terça-feira, 18 de setembro de 2007

Street project-In family we grow

Today i bring u all a Portuguese project to save the street children:

1989 - IAC created the Street Work Project with Children in Risk or Situation of Marginality.

It was the only Project approved for Portugal, as initiative, under the cover of the European Program Poverty III.

Currently it is assigned for Street Project- In Family To grow


The Project was initiated, to give reply to a vast number of street children running around in Lisbon center .

Street entertainers and technicians, through a personalized relation, of contact with the families, several activities,or search of job, looked to the integration of these children and young in the family and the community.

In 1993, to sustain the problem in its origins and to prevent the appearance of new cases, the Project fixed equips in the Communities of Residence of the children that we found in the street: Quarter 6 of May (Damaia), 208 Patio and Quarter of the County (Chelas) and Olival Quarter of the Pancas (Pontinha). Up to 2000, of this initial intention, it was transfer the gradual autonomization of these communities and to the communitarian development.

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