quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

Mari Luz Cortes

Mari Luz Cortés neither of the two autopsies has established whether she was murdered or died accidentally.

According to a report in today's ABC, neither of the two autopsies performed on little Mari Luz Cortés, the five year old girl whose body was discovered in an estuary near Huelva last Friday has established whether she was murdered or died accidentally. The autopsies did reveal that Mari Luz sustained a broken rib and a head injury, but it appears that neither were responsible for her death and may have been caused post-mortem as a result of the body washing up against rocks. It is clear that the girl died within 48 hours of her disappearance and was neither raped nor strangled, though the condition of the corpse made it impossible for asphyxia to be ruled out. Mari Luz disappeared from near her home in the city's El Torrejón district on the evening of January 13th and was found more than a kilometre away, leading investigators to conclude that it is unlikely that she arrived there unaccompanied on foot, especially given that she would have had to cross a busy main road tio get there. However, there are various ditches and drains that lead directly from the El Torrejón district where Mari Luz lived to the estuary where her body was found.

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