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Mccan's-guilty or not?

1-Judiciary Police ,after receiving the forensic results of the evidences caught in the appartment and the car hired 23 days after Maddie vanished,interrogate the Mccann's.

First Kate ,who took 15 hours in a day and more 4 in the other day.

The father was less time,but he refused to answer.

As "arguidos" they have that right.

And as i said before become "arguido" doesn't mean be guilty.

But(and this is very serious),the portuguese lawyer of Mccann's had an appointment with the PGR(General Prosecutor of the Republic).

And after that appointment,the Public prossecutor(that was thinking taking the Mccan's to a Judge, to former accusation of accidental murder and hiden body,indicates to the Judiciary Police to just put them with term of residence and identification,wich is thew lowest measure in Portuguese law.

And why?

Cause they have no body,no evidence and forensic examinations didn't help so deep the investigation.

The penalty for such crimes is not more than 3 years.

The decision is no doubt,political.

Any other persons wouldn't had such benevolence from the authorities.

But the pressure of the media pro and against Portugal(yes,not want to know the truth) will be less here.

So Police can work better.

In the other hand we have all the intervinients outside Portugal.

All of them...witnesses,Maddie's parents.....except Murat.

Does Kate suffers from after child birth depression?

Some neighbours say that Kate yelled a lot with Maddie.

An english woman who lived in first floor up the Mccan's appartment in Allgarve,said she heard more than one time Maddie crying and begging for her father.

2-The Mccan's said in press today that they made an appointment with the Pinochet lawyer,Michael Caplan.


So is not a guilty ppl decision,it's a natural and understendble decision(and thk God they have money for it).

3-The strange attitudes of Katie after the child's loss:

a)First called the Sky News and then to police??????????

b)How she had a pic of her daughter with the same pajama to show so quicly?????????

c)The room window was locked even Kate said it was unlocked?????????

d)Was Kate who usually took kare of the children while Gerry was playing tenis or staying in the pool.

e)Pamela Fenn who lived in first floor, said that sometimes heard Maddie begging for her father and Kate sometimes had agressive atitudes to the children.
4-Even to be true they accidentally killed her,who helped them????
Foreign persons in an unknown country,only with the help of someone knowing well the place could pic the dead body and vanish it.
Here(and we speculate) Murat appears.
The police dogs stopped in his front gate house,in first rescues.
Let's wait .

Disclaimer:Jerry, Kate Mccann and Murat are innocent till the court decides otherwise.

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