quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2008

Daily Maddie

1-Next January 3 the Mccann will know if the justice secret will be extended for more six months.
If not they can read the process and know why they had been "arguidos" in this case.
2 - The oficial site of Maddie's abduction will be increased cause,as their parents say,she was abducted and they belive she will return soon.

Now,six months later,we can try to see Maddie's abduction in a coldd position.
How cant someone pick a little girl body and hide her,in a foreign country,without inside help.
Ok,lets think Maddie had an accident or something similar and died.
An abudctor would let the body in the apartment and just runned away.
The parents would panic and had to think fast what to do.
But they had a big problem....they are in an unknown place with no time or friends to help in such matter.
Is it that Murat helped them?
And why for God sake.
Too many questions and no answers.

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