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Maddie....have to put this here

The Madie affair is opening a fracture between two historical friends:United Kingdom and Portugal.Where some see vile policial work,others see huge mediatic pressures and a not clean role in Brithis Government.

Sky News knew the kidnaping 30 minutes before the portuguese police.

"We saw that they had powerfull friends" said a policial source

Even London saying strongly they have no intention to enter the policial inquiry,the portuguese public opinion is that His Magesty Government and the english media his in this kidnaping since the first minutes.

One of thisstrangeness is the role of Clarence Mitchell sent by Foreign Office in the end of May to help the Mccann.
Clarence Mitchell is the Media Monitoring Unit director,a not well known department but that does a extraordinary job to the British Government: Studies all the media in the world even most known blogs to collect the informations who can interest UK. When Mitchell came to Allgarve,at the end of May, Maddie affair had become a circus. The show feeded by the parents to help search the little girl satrating to reach all the planet.

With Clarence the religious aspect become strong(Fatima,Vatican) and the press campaign,propaganda and solidarity reached global levels. The couple runned Europe,jumped to Marrocco,flyed to Madrid to have an appointment with Interior Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. Gerry had an interview in USA with González. Carrying pics,toys and Maddie's clothes the couple was blessed by the Pope Benedicto XVI. Celebities such as J.K. Rowling, José Mourinho or David Beckham made donations and gave their face that helped the family carry 1,4 millon euros.
Many Portuguese belive now,trough the evidences carried by Portuguese Police that all the noise was no more than a huge smoke curtain made by the Mccann's,two doctors with contacts and credibility,respected and in an high social position,who become giant helped by the media and with the Bristish Government help till a no return point.

In Portugal people thinks that all the noise made in the world didn't allowed the police to investigate neutrally.First, because the afect wave generated by the Maddie's missing transformed the Mccann's in an untatchble simbol of suffering and anguish. intachable del Second because the mediatic exposition generated lots of false ways.

Three days after the kidnaping near the Ocean Club,there were; 33 reporters of Sky News and 18 fromBBC. Sky knew before the police the kidnaping,as a police source said: "Someone among Mccann's friends called Sky News reporter in Allgarve in the crime night.The call was made at 22.11 ".
A bit before 22.00 a female neighbour offered to call the police . "Kate, told her that was not necessary cause they already done it ", police says.
That inicial lie and other contradictory witnesses in Mccann's and their friend testemonys made the police suspicious since first day. "A story not well told ", writed Diário de Noticias in day 5, when Maddie was just one among millions of children vanished in the world every year. "There were many wrong things ", say a poliuce officer. "Mother told the female neighbour that already called the police and was a lie,said someone forced the window from outside,but the window was forced from inside,said they took an eye each half hour but in restaurant the empoyees denied ". For the police what socked them most was the parents didn't call the police first,but the media Even wew surprised cause Mccann's asked in Ocean Club reception the priest phone contact.

With english media as witnesses the Mccann's and their friends started to criticize the police methods:that they took more than an hour to came back,they destroied evidences cause they never put a new pair of gloves each proof they collected.The Allgarve police ,a very peacfull place where each year come thousands of british tourists knew what to expect:an english victim,english suspects,english newspapers... . "We allways expected that", said a regional officer.

The police officiers had to go with the wind. Couldn't do any other way,even knowing that something smelled bad in the history and statistics never fails:the kidnaped children in occupied buldings are scarce.

With the media came to Praia da Luz the british ambassador in Lisbon, John Buck; Shree Dodd, first communication accessor sent by Foreign Office, that was realesed some weeks latter by Mitchell, and several Scotland Yard officers. Buck said to trust police. Dodd started to lauch around the world the official kidnaping idea. Mitchell gave speed to the machine. Slogans saw the day light (find Madeleine, return Madeleine, we know she is alive, not a stone will be in place ...), the web page was retouched,started the faith trips. The cold desolation of Kate, her stollen beauty by disgrace,her thikness,started to create a new Lady Di

For two months the police was forced to follow hundreds of tracks.Supposed Maddie's sights came from the whole world. Chipre, Malta, Holanda, Grecia, Buenos Aires, Bélgica... Just in one day,at the end of May there were 200 suspitions.One more consistent became from a norway female citizen who said saw her in a gas sation at Marraquexe with an arab male. She forgot to tell that her husband was from Leicestershire, the county where the McCann's live.
Slowly the case started to calm down.The McCann convinced the world. Maddie was kidnapped and seemed having no hope. Since the police convicted and investigated with no effect Robert Murat, an anglo portuguese neighbour from Praia da Luz who worked as a translator to the police it self in this case that the dead of little Maddie become to discussion.

Scotland Yard suggested to use two dogs(Eddie, seven years, Keela with three) specialized in blood and death smell .The spaniel, who helped to solve more than 200 crimes in Great Britain and USA,found both things:in the appartment and in the rented Mccan's hired car. Policial conclution:inside the house there were an accident,Maddie was dead.Parents and friends decided to hide the dead body and fake a kidnap,made their game,but the smoke curtain become so big that they couldn't come back "Probably they got scared,tought that as they were doctors noone could understand how the little girl died,couldn't explain why they gone for 3 hours letting the children alone ", said a police source. "And, they had a reputation to maintain".
Who of them had to? Gerry McCann, the cardiologist with ice eyes, had one. "We saw latter that he had influent friends and that wanted a big position in Health Ministery,he wanted to make a political carrier...That we guess made him think deep ", say a police officer.
The Exterior and Interior british ministers said several times that this is not a political case.The Portuguese First Minister says the same.

But some english citizens started to e mail and write to Parlament and Downing Street protesting the close affinity between Mitchelland the McCann. The readers of the electronic newspaper Mirror.co.uk., are mad. Saturday, an internaut writed: "The McCann will came back to UK.The media will support them till nausea.The dissident voices could be ignored in newspapers pages and in net(what already happened). The public,not well informed will support their fight against Portuguese Police and the media against them.Finally the Government will press the Portuguese one to let fall the case if they don't have 100% proofs...What6 can be easy in this case ".
Today,Maddie still is missing.We met het,saw her pics,her smile,her videos.her special iris.We will remember her for a long time.

Wiil we meet the true story some day?

Will she appear one day to tell us how it was?

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