sábado, 8 de setembro de 2007

Just for the records

According to the newspaper Sol, the friends' account is as follows:
6pm The McCanns collect Madeleine and their twin siblings from the creche at the Ocean Club
7.30 The three children are put to bed
8.30 Kate and Gerry McCann arrive at the tapas restaurant
8.45 Family friends Russell O'Brien, a doctor from Exeter, and Matthew and Rachael Oldfield, a doctor and recruitment consultant from London, arrive
8.55 David and Fiona Payne, both doctors from Leicester, arrive
9.00 Gerry McCann goes to check on his children
9.05 Mr McCann is returning to the table when he runs into Jeremy Wilkins, an English TV producer whom he befriended on the tennis courts, and the pair chat in the street just outside the McCann's apartment
9.10 Jane Tanner, Mr O'Brien's partner, is coming late to the dinner, one of their children having been sick, when she sees a man walking away from the McCann's apartment with a child over his shoulder. She tells police that she passed directly alongside Mr McCann and Mr Wilkins; the latter tells police he saw neither her nor the mysterious man
9.25 Gerry McCann returns to the restaurant. Mr Oldfield leaves to check on his own children
9.30 Mr Oldfield goes to the McCann's apartment; he doesn't raise any suspicions at the time but later says that he noticed there was more light in the apartment. Russell O'Brien leaves at the same time, to discover that his daughter is vomiting
9.35 Mr Oldfield returns to the table
9.55 Mr O'Brien returns
10.00 Kate McCann goes to the apartment and discovers that her daughter has gone. She returns to the restaurant and raises the alarm

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