terça-feira, 13 de novembro de 2007

Daily Maddie

194 days since she's gone.
1 - Gerry says that he was talking in front the appartment with a friend at 21.10,after saw Maddie sleeping.
So at that time no person could walk with Maddie without be seen.
Even having a kidnaper,he had to jump the twins beds and a bed behind the window,with the girl in his arms.
2 - It was in the dining room that the sniff dog found blood,in the walls on the floor and behind a couch.
3 - Kate was alone with her kids between 18.30 and after 19.00,because David Payne says that saw her playing with her kids at 18.40.
Gerry and kate say they bathed the three kids and put them in bed at 19.40,but they just entered the restaurant at 20.30.
So we have a two hours period that nobody saw the kids,except their parents.
4 - At 21.02 Gerry goes see the kids and after five minutes goes out the appartment and find Jeremy Wilkins.
Is in that time that Jane Tunner passes near both friends and say that she saw a man with a girl in his harms - but Wilkins say he didnt saw anyone..
5 - Six months later rumours indicate that some Mccann friends wants to change their statments.
6 - The lawyers of two Mccann friends say their clients want to change their statments to the Police but,are afraid of do so because they fear the powerfull lobby,political and economical,that the Mccann have,so was told to newspaper "El Mundo".

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