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Casa Pia affair - 1

Jorge Ritto
Since long ago that the boys who studied and lived in state Casa Pia college, were victims of sexual abuses.
Becoming from poor families,was supposed to give them some education and givingthem tools to have decent jobs outside,when they had 18 years old.
The story starts in 1982,when 2 kids went out Casa Pia and found some days later in Jorge Ritto's house(at that time he was well known as pedophile).
In that house there was a box with several pics of sexual intercourse between boys and adults.
That box(and i quote) http://www.tvi.iol.pt/casapia/artigos/noticia.php?id=760707 was sent to Judiciary Police.
The female director from the college Nuno Alvares,branch of Casa Pia received orders from the main director to shut up.
Who is Jorge Ritto?

Jorge Marques Leitão Ritto, actually 66 years old, diplomat,was pointed as homossexual but for his collegues,it was something that belonged to his private life.
At the end of 1969 as Consul at Stuttgart,there were accusations of pedophile acts that even put in cause his job.
But he menaced say other names involved and a phone call to Foreign Affairs in Lissabon,made the case die.
No problems to his diplomatic life,even the Foreign Affairs had known his pedophile adventures in Rabat and with Casa Pia kids.

Teresa Costa Macedo, Secretary of State for the Familly Affairs said, that in the beginings of 1984 had a call from Jaime Gama(at the time Minister of Foreign Affairs) asking her why she was persecuting Ritto.
In continuity of the kids found in Ritto's house,there was an investigation made by Judiciary Police, in Edward VII Park,were all the kids envolved in pedophilia were identified and also was investigated their clients.
That file just vanished and the inspector who did the work was put in other branch.

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