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Family Name: HOSSAIN
Forenam: Alexander-Sahin
Birth date: 15/11/1994
Sex: male / masculin
Loss date: 06/01/2001
Place of disappearance
Cheb (Tchéquie)
On 06.01.2001, in Cheb, in the Czech republic, the children, Alexander-Sahin (Sasha) Hossain and Michaela Miriam (misha) Hossainova were not returned by their father at the end of the visiting day. Later that day, a friend of their father who was with them during the day, called their mother and their grandmother, announcing that the children would be in Germany, where they would attend a kindergarten and a school, and that their mother would never see the children again. After several inquiries, it seems that the children are no longer in Germany, but in Bangladesh, the country of origin of their father. It also seems that, their uncle, Mohamed Hossain Islam, or their paternal grandmother could be lodging them in Dhaka. Islam Hossain has a cinema there. The parents are divorced since October 2001 and the mother has exclusive parental rights.

Disappearance type: unknown

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