segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2007


Kate Mccann version:

1-At May third by 10 PM she found the door and appartment window open.Maddie was gone.

2-Kate says her daughter had been kidnaped by a pedophile net.

3-Closed the appartment's door and came back to "Tapas Restaurant to give notice."They took her",she shouted.

4-Since this moment the Mccann's were always behind the media attention.

What Police thinks that happened:

1-Entering the appartment she found Maddie already dead and entered in panic.Tought she would be accused of negligence and couldn't explain why she let the children alone.

2-Police thinks Maddie had died from an accident inside the room and not by sedative adiction.

3-Kate hided her daughter's body and only after went to restaurant.Only later she told her husband what really happened.

4-For not least 24 hours they hided Maddie's body.After they rented the Renault Scenic they took her in the car to unknown place.

Took from magazine"Sabado"

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