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Daily Maddie

May 3 2007 - The drama started that night.
Madeleine,daughter of Gerry and Kate Mccann,is supposed kidnaped from the room in Ocean Club,Light Beach,Allgarve,where she was sleeping with her twin brothers,Sean and Amelie.
Between 21.30 and 22.00,her mother,who was dining with friends at Tapas Bar 50 meters awa, found she was not in the room.
May 4 2007 - Four dogs still searching Maddie.
The Mccann talk in kidnaping and give interviews in the british media where criticise the Portuguese Police.
In cause is Portugal didn't closed borders with Spain.The newspaper SUN offer the first reward 15.000 euros.
May 11 2007 - David Beckham makes an appeal for Maddie.
May 14 2007 - First suspect:Robert Murat
His villa his searched till exaustion.
May 16 2007 - Judiciary Police investigate all Murat's life.The friend and partner Sergey Malinka,russian,is questioned but remained free.
May 26 2007 - Gerry and Kate say they will blame therselves eternally because they let her alone in bedroom.
May 28 2007 -Mccann rent a SUV Renault Scenic,wich later will be relevant to investigation.
May 30 2007 - Maddie parents have an appointment with Pope Bento XVI.
The Holy Father bless the Maddie's pic.
June 1 2007 - Maddie's parents launch a world campaign to find their daughter,who,they say,was kidnaped,and ask help to Spanish authorities.
June 5 2007 - Kare and Gerry go to Berlin where they make one more appeal.
June 13 2007 - Mari Ollim,norway citizen,said she saw a blonde girl in a gas pump,in Marraquexe(Morocco)who might be Maddie.
June 14 2007 - Two weeks after several investigations in flats at Light Beach,Judiciary Police went to terrain in sequence of an anonimous letter and two maps, sent to a Dutch newspaper.
Nothing was found.
June 15 2007 - Judiciary Police let down the dutch clue after more than three hours searching with dogs.
June 22 2007 - Malta Island authorities investigate informations sent by some tourists.
Nothing conclusive.
June 28 2007 - Danio and Aurora try extorsion to Mccann.
Both jailed.
July 4 2007 - The Mccann insist in the kidnap theory.
July 6 2007 - Mccann change to a small villa in Light Beach area.
July 11 2007 - Robert Murat is inquired for several hours by Judiciary Police.
July 22 2007 - Gerry fly to USA where as an appointment with General Attorney.
August 3 2007 - New clue.Belgian Police investigates a blonde girl seen near the German border.
Nothing happened.
August 4 2007 - Kate and Gerry went to Huelva(Spain) to puit some Maddie pics and ask for help among the people.
August 5 2007 - The only "arguido" in this case,Murat,see the police end the search they made to his house and garden.
August 6 2007 - In new investigations in the appartment where Maddie vanished,police find blood traces of a dead person.
Judiciary Police starts to face Maddie's died and an accident as explanation.
August 9 2007 - The DNA traces found in the appartment are sent to England.
August 10 2007 - Mccann admit to the portuguese media,beying surprised with the idea of suspection against them in Maddie's loss.
August 11 2007 - 100 days since Maddie went gone.Their parents go to a mass in Light Beach church.
August 24 2007 - The investigators follow the dead line and are helped by dogs trained in sniff death.
The dogs smelled death in the Reanult Scenic trunk,used by Mccann.
August 28 2007 - The couple goes to an interview in spanish TV Noria program.
Gerry looses his nerve and leave the interview.
August 31 2007 - Mccann say that gonna sue the portuguese newspaper "Tal&Qual" cause they wrote the Mccann killed their daughter and hide it.
September 2 2007 - Mccann hire a portuguese lawyer to help them in legal questions with Maddie's loss.
That lawyer is Carlos Pinto Abreu.
September 6 2007 - Kare is questioned for about 6 hours in Judiciary Police.
She is former accused as "arguida".
September 7 2007 - Gerry is "arguido" as well.
September 9 2007-Mccann fly to England.
September 10 2007 - Mccann contract Michael Caplan,the lawyer who deffended Augusto Pinochet.
September 11 2007 - Judiciary Police sends to Public Attorney a process with 5.000 pages.
Press publish results from the forensic exams made in England.
At least 2 samples of DNA are from Maddie.The samples were collected from the Renault trunk,hired by Mccann after 25 days of Maddie's vanishing.
September 12 2007 - Jugde Pedro Anjos Frias take the process in his hands.
September 13 2007 - Mccann say that the money raised in the found they created will not be used to pay the lawyers in a future judicial batlle.
For that they have already a new found.
September 16 2007 - Olegario de Sousa ,man for the press in Judiciary Police stop his job in this field.
September 17 2007 - Richard Branson,the mediatic boss of Virgin group send 150.000 euros for the defense of Mccann.
September 18 2007 - Clarence Mitchell becomes again the man for the press working for Mccann.
September 21 2007 - Rogerio Alves is the new lawyer to the deffense team the Mccann got.
September 23 2007 - Multimillionare Brian Kennedy,among other facilities,offred his lawyers and is paying the Clarence fees.
September 2502007 - A blonde saw in Morocco reveal a new false clue.
October 3 2007 - Gocalo Amaral,who was a target to british media since the begining,gives an interview where says the british police only work in the Mccann interest,forgeting they are suspects of Maddie's death.
This was his death sentence.
October 9 2007 - Paulo Rebelo takes the Maddie's investigation replacing Goncalo Amaral.
October 13 2007 - In interview Murat remembers he is a suspect and begins to have no money to survive.
October 22 2007 - A source near the Mccann says that Gerry gonna work again,but just half time.
October 25 2007 - Mccann give the first interview to spanish TV Chanel 3.
For the first time everyone could see Kate cry.
They deny gave medecines to their sons and killed Maddie.
October 26 2007 - Mccann give to the press,the robot pic of the man their friend Jane saw.
The pic is a flop.
October 28 2007 - Method 3 detectives are in field for 2 months,between Spain and Morocco.
October 30 2007 - After the press discovered that Mccann used the Find Madeleine found to pay their house loans,they come to press say they will never do it again.
November 1 2007 - Gerry starts working.
Kate stays home with the twins.

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