quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2007

Dayly Maddie

The most important thing here is find Madeleine.
Guess in this moment nobody has the child in their mind.

Goncalo Amaral,the Maddie's loss main chief investigator,till yesterday,said to a newspaper what we all think.
"The british police only works on what the Mccann wants to" .
This came after the email sent to Prince Charles.
Gonçalo Amaral told to newspaper DN that "such information has no credibility at all" and also said "My english partners are investigating clues and informations created and worked by the Mccann,not remembering the Mccann are suspects of Maddie's death"
Minister of Justice,Alberto Costa went to the ground deffending the good cooperation between both Police forces.

Since Casa Pia pedophile affair where big names are involved,that the Judiciary Police suffers several atacks.
Because their good work needed to be destroyed to save some important persons.
The main director from Judiciary Police is a political choice,sometimes never worked in the ground and don't understand the work their men does.
To solve a crime they work without resting hours,day after day and when they solve the case the "crown" goes to his main leader.
But when things go wrong they are the first to be condemned and nobody comes to defend their work.
In Joana's affair the press crucified them and nobody came to deffend those men,who left all behind(children,normal life,women) to find the truth.
Now he see the same.
This is not a criminal investigation....is just a mediatic circus,with a couple trying to save their face openly supported by their government.

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Patricia disse...

Hi Fernando.
I admire your courage to deal with this situations. How can you leave all days relating this cases.
This is a world problem which affects me totally, there were some days which I couldn't sleep, thinkig and asking what happened to our portuguese children's and others. But as you, we all should have courage to deal and doing something to help this situation, being "solidário".
Congratulations for the blog


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