terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

The 15 minutes everyone deserves on TV

Left up - Fiona Payne
Right up - Jane Tanner
Left down - Rachel Oldfield
Right down - Russel O'Brien

About Jane Tanner:
Vomiting child left alone in order to go for meal with friends has to be the single least caring and against all parental instincts thing I have ever heard.
Alledgedly changing sheets causing delay in return (but none found by complex staff)
Seeing a man walking down the street with a child in a blanket/child in pyjamas/walking towards Murats house.
That ridiculous sketch - What was the point?
Not being seen by Mr McCann and independent witness in the same place at the same time.
And purely that dreaful photograph they keep printing of her isn't helping.

What on earth was so important about this meal that these people did all these dreadful things in order to be there? Is Tapas really that good?!?

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linfoma_a-escrota disse...

speaking about bas taste

have you ever seen peter jackson's first movies?



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