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Daily Maddie

1-The british newspapers,since Goncalo Amaral was dismissed,become more soft and now says that Judiciary Police with the forensic evidences they had,just could face the killing of Maddie as the only reasonable clue.
2-Paulo Rebelo is now the main leader of this investigation.
3-The Guardian says that the evidences caught in the car yhired by Mccann are not contamination from clothes or toys as the Mccann say.

John Hill, Ocean Club manager: There was "no sign that anyone had forced their way in"
Jill Renwick: The McCann said "the shutters had been broken open"
Kate McCann: "I never thought for one second that she'd (Madeleine) walked out"
Alex Wolfall: The McCann "early assumption was that she (Madeleine) had wandered off"
Kate McCann lawyer: It was "a misunderstanding", there was "no offer of a plea bargain"
Kate McCann: "Police said 'If you confess Madeleine had an accident (...) I'd get two or three years' suspended sentence."
The McCanns have asked if American FBI could undertake a review of the case (and British Police will ask German Police to make an independent review of the investigation of Rhys Jones murder...)
Took from: http://gazetadigital.blogspot.com/

See here the virtual reconstituion of the last hours before Maddie loss.
It's in Portuguese but....it's all i can get:
Here in this video is shown that is almost impossible someone could kidnaped Maddie.

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