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Child pornography is more or less a bye product of WW2, and the resulting technologies , and advancements in communications . As well as the mixing of cultures and ideas that come from increased travel. They say like minds have a way of seeking each other out, this is most certainly true of pedophiles , and those that seek CP. I can only guess as to the first publication of CP but I would not be surprised if it did not pre date 1900. Almost the same can be said of Kiddy Porn movies, most likely some were made in the early 1900's. Again , almost impossible for most to get their hands on. I would be almost right in saying that Child porn was as hard to find pre WW2 as gold, for most people.
Thankfully such material was scarce and hard to come bye. I wont go into 30year old + males marrying 8 year old girls a 100+ years ago , but in some countries this is still acceptable , where child porn would get your hand cut off. Hmmm a loop hole or what ?
Post WW2. With increased travel throughout the world , east meats west. With south east Asia having much more freedom in sexual behavior and a more tolerant attitude to sexual deviancy . It doesn't take long for the West to get a taste for such freedom . A similar attitude is taking place in certain parts of Europe , which in the 70's will be referred to as the sexual revolution of the 60's. A lot of experimenting in drugs , music , and cultural behavior was taking place. Some good , some very bad. This was the breeding ground for organized pedophile activity and the resulting CP industry, in both Europe and Asia. The main country in Asia exporting CP was J****, with many countries in Europe doing the same.
Production of CP would seem to have come a little late in the USA with many states banning such material early on. Unfortunately demand for such material has a way of finding people prepared to supply it. This has led to children being kidnapped , raped in the production of the material, and then murdered. This has become a serious problem , and is most likely understated by authorities. With most countries banning CP in Europe , a similar problem of murdered and kidnapped children being used to make CP is raising its ugly head in Europe.
To say that the internet was a God send for pedophiles is an understatement worthy of a medal. The timing could not have been better. With country after country banning CP and bringing in tougher laws regarding the interaction of adults and children , pedophiles were being driven underground. Then came the internet, here was a new way to recruit people , and spread the message, trade pictures and best of all , become a world wide phenomenon. No longer bound by language, or borders , or time or distance. This brought about a boom in pedophile and CP activity, a boom that went from the early 90's to almost 2000. This was a time for unprecedented growth , and the creation of an organized campaign for desensitizing the general public to the plight of children, and the increase in the spread of CP, and related propaganda .
With this growth came money, smarter people, and power. Pedophiles control more of the internet than most people could imagine. They have created a organization , with leaders , a hierarchy if you will. And operate like terrorist cells , if one cell is caught, there are two to take its place, and only the leaders of each cell know each other and are known to the cell manager, whom may manage up to 10 cells. All this is done on the net with very few members meeting , except at the higher levels where the big $ start to come in. Then things are run more like a corporation , than a criminal organization.
CP is big business , bringing in 100's of millions of dollars to those that control it. With this kind of money at stake , you can bet that these people are not going away without a fight. More and more people are taking part in supplying material for the Cp market, home videos , computers , home editing, and cable accesses to the internet, are just making things easier for the pedophiles and want to bees. The fight against them is poorly organized, and to me, I dont think that most law enforcement agencies through out the world realize just how big , and how bad things have become.
The simple truth is that there is a war waging against our children, a war that 99% of the populace of the world does not know about, and as it would seem, dont want to know about. Evil is knocking on the doors of our children, in every corner of the world, there is no longer anywhere to hide , the internet has given the monsters a way to reach your children even when the doors are locked. There is nowhere to hide. But you can fight , if you wish. To save the children.
took from: http://pedophilehunters.freeservers.com/child_pornography_the_way_it_is.htm

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