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Pascal Zimmer lost since 01/09/30

Family name: ZIMMER
Forename: Pascal
Birth date:11 December 1995
At the vanishing

Height:120 cm / 3" 11'
very slim
His mother,Sonja Zimmer died with a cerebral commotion in 2005 June with 46 years.

17 days later his father was dead from an heart atack.

Pascal represents one of the most difficult cases of lost children the Fredi Association had. In 2007, the investigation, many times interrupted still has no answers.


Distinguishing marks:Lost incisor
Spoken language:German
Date of disappearance:30 September 2001
Place of disappearance:Saarbrücken-Burbach (Germany )
Pascal went out of his home at 16:00. He went maybe to the Oktoberfest (October festival) in Burbach. He didn't come back home. The Police was called at 21:00.

Disappearance type: criminal act

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