quarta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2007

Dayly Maddie

Lots new stuff,but no news from the important person here....Maddie
1-Luis Neves the Portuguese Police officer in command of this Madeleine affair, done an interview were the pressure he had in his shouldres came to surface.
Accused the British Police to do what the Mccann wanted.
The email sent to Prince Charles was sent from Spain and Portuguese Police knew it same time the english media.British Police couldn't find the IP adress used.
The dismissed was formally known after long talks between english and portuguese and Minister Alberto Costa send green light to the take away Luis Neves.
His second in comand Luis Neves took his place.
2-The Mccann lawyers sent a treath to Prosecutor Luis Varao:
"We advise ytou not to go any further"
3-McCann legal team is carrying out a private investigation, “interviewing every witness they can find to the events of May”, according to the Daily Mail. “The lawyers will give their defence dossier directly to prosecutor Luis Bilro Verão. They hope that Mr Verão will compare their evidence alongside that gathered by the Algarve police, and throw out the case.”

4-A friend of the family, quoted by Daily Mail, said that the McCann legal team, which includes the President of Portuguese Bar, Mr. Rogério Alves and the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission from the Portuguese Bar, Mr. Pinto de Abreu, “will make a direct approach to the Portuguese prosecutor's office. They will say, 'This is what we have got. We advise you not to go any further'."

I guess this is ultrageous to political and police staff.
Luis Neves,a good police who helped to solve Joana's case is sent out of the way(since the begining he his a marked man by the media).

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