sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2007

2007 year

In portugueselost children this year gave us crucial things:
-03/05/2007,at 22H40 a young girl,Madeleine Beth Mccann,desapears from Praia da Luz resort where she was sleeping with her twin brothers,Sean and Amelie.
This fact would be similar to hundreds all over the world if the British Government would not make it a nacional case.
What happened next we all know.

-Rui Pedro abducted since 04/03/1998
Because his mother never gave up but mainly by Maddie's press interest,this abduction saw a new interest in Judiciary Police.

-11-06-2007,APCD(Portuguese Lost Children Association is born.
Rui Pedro's mother and others gave birth to this Association.

Five new lost children in Portugal:
23/02/2007 - Sara Raquel Pinho Reis
03/05/2007 - Madeleleine Beth Mccann
01/08/2007 - Rita Marques Cardoso Santos
23/09/2007 - Pamela Matias Santos
23/11/2007 - Jacira Rocha Gomes

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