segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2007

Dayly Maddie

1-Until Juduciary Police rebuild the investigation team,Maddie abduction is in slow motion.
2-The dead body is the key for this mistery.

I still say that if the Mccann did really killed her by accident,they needed help from someone who knew well the place.
Let's put the accidental death between 6 PM and 9 PM.
let's belive that the man with a child in his arms,saw by a Mccann friend,was really Maddie(dead).
Let's belive she was buried,that night,in some place, in Praia da Luz beach.
All friends and Mccann were in the restaurant.
So,only an outside person could do the job.
And here enters Murat.
What is the role he had?.
Police says he is clean.
Would the Mccann mixed the death smell of the little body with some product who made the dogs just sniff death till the Murat gate house?
This is only what i can imagine that could happen.
All the persons above are innocent till other facts change their innocence

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