Croÿ as paranoid, and sues Marcel Vervloesem for intruding in the private lives of these criminals who they say are "not identified".

Took from: http://groups.msn.com/WerkgroepMorkhoven/dezaakdutroux.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=2189&LastModified=4675506676975720960

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