segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2007


"Corruption will increase among those who corrupt, and it will increase among those who are already corrupted. The people will distribute among themselves all the public funds; and, just as they will join the management of business to their laziness, they will want to join the amusements of luxury to their poverty. But given their laziness and their luxury, only the public treasure can be their object.". old and so...actual

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ZéRapaz disse...

I´ve only heard about one politician who "distribute among themselves" not all but part of the public founds: Evo Morales, bolivian president, considered by W. Bush one of the bad guys: in a interview in the Daily Show (Jon Stewart) was reffered by the journalist that, with the superavit he obtained with the nationalization of the oil companys, he distributed among the lower classes something as 22 billion US Dollar's.
I´ve tried to search the video on Youtube to post it on my blog, but that video was, interesting fact, removed...
See you

PS. desculpe alguns erros de escrita, mas já não tenho aulas de inglês há mais de 20 anos..


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