sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2007

Maddie Mccann-LET'S THINK A BIT

There is something we must consider:

Be considered as suspect(or as we say in portuguese-arguida) doesn't mean to be guilty and condemned.

Any of the parents can ask that,and the police didn't say who decided.

That the story is not well told is a fact.

From the restaurant they couldn't see the window.

In that night ,at dinner,17 bottles of wine were emptied.

If in this case were involved poor portuguese ppl,the least they already had was a process for negligence and the twins given to Social Security.

15 hours of quizz with a translator and a lawyer,maybe we can resume it to 4 ou 5 hours (talk,translate,take doubts,etc.)

For me....Maddie is dead.


All the nothing more than mediatic circus and backroung games of each country policy.

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