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Violation-Sexual abuse

As prevention:

-Do not accept a ride from unknown people.
-If you take a cab memorize the license plate.
-In parties or among friends,do not drink too much or take unknown substances.

In a rape situation:

-Try to be as cool as much you can and memorize anything who can help identify the rapper:cut hair,eyes,hair colours,any distinguishing marks,clothes he wears,scars,license plate,colour and model of the car if there is any.
-Don't wash your genitals till the forensics have taken ADN and/or semen.
-Preserve all your clothes without wash them and give them to the police.
Pick all things from the rapper,he left,even a smoked cigarette.
-Go to the nearest Police Station as quick as possible.

If the victim is a child:

-Try to pay attention to external signs who may indicate sexual abuse.
-If the child verbalize the facts,do not dramatize.The children verbalize naturally without knowing the harm that was done to her.
-Don't doubt what the child is saying.In normal circunstances they don't lie in such matters,or have sexual dreams till pre adolescent age.
-Ask help with pedopsychiatrics.
-Report to the Police.

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