terça-feira, 11 de setembro de 2007

Precocious erotization

The erotization cult stimulates sexuality and pedophilia
The strong sensual appeal in publicity,soap operas,musics and other cultural products as long as accelerates de emotional child phases turns,even in a furtive way,the child abuse an acceptble social practice.
The same society who condemns the evil crimes in pedophilia -sexual abuse against children-also promotes in a huge and mecanic way a culture who evaluate the early erotization of children and make it a 100% formula to sell products,create fashion,influence ppl and, mainly have huge profits with it.
In publicity,soap operas,media or music,exarcebated sexuality is in everyday life and it's something to be proud off.
Charged with all these information,many kids have their development afected,pass ahead important fases in their life and ends in little adults.
Society in our days accepts the pedophilia as an act socialy acceptble as long as stay underground.
The same society who makes laws to protect the children also helps to put in midia a desire each time bigger for the human body,mostly female.
The women needs to be desireble to progress in life.
What happens is a search between ingenuity almost childish and extreme desire.That captures men,women and also afected the subjectivity of children,who become very worried with their figure.
Anorexia is one of those disorders.
Children with 4 or 5 years old rejects some tipe of clothes.
All to not feel fattie or distant from the image the midia give and her friends copy.

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